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  1. You can’t localise fat loss. People carry fat in different areas, this is more noticeable in women. Men generally carry fat in their “mid section” as do you. The belly is the first place the fat goes on and the last place it comes off, like a puddle forming when it rains and then drying out. A calorie deficit is the only way to lose fat. This can be achieved without strenuous exercise, walking for example, or indeed no exercise whatsoever. Exercise is useful for creating a larger calorie deficit. Edit - in many cases the “belly” is exacerbated by bad posture, often anterior pelvic tilt which is common in desk workers who spend all day sitting down. Check your posture and rectify this if it isn’t correct.
  2. Bloods or you are playing blind. 92kg. Do you need that much test and primo? I’ve not used primo personally but those that do tend to run it because it’s less harsh on blood markers and can be ran for longer. Whacking in 850 test defeats the object imo
  3. What are new rules

    The army? What is that t**t Boris going on about. A quick search would suggest that there are 123,000 coppers in the U.K. That’s not ones on duty now, that’s all of them. How often do you actually see a police officer about these days? The army has around 149,000 total numbers. Obviously many will be deployed somewhere so how many does that actually leave to “police the streets”. Not many I can assure you. At best the army could deploy one soldier on the street for every copper on duty. Given you hardly ever see police walking the beat outside cities adding soldiers in my view would not realistically increase the visible presence on the ground. Then you’ve got the issue of soldiers having the power to issue fines. I cannot see any legislation giving soldiers police powers getting through parliament. Admittedly I don’t actually know what powers soldiers actually have but I suspect they have none. If I’m wrong I’m sure someone will point this out.
  4. Keep e2 in check. It seems to greatly exacerbate tren sides. I’ve experienced this and plenty of others have also. Yes it’s more than enough. Eat as much as you can. From about week 4 you’ll see crazy strength gains. If you hit sides personally I’d lower the test.
  5. Bloods

    Fwiw I’ve got 3 sust 300. I’ve used their te too. All gtg
  6. Bloods

    I’ve got loads of their test in my stash. Deca too.
  7. Bloods

    Bollocks to your health and longevity! What lab are you using
  8. Who plays the sun dream team?

    The instructions for the competition have been written by people who work for the sun newspaper. They are hardly likely to be accurate
  9. Every 5 days meaning?

    This thread lol. I’d like to troll op but then again I’m the bloke who had an upset stomach and swallowed calamine lotion rather than milk of magnesia so I’d better keep my gob shut.
  10. [35M] Test results

    Nothing. All markers are in range
  11. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    What a daft recommendation by Wandsworth Council. It would obviously depend on how quickly you had to leave the house. How many people even own a whistle? Glasses (assuming I’m not wearing them) and contact lenses. Phone, Wallet. That’s it really.
  12. HCG

    Test it. Edit - with a pregnancy testing kit
  13. Spotting someone in the gym

    Jobsworths at the end of the day. They’ve closed the showers where I train despite them being individual cubicles
  14. Bryson DeChambeau

    Physique that I’d associate with a rugby player rather than a golfer but not one I’d associate with steroids
  15. Spotting someone in the gym

    It’s not illegal. It’s arguably contrary to government guidelines but it’s a sporting activity so the establishment where you train should have a covid policy. Obviously where you train they have decided to ban it. They have put a sign up where I train saying spotters should wear a mask.