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  1. Gutted. First Barry Chuckle and now this. What’s happening to all my childhood megastars! I’ve never really got over the death of Rod Hull. Can’t take much more. Given the situation in Liverpool, I can only hope that Ken Dodd is shielding. I’d hate him to be next.
  2. Bobby Ball dies of Covid

    It’s a serious matter mate. All who we looked up to as children are now dead, dying, or were a nonce.
  3. Bobby Ball dies of Covid

    Rod Hull died after he climbed onto his roof to adjust his tv aerial and fell off it and landed on his face. Did the media broadcast details of whatever he was trying to tune into? No. We will never know. @js77
  4. Anyone own or had a roof top tent

    Ahh. The tent goes on top of your car. Might save tent pitching fees’. Costs saved vs hassle when you need a piss at 4am?
  5. Anyone own or had a roof top tent

    I know you say “many day trips” but how many would warrant spending a thousand pounds? Hotels and guest houses are cheap enough outside peak times. Unless you plan on going during peak times I can’t see it paying. During peak times you’ll still get charged handsomely to pitch a tent ime. It may be different in Northern Ireland but only you have knowledge in that regard
  6. For what it’s worth, I’m accepting op’s post as genuine. He has other post history and in my view is not a troll. He has gained significant body mass given his start point and would appear to be recovering from illness. I personally wish him well in his journey and hope that he continues to progress.
  7. Well done on what you have achieved from such a low bodyweight. As others have said, concentrate on your diet and training, you clearly had some serious issues. Definitely leave the trenbolone out and concentrate on training with a trt stack.
  8. No you ain’t love

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/13032522/beautiful-charlie-strangers/amp/ My Mrs is pushing 50 and she’s better looking than you
  9. E

    No point taking adex now. Throw the testosterone boosters in the bin. Do some research before your next cycle
  10. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    Man, a pin that size is gonna hurt. Might affect your natty status too. How are you anyway Steve? Not seen you in a while.
  11. What to do ?

    If your doctor has offered you hormone tests you need to stop using exogenous hormones or you won’t get accurate results. Furthermore, opiates and benzos are known to lower natural testosterone. I’m not a doctor and a doctor would tell you to stop using exogenous hormones completely. If I was in your position, one that thankfully I never have, I’d be inclined to maintain a hrt dose until I’d sorted my other addictions out. I’m not recommending you do this, but it’s probably what I would do personally. I’d set very short timeframes to sort myself out. Best of luck and get well soon
  12. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    Ahh. I think that this year the government have extended the vaccination program to all over 50 due to coronavirus. Previously I think only over 60s were offered it. GP surgeries get incentives to get folk in afaik.
  13. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    If anyone is interested I had mine last week. £8 Asda. High demand this year. Was a 5 week wait. Boots can usually do it quicker but they charge a lot more. I’ve been having the yearly jab since I had bad flu that landed me in hospital. Never had flu since but I do set off airport metal detectors these days due to the amount of microchips that have been implanted in me.
  14. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    Is it work organised, or are you potentially vulnerable, asthma for example?
  15. Whats your Worst date ever?

    Not a date but a story, one that I’ve posted before. 1995, lads holiday in Ibiza. This smoking hot girl who I’d noticed around the pool in the hotel I was staying at came up to me and said that her friend was really shy but really liked me and would I mind if she introduced me. I looked at her thinking if she’s only half as attractive as you I’d be happy so agreed. She disappeared and came back 5 minutes later with her friend who turned out to be a gay bloke called Kieron. I was gutted. I did get on well with both of them for the rest of the holiday though. She was about as attracted to me as I was to Kieron, however
  16. No you ain’t love

    I’m lying again. I don’t have any y fronts. Sorry
  17. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    Don’t just cut and paste the scare story bit of a randomised study like The Daily Mail do. Post links to the actual study. The notion that flu vaccination makes you more susceptible to other viruses has been widely discredited
  18. Whats your Worst date ever?

    Met this girl in a nightclub. Agreed to meet her the following night in a pub. We had just sat down and she was smoking a cigarette. Rather than extinguish it in the ash tray which was in front of her, she dropped it onto the carpet and put it out with her foot. We had only been in there for a few minutes and despite her being fit I just knew I wouldn’t get along with her. I wasn’t wrong. She was gobby, self centred, not a nice person. She did call me following the date but I never called her back. Never saw her again.
  19. No you ain’t love

    I don’t really have one. I’m a 47 year old virgin sitting at a pc in my piss stained y-fronts. I have created the imaginary world that I project on here in my own mind like most people who post on ukm. Keep up Ken
  20. Bobby Ball dies of Covid

    Evidently his inability to breathe was a major factor
  21. TRT Help - Low Libido

    As above. Hcg will suppress lh and fsh in exactly the same way as testosterone does.
  22. What a top bird

    Has sex with a man on a train platform after drinking a bottle of White Storm Cider. Wish the ladies round my way were that easy. She looks proper fit too. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/woman-sex-pavement-stranger-after-19146979.amp
  23. Forced to stop cycle

    I didn’t perhaps fully explain what I meant @stuey99 and things don’t always come across well on the internet. What I mean is some people are completely useless. They know it’s against the law to get in their car whilst they are drunk, but do it anyway. When they finally get done and have to get a bus to work they cannot get themselves to the bus stop on time and are late for work. When they finally get to work they cannot follow the basic instructions given to them by their manager. I’ve managed people like this at work in the past. What bemused me was some of these people went to university. Pretty much everything we do in life requires us to follow some form of instructions, whether it be instructions on the bus timetable or instructions in a recipe to cook something. It never ceases to amaze me how many people cannot follow the simplest of basic instructions.
  24. What does everyone do for a living?

    I’ll only get statutory redundancy. I’m fed up with what I was doing so I’m quite looking forward to doing something different even though the pay isn’t great
  25. TRT Help - Low Libido

    Actually, on reflection; the test you have may well have been down to the hcg. I’d switch labs