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  1. HCG year round?

    Are you sure she's pregnant with you ? lol. Only kidding mate.
  2. Ovigil HCG is FAKE!

    @Harry N Inject 20 000ius of ovigil hcg. You have got nothing to worry about. They're all fake right ?
  3. Gym owners please refuse to close!

    A m8 of mine deadlifts almost every workout. But leg day is no no, because he doesn't want his bum get bigger- that's his reasoning. Never got my head around it. He doesn't take gear though.
  4. Polite yet sickening nonce

    I am sorry. Going back to my cave now.lol.
  5. Polite yet sickening nonce

    Not funny m8.
  6. Best movie you ever seen!

    Snatch Predator Terminator 2 The devil's rejects Pulp fiction The hateful eight
  7. And 200mg of anadrol just in case.
  8. Anadrol/Oxy’s

    What does help to stop gyno from oxys ? I am not having a go with you. Genuine question. I know adex or aromasin are useless against oxys gyno.
  9. Fake Pharmacom Tren Ace

  10. This is as well. Unless I suffer badly from high e2 I try avoid AI's. I literally have no e2 sides this time. First time ever I don't get sore nipples, water retention etc...but this is first time I run masteron too.
  11. Unless I suffer from high e2 sides, I don't use it. I had high e2 sides at the beginning of cycle- spots around neck, traps, chest, high blood pressure and I did added adex 3x0.5mg for 2-3 weeks, but also run t3 and clenbuterol with ketotifen at the beginning. As soon as I stopped those 3 all all sides disappeared and then I stopped adex until now. Only adding arimidex now because of my blood results. I don't even feel being 'on' now . I think t3 is huge help during test cycle, definitely will run through the whole cycle next time regardless . I am going to start a pct in about 28 days, wish me luck.
  12. the test value of 281nmol/L. is it what it is meant to be at 780mg ?? Just would like to know how well Gentech test e is dosed.
  13. Really need help from you UKM doctors. It is Gentech. 780mg of test e, 500mg of mast e, 60mg of dbol, 1000ui hcg, no AI How does this look to you ? Is 281 nmol/L of test about right ? Don't know what number should it be at the above test dosage given. I think I need some adex asap. lol
  14. You just described 90 % of gym population. Most of them don't even see it as a mistake.
  15. Natural strong and lean

    Of course you can. Just look at Mike O'Hearn.