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  1. Nucleus Research Peptides??? Any good?

    Firstly, I am not fighting for you to use anything, I dont sell water, I sell chemicals, so my knowledge and experience of chemical storage and hazardous enviroments are far greater than yours I can assure you. Secondly, BOTOX is not stored in BAC water, it comes in powder form, then it is mixed. We sell it. it can be mixed woth whatever you like, as it is used immediately, then discarded. here is the proof you seem to need for everthing, but im sure you will argue this too, this is pointless. https://www.realself.com/question/does-vial-of-botox-come-pre-mixed there are 1000's more i can send you a picture of Btox if you like, its not mixed we have approx 20,000 iu of it here. Doctors prescribing non approved drugs, load of rubbish. Peptide companies pretending to be clinics, yes, not doctors, not epitalon either, its not approved for human use and we export chemicals all over the world and know the laws better then you as we have to declare and provide shipping documents for hazardous and non hazardous goods, country to country is different, even travelling by road from one side of the states to the other we get issues.The FDA will prosecute any doctore prescribing non approved drugs, and tell me, where do they take this prescription, you think walmart stock peptides in their pharmacy. No they buy on line research chemicals and then use on them selves unlicensed. We have chemicals that catch on fire if they get wet, we have chemicals that explode when touched by a human hand, that small amount of heat you generate is higher than its flash point. We sell the additive that stops ice and mould forming in helecopter and plane fuel. We sell We sell all sorts of safe and very dangerous chemicals including benzocaine, ethanol and benzyl alcohols. And before anyone asks no we cant supply you benzo sorry. Yes, all water will eventually break the hydrogen bonds, thats why there is a shelf life on reconstituted peptides, but we have to mix them with water dont we, how else can we administer a lypholised crystal compound? We do however have a choice over the water, Sterile first, then either distilled or BAC WATER, I am not saying dont use BAC, I am saying it will destroy the peptide bond and that is a chemical / biological fact. Distilled is not really a good idea but depending on how you take your peptides depends on what is best, I am not able to say, I would not inject distilled water, but plenty of people boil and inject tap water, now thats worse, so who is to say? If you inject the entire vial immediately, nothing wrong with BAC, but you cannot store it in BAC, Pfizer's take over has now completed, so the link i left has now changed, here is the new Pfizer card insert supplied with BAC WATER and it states the same, do not store, use promptly, this is beacuse they know the water can compromise certain molecular structures, Hydrogen bonded structures are at risk here. We all know not to get them warm and leave them in sunlight, we all agree heat disrupts the peptide, you probably just didnt lnow why and why would you? Its not general knowledge by any stretch, I know, but I am in the chemical business! The 1 shot use you keep mentioning, thats not what it says anywhere, it says discard after opening, or withdraw water then discard, it means the water in the water ampoule, not the mixed solution, and again, nothing wrong with BAC WATER, but you cannot store it in BAC WATER, you want proof, readPFIZERS card, what moe do you want, or, try ifnd any medical information where it states storage of peptides in BAC WATER is ok, you wont find that on a medical site, only on forums. What amazes me is that you know alcohol is capable of dissolving bacteria but you think it wont dissolve a protein, why do you think proteins are alcohol proof? Think about it. Alcohol, dissolves bacteria, fat, grease, but not your peptide? Proof that alcohol disupts peptides and proof that you cant store peptides in alcohol, read the links below: Drug Interactions Some drugs for injection may be incompatible in a given vehicle, or when combined in the same vehicle or in a vehicle containing benzyl alcohol. Consult with pharmacist, if available. Use aseptic technique for single or multiple entry and withdrawal from all containers. When diluting or dissolving drugs, mix thoroughly and use promptly. Do not store reconstituted solutions of drugs for injection unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer of the solute. REF: https://www.pfizerinjectables.com/sites/default/files/prod/child/uspi/EN-3371.pdf Why is Alcohol bad for your peptide or hormone product? Peptides/Hormones are constructed from amino acids bonded by hydrogen, when the carboxyl group of an amino acid reacts with the amino group of the other amino acid they both lose molecules, this bond causes the release of a H2O molecule (water), Its known as dehydration synthesis. This is why when peptides are synthesised they are freeze dried and come in the form of the white crystals we have all seen. The water molecules need to be removed. So what we have is a group of amino acids bonded together in a specific sequence and structure by Hydrogen bonding. Alcohol disrupts the hydrogen bonds, this means the peptide bond is no longer there, the amino acids are no longer joined by the bonds, the peptide simply unravels and falls apart becoming something different, this process is called Denaturation. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peptide_bond Ref: http://chemistry.elmhurst.edu/vchembook/568denaturation.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denaturation_(biochemistry) I wont be replying again this is just argumentative and pointless, i simply ofered an insight from my knowledge of chemicals, sorry guys, Alcohol is not your friend. I will say this though, 0.9% is low, it will dissolve low amounts of bacteria, almost negligible amounts, but if it can dissolve bacteria which is very resistant it will definiley dissolve a hydrogen bond. You do know hydrogen bonds are secondary yes? Of course you do you all have PHD's dont you, some peptides are not affected by alcohol, some are rapidly, iGF-1 big NO to alcohol, the head will literally fall off the peptide structure and the rest will unravel, basic peptide will not suffer this, its the secpndary HN bonds that are dissolved, most of the peptide you use have secondary bonds, but, you can do what you like with this information.
  2. Nucleus Research Peptides??? Any good?

