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  1. White Shaming

    I sorts of get this though. Ideally your local police force should represent the demographic in the area. Take Leicester where I am for example. About 50% of the population is white. About 35% is Asian. You need plenty of Asian officers if for no other reason than to deal with language barriers when problems arise in those communities. There has always been a shortage of Asian officers in Leicester and they tend to get priority when there’s a recruitment drive. The last thing you want is a police force that mainly consists of white men. I’d have thought this is one of the reasons why there are so many problems in the U.S I read an article a number of years ago that suggested that when the authorities in America cracked down on the activities of the Ku Klux Klan a lot of these scum bags decided to join the police.
  2. White Shaming

    All rugby players are at least slightly homo anyway. I’m allowed to say that because I play myself but only because I enjoy the social side of it. Getting naked in a big bath with fellow players’ being the main highlight.
  3. White Shaming

    No idea mate. Just something he mentioned. I don’t know him that well. iirc he did it to increase his chances of getting an interview because firefighter jobs get hundreds or even thousands of applicants so he thought by saying he was gay he might stand a better chance.
  4. Trt and fertility

    Thanks but sorry, I don’t know anything about fertility programs. I had the snip 14 years ago after our second one arrived and I’ve never educated myself about the fertility side of things. I’ve never used clomid either. If he has time @CarrotTop might be able to link something he wrote for another user iirc. He has had success with a HMG fertility protocol. Without a fertility test you are playing blind. I presume you’ve been self administering meds. This obviously causes problems getting help on the nhs unless you are prepared to let all meds leave your system and go and see your gp.
  5. White Shaming

    Or who you’ve shagged and evidently Jeremy Corbyn shagged Diane Abbot in the seventies or eighties.
  6. White Shaming

    Seems to me that these days appointments to top jobs, especially in the public sector are nearly always given to women or people from the bame community. You've got Cressida Dick in London. Plus isn’t the most senior fire officer female. I also see appointments more locally and it’s usually bame or female. Personally I don’t give a toss and the playing field has to be levelled a bit but at the moment I’d say being male, heterosexual and white puts you at a significant disadvantage. Lad I know at my local rugby club said that he had put that he was gay on the application to join the fire brigade to increase his chances of getting in. He’s not gay himself.
  7. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    23% imo. Cut. Would still bang tho. Age/location?
  8. He’s thin because his chosen sport requires him to be. Plus his protein powder tastes so bad he’s offloaded it to morons like me. Elite Ethiopian distance runners would disagree and they’d know a bit about being on the go and training. In before someone points out that Farah is Somali. Same place/genetics to all intents and purposes.
  9. Mouth Cancer?

    What Kazza said. I have the same in my mouth. The positioning of them tells it all. If you are under 40 it’s probably not worth even getting checked. Do so anyway but if I were you I certainly wouldn’t be worrying about it.
  10. Definitely in my experience. Others have reported this too. Don’t get too excited though.
  11. Referring back to the one I mentioned previously which was rancid, I then purchased some “Motein” Protein endorsed by Mo Farah. That wasn’t horrible but it was very thin. I decided from that point not to bother with it. I’ve done 2 bulks without using it since and not noticed any difference between using it and not. I no longer track macros either. I just get as many calories in as I can, mainly wholemeal bread, eggs and milk. The only difference I’ve noticed is plus twenty quid a month I haven’t spent. As @simonboyle pointed out to me in another thread it can however be a useful addition to some.
  12. Fat people annoy me

    @Henda83 get yourself in here now and offer your opinion!
  13. Just avoid the exotic ones and stick to chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or banana. I had one a while ago, tutti fruity or something. It was horrible. Edit - I don’t use protein powder anymore.
  14. It’s been so long since I’ve used dbol all I can really remember is it’s a mild stimulant. More than caffeine, far less than amphetamines. You quickly build a tolerance to this and won’t notice it after say a week. I’d just avoid taking it too late in the day as it might keep you awake.
  15. Where do you get your Protein?

    Fair enough. I was thinking of these 2 fat lads who train where I do when I wrote that. They’d be mid-twenties (age) and lift half what I can. Then they go into the changing rooms and mix a protein shake with milk and sit there drinking it whilst eating one of those grenade snacks. I asked them one day why they mix it at the gym. They told me that the protein is absorbed better if it’s mixed immediately before consumption. I’m thinking that all you are doing is making yourself fatter. Hugs and kisses x