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  1. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Anyway. There can be only one
  2. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    @wylde99 and Dorian are possibly the same person. Thoughts? @DORIAN can you confirm?
  3. I ordered this super strong vape oil off the dn when I was bored at the start of lockdown. Thought I’d been ripped off when it didn’t arrive. Over 3 weeks later it turned up, posted from the U.S. Thought it might be useful whilst I’m off work but I haven’t tried it yet. I haven’t smoked weed in years. I’ll probably end up giving it away or binning it. I got 2 grams of mdma at the same time (different vendor) and that also remains unused and is probably destined for the bin.
  4. Trouble drawing bloods with Lancets

    Scroll up. I already posted some
  5. Wtf. What’s wrong with sending it in a little plastic bottle like the ones they use for vape oil? Or they could have crimped the end of the needle cap with a pair of pliers heated up over the stove or bunged it with sealant or blu tac, etc.
  6. Worred about dad's stomach pains

    Tell your Dad to go and see his gp. It’s almost certainly trivial. In my personal experience of knowing people who have had cancer (including my wife) it’s not likely to be cancer. Cancer in its early stages doesn’t cause pain from what I can see. Unfortunately I know 2 people who have died of bowel cancer in the last couple of years or so. Neither of them had any pain at all in connection with their stomach or bowel. Unfortunately in both instances the cancer eventually spread to other parts of the body (remote reoccurrence)
  7. Not new, just uneducated

    Your routine looks okay. Like you say, we all have limited equipment available at the moment. Lifting is mainly about the total weight shifted, it doesn’t matter too much if you are having to do more reps with lighter weight. This will help with endurance and will be a massive benefit when you get back to lower rep ranges with higher weights. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself tbh. I’d probably struggle to do 3 pull-ups at the moment. Most human beings couldn’t do one. Get the routine as near and heavy as you can covering 4 compound and 2 or 3 accessory lifts and you’ll progress. Nothing wrong with 8 to 10 reps on compound and say 12 on accessory. Accessory lifts aren’t essential. Example compound lift routine: 4 sets of 8 to 10 chest press 4 sets of 8 to 10 overhead press 4 sets of 8 to 10 barbell rows Pulls ups - just do your best. Mix pronated grip with supinated grip to work different muscles. If you can wedge your barbell somewhere such as a loft hatch you are golden. Improvise with ways of adding weight to the bar if needed, bags of sand/bottles of water. The above is all you need to do. No real need for accessory lifts. Pull ups with hands facing towards you will work biceps, for example. Do the above eod with progressive overload (slowly increasing the weight) and providing your diet is sufficient you’ll grow bigger and stronger. Guaranteed. Good Luck. @Stephen1974 Edit - I just noticed my example is push, push, pull, pull. The order doesn’t matter but ideally it’d be push, pull, push, pull or in reverse. Edit 2. The above can be used if you are dieting
  8. Test cycle

    Won’t make much difference. You don’t know your requirements anyway
  9. Will vet go away?

    Wtf you been hiding? Welcome back
  10. Test cycle

    Good job you can’t give yourself aids.
  11. Test cycle

    You don’t need a sharps bin. These are for healthcare workers so they can dispose immediately to avoid them having to recap needles at the risk of a needle stick injury from a syringe they have used on someone who may have a communicable disease. Think of putting the top on a felt tip pen and missing first time. Dispose of the recapped needles in the non recyclable rubbish, providing your children don’t have a propensity of going through your trash. If they actually do this think how worse it will be if they see a bright yellow sharps bin.
  12. Test cycle

    Drop the aromasin to twice a week imo. 20mg daily upon noticing problems until they have subsided. Needles are fine. Bin the leaflet. It only tells you not to inject counterfeit drugs.
  13. Too complicated to talk about here I’m afraid. I’m not insulting your intelligence, it just is. Pm me and I’ll explain.
  14. That c**t runs the country...........and he’s got some plans for it that are going to piss a lot of people off! I’m with him on some of them, but not all of them.
  15. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Ha ha. I thought he was a collie.
  16. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Blue Merle? I don’t think so looking at the pic. I used to have one. Miss him. Tropical fish and 2 kids for me these days. Can’t get a decent pic of the tank atm as the sun is shining.
  17. Not socially acceptable imo. My wife knows. A mate of mine knows (fellow user) and you lot. I play rugby and know other lads at the club who clearly use. If any of them spoke to me in a one-on-one situation I might discuss my use with them depending on how much of a rapport I’d developed with them. At the start of last season 3 lads separately asked me if I was using. I laughed and came out with a glib comment but didn’t actually answer the question as I’m not going to lie. I don’t use cocaine and wouldn’t. If someone asked me if I did I wouldn’t say yes or no in this instance either. Nobody else’s business anyway. I wouldn’t ask somebody else if they use any form of drug so don’t see why they should ask me. People are just nosey f**kers.
  18. 150 imo. 200 is plenty. 225 is the most I’ve run and most I ever will. That was ace dosed at 150mg/mil. 75mg m/w/f. Did more for strength than size. Sides were minimal. Sleep was okay but in hindsight it definitely interfered with my sleep. I had some pretty drastic sweats on it too, exacerbated because it was summer. Edit - a few episodes of very lucid dreams too. Not nightmares as such but very real dreams.
  19. It’s now available for download. Yay! @wylde99 Fill your boots son. You can review it for us and give feedback.
  20. Anybody used a discount code recently. I know I could google but ime the codes you find rarely work. I’m after a covid antibody test if anyone can point me in the direction Thanks
  21. Booking a November holiday?

    It’s untested at the moment. I’d guess the credit card companies have probably rejected any sec 75 claims so far because they know they are due a deluge of them. I envisage that they’ll turn it down as at this point you haven’t “lost anything” even though you have. If tour operators start going bust then it should apply but I can see card providers trying to dip of claims and long term, a load of litigation against card companies. If you check Martin Lewis money saving expert site he has the most up to date info on where we stand. In particular, atol protection probably won’t apply to any “credit notes” issued for holidays.
  22. The scan I was looking at definitely included an x ray. It was a while ago so I cannot remember exactly what. After the gp fiasco I decided to sack it all off.
  23. I contacted a private hospital for a electrocardiogram and calcium score. They quoted me six hundred ish quid. Said fine, book me in. Then they said I’d need a gp referral. Went to my gp surgery to ask for one and the doctor I saw asked me standard questions about life style and wrote me a repeat test for cholesterol levels. I didn’t mention I use steroids and take prescribed statins anyway. Chol came back in range. Doctor refused to refer me for the scans even though I was paying privately. Unnecessary exposure to radiation, apparently. I’d guess your gp will simply tell you to stop using counterfeit drugs that you purchased off the internet. Go figure.
  24. Supermarket delivery driver

    Jesus wept. I wish you luck. Just don’t tell them about your recent driving history at the interview! If you do get the job I envisage a scene like this within a couple of weeks: