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  1. Hardgainer

    To complicate it further, having high cholesterol doesn't necessarily mean it's clogging your arteries either.
  2. Hardgainer

    Lowering sat fats will lower the undesirable LDL, but it's been found only to make a nominal difference as a rule of thumb. I cannot recall what the ideal total cholesterol count is, but it's a combination of hdl and ldl equalling about 5. My ldl alone had been measured at 11 iirc. Tbh it's been that long I forget the specific figures and have been on statins for about 15 years. My Hypercholesterolemia was spotted by an optician as the build up of cholesterol was visible in my eyes (arcus)
  3. Hardgainer

    I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol and have attempted to reduce LDL by diet alone. A saturated fat free diet made no difference to my high LDL cholesterol. Put simply, if I had peas for breakfast, beans for lunch and cabbage for dinner, I would still have high cholesterol. Medication is the only option. Current studies are increasingly pointing the finger away from saturated fats in food being causative of high cholesterol with the exception of trans fats.
  4. Hardgainer

    The only people GOMAD would be suitable for is the likes of Eddie Hall and co surely. I personally have shifted from a carb based to a more fats based diet whilst cutting and I feel better as a result. As Mingster says, fats are more essential than carbs.
  5. A reminisce of members gone by

    I remember that one, didn't he have an interview at Tescos and she was worried he'd have to give a urine sample straight off the bat. What about the new member who rather annoyingly referred to everyone as "niga" was it @CarrotTop
  6. New member

    I usually post encouraging things, bar the odd bit or tripe in gen-con. You must follow @UK2USA as he says, he's our resident Brit turned Yank who has survived cancer so you can both offer each other support I'm sure.
  7. Hello there

    .....but no fit women to admire! Although I am thinking of getting some bits and your suggestion about one peice at a time sounds like a good idea. One question though, dumbbells will fit in my bag but how'd you remove the smith machine? And at what point do you think the gym manager noticed that all of the equipment is missing.
  8. Hello there

  9. I'd agree with GMO but not really enough info re previous cycle to go on.
  10. Hello group

    Welcome If you are here for advice on looking buff and how to get the ladies then @Frandeman will sort you. Anything else, just pop over to the sister site:- https://www.mumsnet.com/
  11. Hey

  12. Newbie Here :D

    Welcome. Some bedtime reading
  13. hi guys and girls

    Welcome. Veet, and join a local gym, nice ladies to chat to!
  14. Good Afteroon

    Guten tag!