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  1. Recently moved house to other side of town. I can either keep going to the gym that I am currently at which is 10 minute drive away and only £25 per month or go to the gym which is closer to me (literally 20 second walk) but is £59 per month. What would you choose. 1) £25 gym 10 minute drive 2) £59 gym 20 second walk Would do the poll system but tried several times it ent working for me so gave up. Also both gyms have similar equipment.
  2. Because it has a swimming pool where as the other doesn't and plus it's a chain gym so they want to make their $$$.
  3. No not lazy just finding out others opinions on what they would do in the situation. I am more than happy to do the 10 min drive but was weighing up the costs on whether it was worth it with another gym being on my doorstep.
  4. Valid point Blue. If anything it would probably more than that for fuel with the banger that I have. I guess I am trying to justify reasons for staying at my current gym. One pro that my current gym does have though is that it's half as busy as the one close to me so it's easier to get around the gym without having to wait for people to finish there sets.