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  1. Sorry, it is Hygetropin by Hygene.
  2. I am running their gh atm and about to bin it.
  3. What makes a simp?

    All good now. Thanks doc?
  4. Penis Reduction Operation

    No, let's strip butt naked...
  5. What makes a simp?

    Yes it is, but with no doctors and the patients taking wrong drugs....
  6. Penis Reduction Operation

    Plenty of soy milk will sort you out....
  7. I think I'm getting married!

    You're trolling right ?
  8. Can you stack these two together ? I have already started hgh and have some l dopa lying around. Are there any interactions between these two ? Google wasn't helpfull this time?.
  9. I can't believe this is a tranny

    In the future ? Look at Michelle Obama....
  10. Gentech

    Cheers guys, I will give it go I think.
  11. Gentech

    Is Gentech still gtg ? Anyone used their stuff recently ?
  12. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    Nicely planned cycle m8. I would add a hcg though.
  13. Cheap barbells for sale on eBay!!

    I have realized that I am alcoholic rather than gym goer. I wouldn't even pay even half price for that, but I would pay full price for bottle of whiskey if I got very desperate.
  14. So who else has decided to stop working?

    Warehouse. Don't want name the company. Remember the christmas adverts with aliens waiting for their goods from few years ago ?