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  1. Scroll up and there’s one suggestion that he should add dbol to it. For me that’s no, no and no. It was my first cycle purely because that’s all I could get 25 years ago. For some reason people still think it’s a good idea, although it is cheap. Dbol is either don’t bother or for advanced users only imo. Shite drug
  2. Cycle

    There’s no such thing as a medically defined period of rest between cycles. The sort of sensible approach (because using steroids can never be considered sensible) would be time on equals time off. If you follow this you’d be best advised to avoid the deconate ester in future.
  3. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    You are talking to a limited audience there Ken. I well remember them going on about how we face another ice age in the seventies. So does the future hold a new ice age or heat meltdown? One things for sure, neither of us old cu**s are likely to be around long enough to see how it plays out.
  4. Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    For those who missed it in another thread, here’s drwaes’ Rover V6 minge magnet. Or is it? @drwae pics of collision damaged Rover or you are @Nocarbs
  5. You’ll be fine. I’m still prone to acne now at 47 years old. When I was younger I used to take an earlier incarnation of this drug (Oxytetracycline) Bear in mind that it takes weeks on end to be effective but when it kicks in it should help enormously. Just make sure you remember to take it as prescribed
  6. Trt protocols are based on the individuals blood work. Some need less, some need more. I’d be surprised if there are many (if any) on 200mg a week if they are being supervised by a competent endocrinologist. Private U.K. suppliers are certainly not adequately supervising and these companies are a bunch of cu**s and by rights should be shut down. My point about learning how to control e2 on higher doses of test stands. Then again, if you are not interested in ever going above 200mg test and just add 300mg of deca to what you currently use then I don’t see a problem with that to be perfectly honest. Nandrolone only aromatises at about 20 percent of what test does and if you haven’t had any e2 issues to date I doubt you will by adding deca. This leaves dhn (ask if you don’t know what I mean) from nandrolone. It’s never affected me personally but 1 mil of Masteron a week will likely make sure it doesn’t affect you.
  7. Hcg bottle

    They look fine. Never heard of the brand but that means it’s probably not a counterfeit product. You need a 10 mil vial of bac water
  8. Hcg bottle

    His are counterfeit
  9. Hcg bottle

    Think you might struggle but you could draw the bac into an insulin needle and add it to the powder if there’s room in the amp. After it has reconstituted draw 1 unit into 10 pins and pop them in the freezer. They defrost in minutes. As gman says ideally you’d decant and add a further mil as messing about with such a small amount of water is tricky. Bayer Ovidac is the other widely available brand that comes in a vial but you need to use bac water if you don’t follow the above procedure and want to keep it in the fridge
  10. Body builder

    You are an “aspiring bodybuilder”, a pursuit that takes time and lots of effort yet you cannot be arsed to do your own research into performance enhancing drugs and expect others to do it for you? Doesn't bode well but fortunately there’s a comprehensive guide that was kindly written by a member here. Have a thumb through the below and please make more effort in future
  11. You are already on a reasonable cycle. You have clearly progressed. 200mg is going to put you way above normal natural. If you are prepared to stay trt for life (I do this) then big doses aren’t necessary. People who cycle on and off want to make the best of the time on and will tend to use 2 mil often to “make sure” if the test is underdosed. This doesn’t matter to you. At this stage I’d simply up the test, maybe to 300 or 350 as you suggest and see how this affects e2. Learning how to control e2 is the most difficult aspect of using gear. You could do this for 6 weeks and then increase it again to 600 for another 6 weeks. At the end of this you will have learned a lot about e2 control. Masteron can be used for e2 but it’s better from the start so just use adex now. I get pretty much the same results from any of the below 3 and tend to rotate: 500-600 test. Good size and strength gains but a good bit of water. Acne. 300 test 300 nandrolone, as above but less water and acne. 150 test, 225 tren 200 mast. Very noticeable increase in strength compared to 1 and 2. No water and less size in general. No acne. To be honest 3 is the best and I’d do that more often if tren wasn’t so bad on blood markers.
  12. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    The right wing will always go after people like her. There’s too much money and vested interest in carbon fuel which is owned and controlled by the elite. They don’t want to give up this wealth regardless of the environmental impact.
  13. In my experience the colour/thickness of the oil is of no relevance to what ester is being used or how well dosed it is
  14. Remortgage and extension

    Yes. Three extensions on 2 different houses down the years. It’s certainly a sensible thing to do but in my case we ideally wanted to move from the first house we extended because it wasn’t in the best area/school catchment. We purchased a detached house where we wanted to live that had enough land to extend on and we added a large back room and a garage. The only caveat is do you need the space and will it come at a cost such as not being able to afford to go on holiday and out in general? Having a big house is nice but it ain’t much fun being confined to it if you are skint. Extending certainly beats moving because you are not pissing a load of money on legal/estate agent fees, etc and the money you spend on the extension will likely never depreciate long term. Good luck with it.
  15. old daily driver

    lol. In cars like this you need to brake 2 seconds earlier. It’s amazing how much you forget just how horrible these cars are to drive