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  1. Starting my 12 week Tren enanthate and test enanthate cycle tommorow by Taylor made pharma. Going to run Test E at 500mg and Tren at 100mg ( to see how I react )for first 3 weeks. Questions are, can Tren make your libido dip? Is 100mg going to do anything
  2. Pin advice

    Yeah true mate. If you do go through a vein I take it the test will still get into your system? Not that I think I've hit a vein or anything
  3. Pin advice

    I think it's the paranoia about keeping it all sterile. Anyway I got it stuck in and pinned away.
  4. Pin advice

    Hello i started my first ever pin cycle and been taking 500mg 1.6ml of Test E (sis labs) at once a week. I've today started my third week. Pinning in glutes and alternating Them each week. As I've had bad PIP last two times I've injected, I made sure I went and pushed the oil in very slow this week and because of concentrating so much in making sure the needle was definitely in the muscle and I was pushing slow I pulled the needle out and left 0.5ml test still in the needle. I have then put the pin in the needle bin and screwed another blue pin and injected in a different part of my right glute, making sure I got the other 0.5ml in is this ok?? sorry I'm new to this and want advice not snotty comments. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, I've been doing Test E at 500mg per week for two weeks and I feel lethargic and dehydrated and no pump for the gym. I've been taking anastrozole eod at 0.5. So Have I got possible low oestrogen? Does this mean I need to cut back on the Ai? If so what to 0.5 every 3 days or something ?? Help needed Sorry this is all new to me
  6. AMA Ask Me Anything

    Thanks swole, I've sacked off the ibuprofen and just manned up. Back to my right glute on Monday so fingers crossed it won't be as bad pip. Doesn't help going to work and people ask why your walking like you've s**t your pants
  7. AMA Ask Me Anything

    Thanks swole. Me been impatient. Training 5 days a week and 2 days rest. Cardio Is in there too. Trying to get as much protein in as I can. Problem im also having is PIP. Pinned both glutes now and still suffering with my left glute since Monday. I think I've shot it too quick. Any other remedies to kick the pain and will my glutes get used to the pins??I hear ibuprofen stops protein synthesis? So trying to keep off it
  8. AMA Ask Me Anything

    Ghost, first ever test E cycle and taking anastrozole for my Ai. I've just down my second week at 500mg a week. I need a bit of guidance as at the minute I don't seem to be pumped up or feel anything am I having too much Ai? Currently taking 0.5 eod. Thanks
  9. AMA Ask Me Anything

    Thanks mate, would using a hot water bottle be any benefit to reduce the swelling, I'm very sterile when it comes to pinning so doubt it's a Abcess but the swelling is bad feel like my left arse cheeky is like niki minaj. Read about some people saying ibuprofen stints growth but thanks for squashing that rumour
  10. AMA Ask Me Anything

    Ghost, 2 weeks into a test e only cycle running 500mg a week. First ever pinning for. My problem is pip. Pinned right glute and took me 5 days to get over that and pinned left glute Monday and wow the pain is bad and is now in lower back! Anything I can do to make this better and does taking ibuprofen stop any growth? I hear hot baths to get the crystals moving? It's starting to effect the intensity of my workouts now
  11. Anastrozole

    I'm two weeks into a sis test E cycle. Pinning once a week at 500mg/1.6 ml a week and going to run it for 15 weeks, pin in glute. Had pip pain but hey who doesn't first time round. I was told to run Ai which I went for anastrozole and told to half 0.5 eod. So just splitting the tablets in half. I know people say you have to have bloods done but no can do for me at the min but will get half way through the cycle. how do I know if I'm getting enough or taking too much without doing bloods? dont feel any different 8 days in to the cycle yet but told it takes a few weeks anyway! Help needed guys
  12. HELP with PIP

    Cheers buddy you've put my mind at rest a little. I take it even tho there's bad pip it doesn't mean it's not gone into the muscle and a waste of pin/oil
  13. HELP with PIP

    Is it a waste of a pin if the oil runs to other part then the site where you injected?
  14. HELP with PIP

    So what does it mean if the oil runs down the muscle? Does that mean it's not done the job and it was a waste of a pin
  15. HELP with PIP

    Haha. Was yours hot to touch abd swollen!