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  1. Where to find a good girl?

    The standard of threads has dropped around here.....
  2. The MEME Thread 3.0

  3. The MEME Thread 3.0

  4. What you wear on your legs in the gym??

    Whatever is in the gym draw. After all its only to cover your dick up
  5. Relationship Perspective

    Why the f**k would you want to bother yourself with the decorating? As long as its not electric pink, the Mrs can do whatever she wants. Ive usually got more important things to worry about
  6. Impotence

    Did you use H.E test and deca?
  7. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Inb4 left accuse anyone remotely right of the left of being far right
  8. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Your figures are way off mate. OBR report states that £216 billion was spent on welfare payments in 2015/16. Of that: State Pension - £89b Tax Credits - £29b (usually paid to working families to 'top up' their earnings - indirectly benefitting businesses) Housing Benefit - £24b (large proportion of which is paid to private landlords - direct shift of wealth from public to private sector) Disability/Incapacity related benefits - £36b combined (Agreed this can be and will be abused - but not to the extent media would lead us to believe, especially when people recovering from heart surgery/actively fighting terminal illness are declared 'fit for work') Child benefit - £10.8b Job Seekers Allowance - £2b .........just over 1% of total welfare spending Remainder is spent on misc benefits i.e Carers Allowance, Maternity pay, Winter fuel. Also a range of benefits in Northern Ireland which are administered separately. This is while tax is being avoided to the tune of £119b (in some reports) down to £34b by the HRMCs' own admission. And this is the message we get from the media:
  9. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    100% benefits need to be lowered, but were looking at the mole on the elephants foreskin. Its the likes of Starbucks/Google/Vodafone etc dodging taxes, using loopholes deliberately left in our tax codes, people Phillip Greene thinking he can gear up a business, sell it for £1 and rip people off their pensions by using a mongoloid proxy - those things and the culture that they promote that damage the overall economy. Not Brenda down the road, single mother of 3, blagging the social that her fella doesnt live with her. Until people look at the root cause of issues, we will just go round and round in circles.
  10. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    I disagree. If theyre better off financially not working, there is zero incentive to find work. If theyre better off working (and there are open jobs on the market with appropriate pay for the economy in which they operate), the large majority will find work. I agree, you wont stop the hardcore generational benefit families, but the large proportion of people just want a fair days wage for a fair days work.
  11. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Which begs the question, ' How are businesses getting away with the stagnation of shop-floor pay? And even worse, using in-work benefits to bring their slave-wage into a 'liveable wage', so essentially the worker pays the lion-share of their own wages via taxation?' Those are the issues we need to resolve.
  12. The MEME Thread 3.0

  13. Beards ..

    Grindr status confirmed. Abort.
  14. Beards ..

    Nah......Just the whole ' Grown male frolicking in the long grass' photo shoot isnt going to fly on Tinder....... (Yes.....why havent you messaged me back?)
  15. Beards ..

    These your GRINDR pics?
  16. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    This was not the idea behind Maggies Right to buy scheme. Maggies Right to buy Scheme, masterminded by Ian Gow, saw the quite deliberate transfer of housing away from the council and into private landlords hands. Coincidentally, Ian Gows son now owns swathes of ex-council properties in London.
  17. Il give dat a swerve. Gimme dat Souvalki lágnos
  18. Domestic Goddess .......
  19. Beards ..

    Cannot grow a decent one...... End up with a George Micheal horse-shoe every time.......
  20. The MEME Thread 3.0

    Im not racist.....ive got a coloured TV at home
  21. The MEME Thread 3.0