    He clearly states HIS doctor prescribed him MOD GRF, GHRP 2 and GHRP 6, so his doctor prescribed him, hes not a doctor, american doctors do not prescribe non FDA approved medicines and supplements, and guys, he also has a GHRP-2 / GHRP-6 blend LOL One minute Im wrong and they degrade then this doctor has a blend, so which is it ? The states are worse than us on issues like this, there si no way a UK doctor will prescribe a research chemical, and there is defintlty no way an americam doctor would either, they have a habit of suing people out there for just about anyhting like wearing a distracting tie when you are trying to make a presentation. Thats true! And anyway, he does not mention its ok to store and even if he did there is somehting worng woth this company, Im not sure what but they cant prescribe non approcved drugs in the states we all know this. Guys have you read the insert that Hospira provide with the water? You havent have you, it states clearly, do not store, use promptly, and some drugs may not be compatible. Have a read, here is the link, this is what it says: Drug Interactions Some drugs for injection may be incompatible in a given vehicle, or when combined in the same vehicle or in a vehicle containing benzyl alcohol. Consult with pharmacist, if available. Use aseptic technique for single or multiple entry and withdrawal from all containers. When diluting or dissolving drugs, mix thoroughly and use promptly. Do not store reconstituted solutions of drugs for injection unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer of the solute. REF: https://www.hospira.com/en/images/EN-3371_tcm81-92415.pdf Just in case you missed it, DO NOT STORE RECONSTITUTED SOLUTIONS OF DRUGS USE PROMPTLY Click the link then contact Hospira who are now part of Pfizer and tell them they got it wrong too. And before you say they are talking about something else, this is the insert provided by hospira with bacteriostatic water. they are talking about their water. if you mix and use, no problem, if you mix and store with this then the hydrogen bonds will be compromised and the peptide will fall apart, thius may take 1 hour, this may take 14 days, each substance is different, for simple peptides, it makes little difference as its only the secondary bonds that are hydrogen, but for IGF-1 LR3, it literally falls to pieces. If there are secondary bonds and there are usually in the peptides we use, BAC WATER will unravel them. FACT. As long as the peptides mixed do not have open ended tails and heads they cannot connect or mutate, as for degradation, show me the facts? Why do they degarde when mixed, where did you read this to? Which peptides as they are not all the same nd will not all react the same. Hydrogen bonds are removed by alcohol, that is a fact, I have provided the link, there are countless, google the process denaturation. this means that synthetic hormones and peptides are not comaptible with bacteriostatic water, its obvious, and before anyone says Pregnyl comes with bac water, pregnyl is not synthetic, its human. Here is another description of bacteriostatic water clearly stating the alcohol is there to keep the water sterile whist withdrawals are made. Bacteriostatic water for injection is sterile non-pyrogenic water that contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol (9mg/mL), which is added as a bacteriostatic preservative. This preparation of sterile water and benzyl alcohol (BnOH) allows repeated withdrawals to be made from a single 30ml plastic vial. REF: http://www.bac-water.com/1-x-30-ml-hospira-bacteriostatic-water-bac-water-contains-09-benzyl-alcohol-99-p.asp
  3. Nucleus Research Peptides??? Any good?

