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  1. Ooooh fans ok not seen that for ages! Used to love that stuff
  2. Best thing to learn to be a bit tasty...

    As Geoff Thompson always said boxing and judo. Want to add in something else Muay Thai elbows and knees and that’s a very good starting point. I train a lot of BJJ but in most gyms it has become very competition oriented which isn’t great for real world applications. The floor is the absolute last place you want to be in the real world. Judo allows you to control how a fight goes to the ground and having thrown people on the street often a clean throw which is easy on someone with no idea about judo is usually a fight stopper. Boxing develops the primary weapon in real encounters which are the hands, as I say add in some Thai Elbows and your good to go. Krav taught correctly is simply amalgam of lots of styles taking the simple gross motor techniques that are easy to learn and are effective, however I’ve not in a long time seen Krav taught correctly........
  3. Sub q advice needed

    Just pin into muscle, I use really fine pins and it’s painless and doesn’t seem to build up scar tissue. You just have to depress the plunger slowly
  4. test types

    Test E or Test C less pip easier to dose and more likely to be what it says on the vial
  5. Testosterone

    Aromasin I prefer
  6. is DHB even any good?

    Interesting I’ve only ever dared to pin it diluted with other oils and never had bad pip thankfully!!! Only ever really had bad pip years ago from a vial of Noble s**t I was given
  7. is DHB even any good?

    Do you still get bad PIP when mixing it with other oils? I must be quite lucky as I’ve never had bad PIP from mixing it with test and deca. But I wouldn’t shoot it solo lol
  8. M1T?

    I used it about a year ago was good for strength
  9. Site Down

    Can’t talk about sources dude
  10. is DHB even any good?

    I love DHB If mixed with other compounds I’ve not noticed and PIP after reading stories of PIP from DHB id be reluctant to shoot it on its own
  11. I find aromasin better than Adex
  12. Give the SG TRI bold a go im liking it atm mixed with test and deca theres no pip