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  1. Let’s be honest.

    I pay 40 percent tax on some, albeit not a great deal more of the income I’d ordinarily earn if covid never happened. Furlough is capped at 30k a year and I get 80 percent of that. No I don’t feel guilty. I’ve paid plenty in.
  2. Let’s be honest.

    No mate. Double bubble, although I’ve lost more than 20% I’m happy to pay the same in tax increases as you for all of the free money I’ve had
  3. Hoarding

    Plenty available if you’re prepared to import it
  4. Let’s be honest.

    Agree with this. When furlough got extended last October or whenever it was I decided I couldn’t sit around the house any longer. I looked for a second job and got 2 offers in a week
  5. Dianabol any good?

    Fortunately the lumps have gone. It was over 25 years ago. I didn’t know what gyno was, didn’t know hpta shutdown existed and thought I could get hench despite the fact that I spent 3 days a week not eating anything because I’d been banging in pills and speed all weekend. Happy days though
  6. Ansomone vs Genx-tropin

    Sorry. I’ve only ran gh once and always pinned it pre bed. I wouldn’t judge a drug by its sides, however
  7. Dianabol any good?

    Erm. Yeh, I did that.
  8. Think you are overthinking a bit of an ache. Not likely to be jab related
  9. Dianabol any good?

    I love these Dianabol threads. Used by bodybuilders and strength athletes for decades. Arnold’s early career staple, a drug that the average person in the street may well have heard of. Then someone posts a thread asking if it’s any good. It’s the steroid that many dabbled with first but it’s far from ideal for first time users in reality.
  10. Ansomone vs Genx-tropin

    Either or. You’ll get replies saying that Ansomone is a pharma product and that Gen-x is a labelled up generic. I’m told, contrary to what’s banded around, that the Ansomone that is manufactured for export sale isn’t the same product that’s used in Chinese hospitals. Make of that what you will.
  11. Can you get someone pregnant while on PCT?

    Should’ve put it up the ring
  12. Can you get someone pregnant while on PCT?

    Erm. How strong is the field and how many runners? Yes, you can easily get someone pregnant whilst on steroids or pct drugs
  13. If you think Fors has it in the bag I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. @BigRick will only get stronger as the year progresses. @big vin has just pm’d me his latest dead cert betting tip too. Tiger Woods for the Masters. Strong field