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  1. New

    Do you play Rugby and are you from the East Midlands? If so and you are the same Chonk I know you can f**k off. If not welcome
  2. Conspiracy theories

    Erm, okay. I’ll give it a miss but thanks all the same.
  3. Conspiracy theories

    Just did this, what exactly am I looking for
  4. Testosterone level 9.7

    You need to decide on your long term strategy first. Running a cycle now will make it difficult for you to be treated for low test if you have been referred to an endocrinologist. Consider that running a cycle can only further lower that figure in reality. Imo I’d sort out whether you are going on trt first and add to this if required at a later date. As for a first cycle, have a read through the below thread:
  5. Covid - long term plan

    It seems evident to me that there isn’t a long term plan.
  6. Hello

    Another veteran lifter. Welcome.
  7. Forearm lump when tensed

    @PSevens2017 might be able to help if he has time thanks. I have no idea.
  8. Scan booked, to late for life insurance?

    We had critical illness insurance at a cost of about £50 a month that would have paid £90k. The insurer carried out a 10 year review and wanted to increase the premium to about £65. I called them and asked for the sum insured to be reduced from £90k to £35 to reflect what we had left on the mortgage. They said they could not do that but we’d still get the £90k if we ever needed to claim and the premium would always be £65. We decided to cancel it. The following year the Mrs got diagnosed with breast cancer. Sods law.
  9. I never have. I think most people go wrong by overestimating their level of activity. Tbh it doesn’t matter. Start with whatever it says and adjust calories according to your goals. Weigh yourself once weekly at the same time of day. If you weigh the same the next week and want to lose weight it’s a straight 500 cal daily drop.
  10. At his level possibly. For the rest of us definitely not. The best stack imo is the one that doesn’t knock your appetite and allows you to sleep well. This usually means less mg. it does in my case anyway.
  11. Forearm lump when tensed

    Pics might help
  12. Scan booked, to late for life insurance?

    Let us know how you get on. It’s bound to be something trivial so stop worrying.
  13. High Hemoglobin

    Plenty of things can spike it. Add being a bit dehydrated and the fact that you had a weekend on the beer for example or if you smoke. Get healthy and hydrated for a couple of weeks and re test
  14. https://tdeecalculator.net/ Is pretty accurate. Adjust by 200 at at time
  15. Does DHB aromatise?

    Good question that I couldn’t find a firm answer to. I cannot find anything definitive as to the extent Eq aromatises. In for replies.