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  1. Dedicated Unstoppable review

    This is weird pwo. I am about half way through the bottle and I do really like it. I take 1-1.5 scoops about 1hour before gym. It works differently than anything I tried before. No paraesthesia at all, no extra sweating during workouts, no dizziness like I got from the most pwo's. It seems it works better and better every time I take it. Normally it is other way round- you start your pwo it works fine than 3-4 weeks later you don't really feel it, you add extra scoop or 2 and then diarrhoea kicks in... It really helps me get through workouts and my stomach agrees with it- I work out in the mornings only and this is my pwo and breakfast as well. If I don't take this, second option is scoop of whey iso. I don't take any carbs in the morning, or eat anything as I wouldn't be able to lift. It doesn't taste good though-rum&cola flavour. It made me lost some belly fat and my traps and triceps look fuller which normally happens to me when I am on prohormones or aas. Maybe Dedicated Nutrition knows something we don't.... Also almost every morning I wake up with hard on- sorry to mention this... Anyway a very interesting pwo, would probably buy it again in a different flavour.
  2. Expired protein powders

    The place I work sells dirt cheap some powders- Maxinutrition sustain and rebuilt and progain, Usn oats and whey. They are all well bbe- between April- June 2016. Would they be still safe to drink? Thanks.
  3. I bought myself some of these pwo's. samples to try: The Curse by Cobra Labs- it didn't do anything to me except gave me horrible paraesthesia. It tasted nice though- blue raspberry flavour. No Xplode Xe Edge by BSN- it tasted good, very fresh. Had a fruit punch flavour. Gave me nice energy through work out, good pumps as well. But 8-10 hours later I felt quite not myself- driving a car felt dodgy, felt quite warm and I struggled to communicate too and I had sleeping troubles which I don't usually have. Bear in mind I took single serving at 07:15 in the morning. Halo by Muscletech gave me same sides. Evp Plus by Evogen- really likes this one, had superb workout with it. I didn't feel rush on the way to gym, felt normal like I didn't take any pwo. But the workout was different story- good focus, energy and some pumps as well. No dizziness between sets. I really liked this one. It didn't taste good though- raspberry lemonade. Max out by IForce Nutrition- Another pre workout that worked extremely well. I was super focused, made a whole workout easier. Felt little jittery afterwards but nothing uncomfortable. The blue raspberry flavour wasn't really pleasant. Mr Hyde by Pro Supps - too much caffeine for me. It didn't help me at gym at all. Just felt tired and unfocused and was moody all day long. Didn't taste good either. I had berry blast flavour. Also had 1 M.R Vortex by BSI which I reviewed before. Out of 6 pwo's I rate only 2- EVP Plus and Max Out. The rest of them aren't bad, just I didn't respond well to them.
  4. Best pre workout

    I bought myself a small 7 servings pouch of 1.M.R. Vortex by BPI recently. Haven't had any a pwo last 1.5 years, just coffee sometimes. On my first day I took 1 scoop with about 26g of whey iso. and didn't really feel much. Next day I took 2 scoops first thing on empty stomach in the morning and I was off my tits. My face was blushing, there was a hell inside of my head. Unfortunately it didn't help me to lift heavier or squeezed any more reps. Actually, I had to drop weight at almost every exercise by a few kilos -yeah I felt huge rush but that was it. It made me sweat like a pig as well. It tastes nice(fruit punch), mixes well and seems to be light on stomach too. I've tried many pwo's in the past 10 years, only liked a few of them - original version of Halo by Muscletech , Superpump by Gaspari and Anadraulic Gt by Lg Sciences- that was awesome. Just bought tube of Unstoppable by Dedicated Nutrition. Got high hopes for it. Will review this one later as well.
  5. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Sorry for a late response but I was quite busy lately. So what are my thoughts of Mass Gh ? After 2 bottles I gained 6 kg and ended up at 87kg. Now I am back at 82.5kg. It wasn't cycle I enjoyed, start was a disaster- felt horrible first few days, then it got better but I was still mess-mood swing, tiredness etc... I was so happy when popped last capsules and jumped into a pct which was Sup3rpct by Olympus and Tamoxifen at 20mg. Run Tamoxifen only for 2 week because I had sore joints- that started 2 weeks before pct. Now I am on Clomid as it seemed I was losing muscles every day. Will I run Mass Gh again? No, but I am glad I did it, because now I am sure that I will not touch sarms again. It was my second sarm and last one as well. The Pct was the best part of cycle. Mass Gh definitely works it just isn't for me.
  6. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    It's been a week since I switched all in one go at bedtime and it is day and night. I feel much better and happier through the day, joints don't hurt anymore. Only side effect is morning wood- which isn't really side effect. I'll write a little summary when I am done with PCT.
  7. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Thanks jw, I am about half way through the bottle and switching to all in one go right before bed.
  8. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Just quick question. How would you take sup3r pct? I take 5 caps in the morning and 5 before bed. Would 10 caps at bedtime be a better idea? Thanks.
  9. I believe that it was discontinued a few years ago but you still see their products. Last year I had Genesis dbol and it was gooood. Some say that their dbol is actually methyltestosterone. I don't know if that is true or not. Also I run Genesis clenbuterol in summer last year and it was bad. I didn't feel it at all not even at 120 mcg a day nothing. Just ask your source what feedbacks do they get on them?
  10. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Goldigger - you know my secret. Keep it for yourself
  11. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    In my avatar picture I am 79kg. That was taken in July and managed to keep it till about 3 weeks before started mass gh.
  12. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Final day 54
  13. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Day 47
  14. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Day 38
  15. Olympus Mass Gh cycle

    Somehow I lost pictures from the beginning of cycle. This is day 24.