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  1. Genesis UGL UK

    The range looks pretty good and with some good prices to match. Shouldn't be long before ukm is flooded with testimonials after the first week of pinning
  2. Weeks 7-8-9 major head f**k and thinking why did I pin that stuff. Weeks 10-11-12 body looks great but your Mrs kicked you out and all your mates think your a pr**k
  3. Hair receding, cruising

    Tesco had it half price recently
  4. Hair receding, cruising

    Finasteride is good. I use 0.5 mg eod and find that effective. I did read that's it's not good to use while taking deca.
  5. truimph test c 1/200mg

    Does the fake npp smell like coconuts and goes hard when it's cold!!
  6. Rohm in 2019

    Had to be decreet if you know what I mean
  7. Rohm in 2019

    Can someone pm me some info on rohm. Cheers chaps
  8. Rohm in 2019

    I've always been happy with them, only reason for not staying with them was A, the cost and B, the local gym rat wasnt selling anymore. Kinda thinking of going back with them
  9. Rohm in 2019

    Morning chaps, Any ukm guys and girls using rohm?? Used a few years back and always did me well, as TM looks to be no longer I need to find another source. Had a little dabble with dunning but think I'll go back to what I've used in the past. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and happy new year to all
  10. Got down to quarter a vial of SG test 300, mixed it with another quarter vial of dunning test. Both I've used and not had a problem. Mixing the oils is generally fine, not this time. Man was I in pain, area was very red, hot to touch, took hold of the muscle. Week and it was all back to normal. I'll think twice about mixing labs and oils from now on. A&E was nearly on the cards
  11. Pinning delts

    What size pins do you use for this?
  12. Look for unigen life sciences gear, all pretty good. Nolva is cheap, adex is more than UK, can't get caber. To be honest so much stuff is faked in Thailand I would stay with the UK ugl's you know and trust.
  13. Previous cycle of npp/deca had me soaking the bed every night (Mrs was getting the ump). Waking up with my body hot and wet but feeling cold. Back on deca now and no sweats as of yet
  14. More fun reading this thread than watching xfactor
  15. Sg, tm, triumph, rohm, all served me well. Few pip issue with triumph enpp blend. Giving dunning a go at the moment.