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  1. I got an environmentally friendly car

    Whoops, cars not my thing. When I was younger my mates drove those ford xr things but I had like a 1.2L. It wasn't that I couldn't afford one, just sooner spend my money on something else, plus they always got bloody nicked in those days. I'm the same now, most of the guys who work with me have jags or BMWs. I've got a vw Passat and take the difference in lease costs as pay and put it towards holidays. Anyway - nice car, nice colour too
  2. I got an environmentally friendly car

    So it's not a Ferrari Edit - I know nothing about cars, just thought the horse on the front was what Ferrari have.
  3. I got an environmentally friendly car

    Looks nice, what sort of Ferrari is it?
  4. Buying stuff from taobao.

    Didn't you buy some clothes riddled with bullet holes off Islamic State after they had been removed from public execution victims who had been shot whilst wearing Hera branded pullovers?
  5. Lab Testing UK

    It won't work I'm afraid. Trust is the issue. Chem Clarity looked like an idea service. Ultimately it descended into a situation where no one could be sure if their testing was accurate, inaccurate or biased. It may well have been spot on, but if rival labs deliberately send under dosed samples and claim it to be a sample from a competitors lab in order to discredit their rival who may actually produce gear that's spot on there is no way of telling who to trust. A lab could also produce 5000 vials of spot on gear, but the next batch could be bunk due to different raws.
  6. Steroids

  7. Take a p1ss on one of these. Rule it out at least. Srs though. When all the meds clear the system you'll be fine.
  8. Very much doubt your gp will be able to add anything, he/she will likely have no experience in how to deal with your situation and will certainly tell you to stop taking unprescribed prescription meds. The pct drugs can affect mood. Think you just need to ride it out. Good luck
  9. child flasher gets comeuppance

    Either he punches like my 11 year old daughter or it's fake imo.
  10. Pharma

    Wrong place @Jack83 try to get a pitch on Dragons Den.
  11. rio ferdinand to become a boxer

    He already sounds like a punch-drunk boxer when he talks, so why not! As previously mentioned, a bit like Flintoff. He won't make the paid ranks. Some world champions never made enough money to allow them to quit their day job.
  12. Don't forget to add two and a half grams of tren to that stack too!
  13. New to online forums

  14. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Great news (another log by st) I'm in
  15. looking for new driving sunglasses

    Agreed, it was fairly bright in Leicestershire this morning.