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  1. Pointless waiting on NHS?

    NHS might not want to treat people at levels above 12nmol as they think it is adequate which is not true,they should consider symptoms not numbers. I was 7,.. nmol my first test and then 9 nmol at endo who stated that it is borderline but he was happy with it ,he even ordered another blood test to try and get the figures maybe higher and send me home. He was not very understanding and only looks at numbers. That said not all endos are same. Private is better, quicker and more flexible if you can afford it.
  2. TRT Questions from beginner

    Hi. Testosterone levels of 14 nmol and below are problematic. I used medicheck and they are good. Get LH and FSH test to determine if your pituitary gland is functioning probably .
  3. Serum testosterone levels uk

    Safest is to try clomid and see...
  4. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    None can stay on clomid for life, TRT is a must sooner or later, gels, injections etc each person finds his best suited.
  5. Serum testosterone levels uk

    Well, definitely it is low level of Testosterone, now it is best to get a proper diagnosis to determine whether it is primary or secondary hypogonadism ...TRT is for life .
  6. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    Attached my blood test before 50 mg clomid. I may revert back to 25 mg ED to see if any improvement although my specialist thinks it is fine to stay on 50 mg for a year or so and then see if clomid would leave a permanent high T levels. If i compare clomid to antidepressants which i took for a year i should say clomid has less side effects.
  7. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    Sorry for asking but what OP means? I am currently on 50 mg ED clomid, ny LH is at 9 iu and my Testosterone is 23 nmol, when i was on 25 mg my LH was at 10 nmol but my Testosterone was 13.5 nmol. I currently dont experience any side affects or issues...apart from high E2.
  8. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    I will soon get a script for Anastrozole and try that for 1 month and see. I will have to focus on losing weight too...tho i am not obese or overweight at all. I dont think jumping into TRT straight away is a good option for new but for sure TRT is my destiny in foreseeable future.
  9. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    Hello. I have not got calculated free T . I will contact my private specialist to see if i can get aromatase inhibitors.
  10. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    Could my E2 184 pmol L is on the high side therefore making me feel low in sex drive and energy?
  11. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    What about my uneven fat distribution? This is a big issue for me. No morning erections is also a problem. Mental issues that what my old doc said, i was put on anti depressant and which made me worse.
  12. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    I sleep good. I uses to go to gym before my low t symptoms worsened. At work i do more than 10 miles worth of walking
  13. 50 mg Clomid results just in.

    My wife cooks at home, fish meat and other homemade stuff...she pushes me to eat salads...i dont drink alcohol often, i stopped smoking years ago... No kids. My wife is doing the best to keep me happy. Job is okay. I take zinc , vitamin D, calcium, folic acid every day.
  14. Hi guys. Thank you all for support and sharing vital informations and experiences. As you may know from my previous posts, i had a T levels as low as 7.9 nmol when i had my first blood test. I was out on clomid 25mg a day and then tested to find out that my Testosterone levels are 13.5 nmol. I was still feeling rubbish so my private specialist decided to up clomid dose to 50 mg that was 1.5 month ago. I did blood test again only to find out that my Testosterone is in excess of 23 nmol and E2 is very good too.( Please see attachment) Now issue is i feel rubbish, not energetic, low sex drive and no morning erections. Plus i gained 5 kg of weight even tho my diet is ok mostly 1-2 meals a day.and i work 12 hours a day .i am completely out of shape as i store fat only around abdomen and bottom... Could it be my thyroid under active? Please help
  15. 4.85 ng/dl is not too bad, it is well above 16nmol/ dl ,usually people feel crap anything below 15nmol dl and that includes me. Clomid will rise your levels for sure, i am primary hypogonadal and managed to get extra 5 nmol because of clomid, before treatment i was 8 nmol and now i am 13 nmol.... Still feel very bad though.