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  1. Sorry Simon, I think maybe my post (or the title of it) came out wrong. I wasn't bashing it at all, it has been great and I was planning to order from you again. The main reason I was asking was due to wanting to get my PCT correct, I wasn't expecting (or wanting) to feel ill or experience bad sides. I just had not really noticed any at the time of this post. As it happens in the last week and a half, after I upped my dose to 45 I had to scrap my lower body and back days twice due to the insane calf and lower back pumps. I was taking 2-3g of taurine per day, maybe I will up this next time. It was just my first cycle and I was genuinely just curious as to others opinions. Sorry I replied late, I took a break from the forum after a couple of the replies, I have a habit of sending heated replies without thinking about them first so try to avoid that. Thanks all for the input though, I'll try not to sound like a whiny b*tch next time I have a good run
  2. I was partially wondering that, or if it may have been underdosed. And also if I should change my PCT due to not feeling shutdown. But as I have had some good gains on it so far, which I will post more about in my post cycle review, I think the product is good. The only side I had was some joint ache.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Next year maybe I will try Epi2a3a at the same dosage with the same OCS so that I can compare. It would be interesting to see what Simons take on this is, I have heard that some people just generally don't get shut down as much as others. Thanks,
  4. Hi, So I am coming to the end of my first cycle; when I do I will put up a full review. I have been running bodyconscious Epi at 30/30/30/30/45/45 and am in the last few days now. However I have had 0 shut down, everything works fine and in fact my yogurt cannon has become a bit more powerful. Could the compound be weak? Should I have ran at 60 for some time? Or have I just been lucky with sides. I have not had any bloodwork done, but no issues with lethargy, libido or any low natural test related sides. I don't believe it was a particularly weak compound due to my results, which I will post in my write up when I finish. Also should I change up my PCT if I have had no shutdown? Do I need the nolva just to prevent rebound gyno? Thanks in advance, you guys are my go to for information now.
  5. Solo Dermacrine Cycle OCS/PCT needed?

    Thanks for the reply. I will give it a go next Feb, probably start with 3 and move to 4 pumps a day for a few weeks, until the bottle runs out. I'll post how it turns out.
  6. Hi, I've heard some great things about dermacrine, so in Jan when it has been long enough since my last PH cycle I am going to try a solo run of it just to see how I react to it before using it as a test base in future cycles. As this is quite a mild compound used in 'half natty' stacks, I'm wondering if it is worth using an on cycle support? And if an OTC PCT would suffice? But any input/recommendations for someone running derma for the first time is appreciated. Thanks,
  7. I have decide to take the leap and dip my toes in to the not so natty waters. Here I'll be logging my journey every so often. I have already been on cycle for 1.5 weeks. I would not normally put pictures, but attached are a before (relaxed post workout), and a few days ago (side flexed post workout). My Cycle: Bodyconscious Epistane 100 caps at 15mg each: 30/30/30/30/45/45 OCS: IronLabs Cycle Support 120 caps. I take these along with my Epi - And will continue to take the last few caps during PCT to finish the bottle. Milk Thistle - Only a small dose as Epi is mild and I already have liver support in my cycle support. PCT 4@4Weeks: IronLabs Post cycle Therapy 80 caps: Will start with 4/3/2/2 - Start high to boost test and taper off. Nolvadex 10mg/day - Epi is mild and I am not going for a really high dose, I also have not used Nolva before. I always take a strong joint stack, so will up my dosages of Omega 3 during the cycle. I also take creatine every day, and pre workout on my higher volume days. Workout plan: My plan is quite a traditional 5 week cycle working out 3 days a week doing a full body routine involving 3/4 compound lifts and several accessory lifts. The accessory work varies each 5 week cycle depending on what I need to work. I train in the 8-12 rep range, adding a rep each week in the cycle, then at the end of the cycle upping the weight and deloading back to 8 reps to start the 8/9/10/11/12 rep 5 week cycle again. One of the main reasons for this over 5/6 day routine and splits is purely time, I work 45+ hours a week, have 18 hours part time university work each week and a family to spend time with. So although I consider lifting a passion of mine, other things in life have to take higher priority for my time. I also run 3 times a week during my lunch breaks at work. This involves a fartlek training day, hill sprints and flat sprint reps. Nutrition: I am eating at around a 500 surplus on non lifting days and 800 surplus on lifting days. about 1.5-2g protein/lb of bodyweight. 0.5-0.75g fat/lb of bodyweight (higher amount on rest days) and the rest is carbs, more on training days.
  8. First PH Cycle Halo/Epi? OCS and PCT

    Thanks faip, I have actually ordered already ordered some epi from bodyconscious. I wish I had seen this before! Depending on how this goes, next year I am thinking of a havoc/dermacrine cycle so I'll see if you have any codes going then
  9. First PH Cycle Halo/Epi? OCS and PCT

    I know they were 'n00b' questions. I just like to ask to make sure I am not making a 'n00b' mistake, and something glaringly missing or wrong with what I have understood in my research. Thanks for the response, some of your posts have been a great in helping me decide how to plan this cycle. I am planning to use Novla from a UK distributor and a test booster, I don't want them b*tch tits hitting me post cycle.
  10. Hi All, So I have been a lot of research in to PH recently and will at some point be starting my first cycle. I have read through varying sources and these forums seems to generally have the best PH discussions. So would like some advice before taking the leap. Before anyone asks about my age/weight/stats. I'm only 26, but have been lifting long enough now that I feel the need for something extra. I am not at my genetic maximum potential, and I know most people would say to get there first. So please don't preach to me. For my first cycle I am thinking of something mild and non aromatising. Either Germa Pharmaceuticals Epistane at 20/20/40/40/40 or Fusion Supps Halodrol at 25/25/50/50/50. The 5th week wont be full, just using the last of the tabs. I know that for halodrol 25 isn't enough to really get the full affect, but I want to ease myself in to this and be able to abort if I suffer nasty side affects. Does anyone have any opinions/experience with a first solo cycle of these? Also for on cycle support - I have read many differing opinions, from 'experts' and amateurs alike. Some say that for the mild PH a full OCS isn't required, and just plenty of water, dietary fats, milk thistle and taurine will be enough. Given than these are non-aromatising I should not need an aromatase inhibitor? Will the basics be enough or should I go for a full OCS product? Last but not least.. PCT. Again I have read many differing opinions, ranging from using a full SERM/AI/Test booster stack to just using a strong test booster PCT with the milder PH. I have seen a product called Nolvadren on predator nutrition which came up when searching for where to buy Nolvadex. Is this a legit? I was originally just going to use something like ironsupps PCT. but so many people say that a SERM is required to stop the increased test production just turning in to oestrogen? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I do this right. Thanks guys, Relay EDIT: I have also seen the links from the strongsupps rep, RPN Havoc seems like another good first cycle.