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  1. First cycle plan

    None of us like sticking needles into ourselves. With that said 2 mil in the glute is painless and takes 20 seconds. Just get used to it. Can you get somebody to do it for you?
  2. First cycle plan

    I was taking the piss
  3. is 2 meals per day okay?

    In your case probably. Whilst I don’t personally believe that you have to split meals and eat say 5 or 6 times a day unless you are an advanced bodybuilder or strength athlete, you still need to eat in calorific surplus. Only eating twice daily might make it difficult to consume enough calories
  4. First cycle plan

    Most test is dosed at 250 or 300 mg/mil. Whichever you buy, just pin 2 mil of it once a week. Get back to us if this approach doesn’t work.
  5. First cycle plan

    Fml. A incredibly useful illustration on how you’ll look depending on dose. If only this was available 25 years ago. I still don’t look like the bloke to the right of the diagram. I’m using just under 600mg at the moment. Is it because half of that is nandrolone? Is my gear bunk?
  6. What do you want for Christmas?

    Health for me and my family. That’s all I want. I’ve had the stress of my wife being seriously ill as a lot of you know. She has recovered to date. I just want things to stay that way. Good physical and mental health is something we take for granted. If you could buy it someone for Christmas you would.
  7. Favourite Post Workout Meal

    Basically what you eat minus the whey. Rice Krispies and full fat milk. I pour a litre of milk, sit down at the table and consume as much of the Rice Krispies as I can stomach, plus around 60g of refined sugar. Hate every mouthful. I’m Karen Carpenter at heart.
  8. Too much drugs imo. I started about 7 weeks ago with identical stats to yours, well almost. I’m an inch taller than you and 20 years older. I’m running 250 test and 300 deca. I’ve just hit 17 stone from a 224lb start with very little fat gain. In my humble opinion run 1 mil of test and 1 mil of deca. Basically 600 total. Or run 150 test, 200 tren. That’s all the drugs you need at your level. You can only grow so fast and increasing the dosages will only create more sides. If an old c**t like me can make good progress on around half gram a 27 y/o like you should do far better.
  9. Forced to stop cycle

    I heard a story off a mate who was told it by a bloke he works with. Pretty much the same as yours, but replace train station with bus station. Bloke in question decided he couldn’t be arsed engaging so he pretended to be Romanian and said “No English speaking, I’m Romanian” to this woman. He then got a tirade of racial abuse off her.
  10. HCG estrogen spike

    Interesting. Do you have any more information on this?
  11. Forced to stop cycle

    You should’ve pushed that ho off the platform in front of the incoming train. Okay, bit harsh. Joking anyway
  12. HCG estrogen spike

    I’ve sent you a pm. I don’t really want to get involved in what is ultimately my personal opinion on an open forum
  13. HCG estrogen spike

    Not really. Ai will reduce the amount of estrogen you produce going forward (obviously) so less “topping up”. It won’t do anything about the estrogen that’s already there. From your previous posts, if I recall correctly, you don’t generally need much (if any) ai. I think you’d be better sitting it out but if you do have any ai to hand then a little won’t hurt. Edit - I may have misunderstood the question @stuey99. If you continue to use hcg then ai is very effective at preventing estrogen conversion from hcg.
  14. HCG estrogen spike

    Difficult to say but recently I had elevated e2 due to some bunk ugl adex I was taking. Outward sides should subside in about 14 days. I’d imagine for it to come back in range completely it would be more like 3 weeks. It will be very person specific. A factor in play will be how much alcohol you drink. The body “sees” alcohol as estrogen and drinking booze affects the bodies ability to clear estrogen from the system. My libido is somewhat elevated when e2 is high.