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  1. My 1st DNP RUN

    Its not the whole forum, its a page or so back. Why dont mods go back and see who started being shitty with people, rather than just weigh in on whoever they choose to? The standard of the new membership, some returning members and some of the slap-dash actions of the MODS is the reason why this site is going to pot. Il wait for the ban.
  2. My 1st DNP RUN

    Hang on a minute.........did you see what he wrote to me? What he wrote to me before id even spoken to him or about him? If youre going to get involved, at least look at the whole picture from the start?
  3. Preworkout

    Get some tingles after 20mins, but Il need to do a at least 3 sessions on then one off to gauge whether its worth it for me. Coffee usually does the trick to be honest.
  4. Preworkout

    15g sachet (says its 2 servings but I doubt people fu**ing split it) --------------------------------------------------------------- L Cituline - 2500mg Arginine Alpha-Ketogluterate - 2000mg L-Ornithine - 2000mg L-Norvaline - 230mg Beta- Alanine - 3000mg Creatine Nitrate - 2000mg Betaine Anhydrous - 1000mg Caffeine - 275mg
  5. Preworkout

    Usually just have a strong coffee, but caved and went for some Protein Dynamix pre-workout samples they had on offer..... To early to tell yet whether there is any subtle difference, but ive not particularly noticed any difference after using it twice.
  6. My 1st DNP RUN

    BRB wheres your biceps. BRB pre-pubescent pec
  7. My 1st DNP RUN

    Come on Trick, I know reading isnt exactly your forte but at least give it a go before you embarrass yourself...... I pointed out the attitude to people who responded wasnt really that hot, nothing to do with what he is taking. To be honest, I couldnt give a monkeys if you wanted to take 350mg of anthrax to lose 45lbs in a few weeks.......crack on, just dont chops off. And you took DNP to get from 12stone 5 to 12stone dead.......you cut what wasnt even there, lost-neck monster. Il let you lot crack on now and il be about my business.
  8. My 1st DNP RUN

    because its like watching brokeback mountain.......
  9. My 1st DNP RUN

    Until is spelt with only one 'L' ........ A letter id venture youre quite used to by now. Feel free to commence the lesson any time now..........
  10. My 1st DNP RUN

    Are you parked outside a school or something???
  11. My 1st DNP RUN

    Im just finding it a viable way to pass some time to watch you going full potato and your white-knight riding in wrapped in tin foil trying to save you...... Makes me wonder why you ever left the forum?????
  12. My 1st DNP RUN

    Then grow up. and be about your business.
  13. Tren rage on London tube!

    Them Bengalis should stick to chasing tigers about.......
  14. Tren rage on London tube!

    And thats just to the guy filming......
  15. Tren rage on London tube!

    I bet the little bitch was giving it the whole 'mans-spreading' routine. Short hair, glasses, face like a bulldog licking piss off a stinging nettle.........shes a prime feminist.