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  1. Protein Bars

    Those are pretty solid protein bars when it comes to taste! Huge fan of coconut creme!

    Depending what kind of results you are looking for, monster plexx by innovative labs will give you a wet gainer as in retaining more water but looking bulkier. Helladrol is a dry gainer we'll be mostly solid muscle but won't be a massive increase in weight
  3. Best pre workout with no crash?

    I personally never made my own pre-workout, but if i wanted to take a break I'll just make myself espresso. But for an actual over the counter pre-workout, my go to is normally nitraflex.
  4. To Creatine Or Not To Creatine...

    Creatine is one supplement that has a ton of studies on it proving it works. Find your sweet spot with it and make those gains grow!
  5. Thoughts on APS Mesomorph?

    I tried the tutti frutti flavor, it taste awesome and works great! But have anyone experience a rough calm down from it?
  6. Which ways do you prefer to take creatine? Pills, 100% pure powder, , post workout blend, or flavored creatine like cellucor CN3.
  7. Protein Crazy!

    Is it just me or is it hard to pick up a protein bar each time I'm in GNC. My new favorites are lenny & larry or elite bars. Does anyone here know of protein cookies with better macros?
  8. Halodrol Gains

    Since the new halodrol came out from gaspari I was always been contemplating on using it. So I bit the damn bullet haha and started taking it about 3 weeks ago. Stats 5'8'', 25 years old, Started 204lb going to guess my bf to be at 13% Throughout my cycle I didn't feel as if my estrogen was high with sensitive nipples or retaining any water. My energy and mood was pretty much stable throughout the whole time. One week i trained for 5 days straight which I rarely do and I was exhausted the last 2 days of training. Normally my split will be 3 days on 1 day off 2 days on 1 day off repeat. I was using this product to bulk up so calories were at a surplus, doing 20 mins of hiit after every tracking session. Gained 6-7lbs body fat dropped a tad like 11% (I'll never be happy unless i'm 7%, mind of a competitor) Currently my weight is 210 in the morning and 212 at night. I'll recommend this to someone who lives this lifestyle. Only reason is if your going to take something like this prohormone wise might as well give it 100% and get the full benefit. Check this
  9. Lexogenin

    I know this post is really really really old, but i tried it before and noticed strength gains the most. My weight stayed the same for the most part. It fluctuates from 202-204 but strength gains was great. A++++++++++++
  10. DMAA hard to come by now?

    Hi-tech won the rights to own DMAA. Whoever has product with DMAA is now being made by hi-tech. So it's very easy to come by now.
  11. Snorting Letro, Arimidex ect

    I can't tell if people are trying to be funny or just plain stupid
  12. Mr Olympia - greatest ever?

    What do you guys think about classic physique the top 2?