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  1. Aaron lambo

    Wut. @Vinny lives that way. Apparently Lambo ran to take a swing at him but fell down a crack in the pavement
  2. Aaron lambo

    ^this. Especially the grade a tool bit.
  3. Yes I am working at a testing site as I’m furloughed from my normal job. We have capacity to do over a thousand tests a day. We are only doing a fraction of that and you can walk in without an appointment and would be seen, tested and out again in less than 10 minutes
  4. I don’t understand the reply
  5. What’s the “rough time” to which you refer?
  6. Hardly anyone coming in the testing centre. Opened at 8am. 30 people so far today.
  7. Any helicopter pilots?

    As above. I, like all ukm millionaires am licensed to fly many different types of aircraft. I’m taking my Apache out for a spin tomorrow.
  8. HCG year round?

    Yes. I think it negates the sides caused by 19nor as it fools the hpta system into thinking it actually works. Stargazer has similar opinions. There is no scientific evidence afaik. ElChapo stated that leydig cell desensitisation doesn’t happen. Again, no studies. Ultimately you cannot expect to use these drugs for years and not possibly experience problems down the line Edit - I’ve been running hcg since 2018 as I believe it has benefits. I cruised on hcg alone for a large part of the summer without issues. I had a vasectomy almost 15 years ago so I don’t run it for fertility
  9. Doesn’t sound hormone related to me unless what you are using is bunk or underdosed
  10. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Think Flubs has got this one. Seeing as she’s the only female who currently posts in here it’s fair to say you won’t see any better replies
  11. HCG year round?

    As above re fertility. Import hcg from China. Small risk of customs seizure. We can’t talk about prices but it’s about a fifth of the regular price. It can be easily tested too
  12. Bum love n all that.

    Problem is there isn’t much opportunity these days with 2 teenagers in the house
  13. payment for gear

    Source I use does Paypal for me but I’ve built up a rapport with him. I’ve never payed for anything other than cash (at the gym) transfer or bitcoin
  14. Bum love n all that.

    I’m not into things being shoved up my bum. I do like it being hit with an improvised spanking paddle that’s actually a long shoe horn from ikea. The Mrs likes hitting me with it too. Sadistic cow.
  15. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    Just up the road from where I live. They drag someone out dead pretty regularly. I’ve never had the urge to go in the place Edit. Decent pub for a drink next to the water