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  1. has anyone thought about suicide?

    How did it work out for me? 22 years old. Stressed, depressed and badly dressed. 32 years old. Too busy to be stressed and depressed as me and the wife had a baby and toddler to care for. Still badly dressed. 42 years old. Worrying because my children are about to become adults, well teenagers. Will they turn out okay? I’m still badly dressed. 48. My current age. Kids turned out fine. I don’t give a f**k about anything. Life’s too short to worry. I’m still badly dressed though.
  2. I believe so but I’ve never researched this because I’ve never taken antidepressants
  3. Don’t trust these companies. They rely on very limited studies that were designed to purposely support the money making trt industry. They don’t care about your health, all they care about is taking your cash. You know those adverts aimed at women for face creams that will give them younger looking skin and there’s a disclaimer saying something like 89% of women surveyed agree without telling you how many women were surveyed and how many surveys they ran or whether participants got free products? Some of the supposed medical evidence trt companies use to push their services is no better than the adverts I refer to. Very limited studies involving very few men. There’s nothing wrong with your testosterone levels that getting off ssri medications and leading a healthy lifestyle won’t sort out. Best of luck
  4. Haven’t a clue. Never used it and wouldn’t. I know there are a couple of experienced users in here who I could quote who could advise but I’m not prepared to encourage dnp use in anyway. If they see this I’m sure they will advise
  5. All in your head. “Low normal”. So normal then like mine was. I felt fine with low test levels. Train, play rugby, libido fine. What were your levels. Balance My Hormones by any chance?
  6. You’ve answered your own question. Dnp wins hands down but I wouldn’t use it and it’s probably the only drug bar heroin I’d bother to try to discourage anyone else from using. Sibutramine Yohimbine Eca Clen (not much use other than stripping the last few pounds if you are already lean) .....or the time honoured old fashioned way. Eat less.
  7. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    I didn’t have it for breakfast. 'Twas Friday evening. I was just wondering how many calories were in it so I totted it up as breakfast rather than scrolling down to dinner.
  8. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    Three cans of Stella, four cans of Lidl generic Stella and a packet of crisps. Did it the other Friday. Here’s proof on my MyFitnessPal account
  9. You’ll probably find that your joints get better with training. I’m 48. Go back to your favourite old routine and start light and build up. Edit - I wouldn’t start the cycle immediately. Give it a few weeks
  10. Looking in the wrong place. Try gay porn. Worked wonders for me and the Mrs now let’s me call her Dave when I take her from behind
  11. Libido taken a hiding

    What you need to do is a pct. Mail me your address and I’ll post you these old school pct drugs. Just take the entire bottle
  12. If you washed it with fairy liquid. I’m not sure a dishwasher would do it adequately then sterilised it again it would be fine. You could sterilise barrels in a vegetable steamer. Unless you have time on your hands I don’t know why anyone would bother but you could do a few at a time
  13. It doesn’t increase estrogen as far as I know. What happens is when you drink alcohol the body has to clear the alcohol from your system. The human body “sees” alcohol as an estrogen. Bear in mind that alcohol is actually a poison that humans were never meant to consume, so when you drink it your body works overtime to eliminate it from the body and this interrupts your body’s natural ability to clear estrogen. Obviously if you are taking a supraphysiological dose of testosterone the estrogen can build up quite significantly because the body cannot clear it quickly enough because it’s working overtime shifting the alcohol. This is why women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer are advised against consuming alcohol.
  14. First mild cycle.

    You could just add an oral to your trt dose. Any oral really but I’d avoid Dianabol because it aromatises heavily and Anadrol which is also a very watery compound. People generally use masteron for negating side effects caused by 19nor steroids (Trenbolone and Nandrolone) or use it at high doses for hardening but this is more of an advanced bodybuilding approach. Masteron on its own isn’t a particularly great muscle building drug. Some find adding a bit makes (100 to 200mg a week) makes them feel great and increases their libido. Others find it gives them acne and prostate problems. These drugs are very user specific. Don’t be fooled by the “Anavar is a mild steroid” bs that seems to be spouted around. It is generally regarded as mild in results and many use it more for vascularity than muscle building although it will add tissue. The thing is Anavar is mild on outward side effects that you’d notice but inward sides that you don’t see or feel are harsh. It will destroy healthy cholesterol levels and stress kidneys. Winstrol and Turinabol will do the same to cholesterol but stress the liver as oppose to kidneys. Orals can destroy appetite too so if you are going to use one then the time might be now whilst you shed that last 10lb. Whilst none of these drugs are good for you, test may produce some outward sides like water retention and spots but it won’t be as hard on other blood markers. Provided you don’t get gyno sides, test is generally the better option.
  15. First mild cycle.

    I’m addition to the above you can also run a blood test after a few weeks to see where you are but with experience you’ll learn to manage in the main on feel