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  1. Hydroxycloroqine and Zinc.

    So it’s good if you’ve got pneumonia. That said it might benefit
  2. Hydroxycloroqine and Zinc.

    Mines on order along with elephant tusk and tiger tooth
  3. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Go on? I’d have a punt but I’ve guessed just about everything wrong about this virus
  4. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Ha ha. Or maybe “could” sit in the garden. Opening the bathroom window is as near as I’ve got to going outside so far today and as soon as I felt the chill I shut it again
  5. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Ahh, hadn’t thought of that. Same here. I’d sooner be at work even though my bosses attitude to us has been appalling since it started. At least the garden will look nice this summer
  6. I know you’ve ruled out 19nor but you may be surprised how if run sensibility they produce less sides than 600 test. I rotate between 600 test. 300 test 300 nandrolone or 150 test, 225 tren, 200 mast e. I only do 10 weeks before at least 10 on trt to keep blood markers in check. I get roughly the same results on the nand combo but a bit fuller. No acne or water retention. On the tren combo I get a good bit stronger and again, no water or spots. Theres orals but they hit my appetite. Dhb as cracker says buy oil volume and pip can be a problem. Primo if you have deep pockets
  7. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    From what I’ve read it’s a minimum of 3 weeks. I don’t see why your employer can not rotate staff on Furlough leave.
  8. Uncontrollable masturbation

    Battery powered toy train engine. Wheels spin round. Hold spinning wheel against your cock and apply a little pressure. This was popular until Ann Summer’s came along and ruined the toy train industry
  9. Uncontrollable masturbation

    Held the battery powered spinning train wheel against your banjo. I thought I was the only person who ever did that
  10. Day 7

    Toilet siphon on it’s way out in one of ours. Seeing as I ain’t got no work to do I thought I’d see if I could get one and fix it. Screwfix click and collect this morning saw me right.
  11. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Same here but in my case it’s because I’ve been married for almost 20 years
  12. If using sodium water draw 10 pins and freeze them. Sodium water mix can be refrigerated but the water doesn’t contain benzyl alcohol that will inhibit bacterial growth. Whilst risk of infection is still low freezing is the better option. When you get your bac water mix with 2 mil. You’ll see exactly what I mean as micro measuring with 1mil of water can be a bit tricky to get 10 even pins.
  13. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I think it has already run riot through the population. The experts suggest that 80% of those infected are completely asymptotic. We are closer to the end than we think. Just my opinion and I hope it’s right.
  14. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I don’t think this will happen and reckon 3 months sounds about right. It’s already spread exponentially throughout the population. The peak (hospital admissions and deaths) will happen within 6 weeks, then it’ll slide imo.
  15. Uncontrollable masturbation

    @DTA where you gone brother? Your excessive masturbation thread was amongst one of the funniest threads I ever read. To summarise DTA was experiencing a ridiculously high libido having started a test cycle. Problem was he couldn’t get to the gym as he spent all day watching porn on the sofa and asked for ways to reduce his sex drive. He received some particularly useless advice as you might expect