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  1. This. And also if you are male and five foot f**k all tall it’s easy to look hench. I wouldn’t call this particular trait lucky tho.....
  2. Both have very similar physiques these days I believe
  3. Steroids/photoshop Food and lift heavy. Most rugby players look like s**t. The first team of the club I play for are either fat (forwards) or thin (backs) and they are semi pro. James Haskell looked like he uses peds to me on that celebrity jungle program. Too lean for the amount of muscle he carries imo. He’s retired now anyway I think
  4. Arimedix

    Not sure myself. I’ve crashed my e2 on Adex. Back to normal in a few days. I think you are supposed to taper down in pct to avoid high estrogen rebound but I’ve never done a pct so I’m not sure how it works
  5. Drugs and Instagram filters. Plus they don’t look like this year round. They get into good shape, have hundreds of pictures taken at once, make them look “seasonal” and drip them through to their social media accounts periodically giving the impression that they are always in top condition even when they are fat as f**k sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. This world you perceive really isn’t real you know
  6. HGH Who what and where???

    Hgh is a minefield unless you have a source you can trust. Genuine hyge can be inconsistent and is faked. Western pharmaceutical brands are faked so much there’s probably more fake than real. Unless it was handed to you over a counter by a pharmacist there’s a high chance it will be counterfeit. Ansomone is probably your best bet. What are you expecting from it anyway
  7. Pfftttttttttt I've been training for 28 years. Still look like s**t. Even if I didn’t I’d think that I did and want more. Nature of the game I’m afraid
  8. Arimedix

    If you are only taking say 1.5mg of adex weekly the effect on chol will be negligible. I’ve read that it’s negligible even for women who take 1mg daily, although clearly elevated ldl is always better than cancer. Learn to control e2 on adex then switch to aromasin when you know your requirements. Aromasin is more difficult to dial in and it takes longer to recover from crashed e2 with aromasin. As stated previously, steroids will do more damage to your cholesterol levels anyway
  9. Also don’t run any hcg until you’ve run the bloods, if any at all.
  10. Covers the lot mate. Quick tip. Use the lance on your pinky (little finger) and press hard. I’m not suggesting you are stupid but it amazes me how many people pr**k their index finger and then struggle to fill the sample pot. I’ve drawn a dot on mine. Aim here.
  11. Hcg will suppress luteinizing hormone. Bloods, lh, fsh, free test, total test, e2 and shbg. https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/male-hormones/
  12. Baffles me. I’ve never felt anything. No increase in libido, feeling of well-being. The only exception is dbol which gives a mild amphetamine like buzz for the first couple of weeks.....then gyno
  13. Low Testosterone blood results

    This thread reminds of the guy (can’t remember his username) who had like 12nmol test with all the usual complaints and after about 20 posts he reveals he’d got a major benzo habit. There's usually something these people aren’t telling us.
  14. Then you are not eating enough. It’s as simple as that. If you were eating enough you’d be gaining weight. Less gear, more food.
  15. Is my ROHM legit ??

    Nobody can dispute what you say but what I do know is a very reliable source has taken delivery of the products with the new rohm label and I presume he’s getting his stock from the same place and that it’s the same people. The source in question has been around for years and if he says the new labels are the genuine rohm product I trust him.