    its supreme groth hormone actual they just used a superman logo with hgh o the chest, that article you listed, it isnt there? How do you know Frag and CJC react together? Not all substances react together, molecular structures need to fit togethr like a jigsaw to react, for example, hydrochloric acid melts steel, but not aluminium, this is because hydro acid has a molecular structure that can bind like 2 hands closing with steel, bone, wood, stone, but not aluminium, its more like a fist, so it just lives up against it in theory of course. Im no exert on acids or explosives. How do you think sustanon 250 works, they have 4 differnet esters and that works ok. Where is the proof of what you are saying Dave? Where did you read this as I aid the article is not active? Also the comment you made on sterile water? You really think alcohol will kill bacteria and not protein? there si an article by the very same company on facebook and some scientific reports backing this up, alcohol disrupts the hydrogen peptide bond, the peptide falls apart and is no longer the same molecular structure and therefore not the peptide anymore that you mixed in bac water. sterile water will get some bacteria, but we have to refrigerate the peptides mixed or unmixed as heat also disrupts the hydrogen bonds, we all know heat destroys peptides, not as much as UV rays of course, alcohol does the very same thing. Looks like you are wrong guys: http://chemistry.elmhurst.edu/vchembook/568denaturation.html id love to read that article if you can relocate it dave please.
  4. melanotan with sterile water?

    Non selective means it binds to more than 1 receptor, it does not mean it lasts longer so stop quoting text you dont understand and drop the attitude my friend this is a friendly debate. There are 5 recpetors that MT-2 binds to, no 1 is the tan, no 3 and 4 are the receptors that cause arousal, no 4 the illness and flushing,. Melanotan is not selective, meaning it has other affects as well as tanning, it has a good binding affinity on the receptor 1, 3 and 4, we dont actually know how long for exactly, so how do you know ? Tthe arousal affects at the right dose can last 72 hours, we now this because of PT-141 which has been isolated and developed for sexual arousal disorders. But MT-2, we dont know exactly, we do know 3 hours abd the face flushes stop. we also know it is a full agonist, only a very small amount is needed to causes saturation of the reaction, any extra is a waste as your body can only make so much melanin per second, ectra large doses will make no extra tan, but of course the sodes, thats different, they could be up to 72 hours. Please read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanotan_II Now again show me the proof of this 30 hour half life, scientific proof, not another forum with someone else spreading factoids. And sterile water, here is an article for you to read, it shows clearly that alcohol disrupts hydrogen bonds so peptides fall apart and then like the alcohol they will be dissolved, long term, if you use Bac water and use the solution immediately, then there will be no issues. Apart form Folli and ACE, that could be differnet as they contain a virus, we dont know the affect on the virus from alcohol. folli and ace both need to be taken immediately after dissolving to allow the virus to delivery the peptide to the part of he bdy that is protected from the imune system allowing folli and ace to work for ever! Please read: https://www.facebook.com/NucleusResearchUK/posts/576924829179376:0
  5. melanotan with sterile water?

    I think I understand the bacteriostatic argument now, you think its a preservative, and it is, because it says on the bottle yes? Hospice for example make bacterio static water, it comes in a 30ml bottle, unlikely it will be used in 1 go, and as it is basically sterile water for injection, they need to keep it that way, so they add a "preservative" called Benzyl Alcohol, this preservative is added to the water to preserve their product, not the substance you mix it with, thats why its not used in medicine anywhere. The alcohol is there to keep the water which is not alive in the bottle sterile. Benzyl Alcohol will kill a human, it will take grease off an engine and is highly flammable, excellent for killing bacteria, but it will also kill protein cells. If you go to a timber merchant, you can buy a wood preservative, this is great for preserving the wood, which is dead already, but if you get it on plant life the plant life will die as it is only a preservative to certain types of degradation from macrobiotics in the air. Different preservatives are used for different substances, the preservatives in eye drops for example will cause you a massive upset if you drink a bottle, yet in your eye in small doses, no problems, whilst BA is great for keeping water and worktops sterile, it is not good for keeping a peptide alive, it will kill protein cells.
  6. melanotan with sterile water?

    Food spoiling is different, it can be accelerated highly by yeasts and sugars. This is why fruit spoils so quickly. When did I say MT-2 had a 3 hour half life? I said 3 hours of tanning, that is not the same, just because the half life is x amount of hours does not mean that is all it works for, if you took 1mg with 1 hour half life then in 1 hour you still have 500mcg left, then another hour 250mcg left, this means the drug is still working. MT-2 does not have a 33 hour half life, its approx. 75minutes depending on the metabolism of the person using it, so if you took 10mg in 1 go then the affects would last probably for 36 hours, but that because the initial dose is so high, and a I said only a small amount of MT-2 is needed to do the job, tiny amount will cause all the side affects you feel. If you don't believe me try it, next time you finish an MT-2 cycle, keep the endless for 3 days, the suck a little water in and inject it, you will get th flushing to the face and the stomach turning form that timay amount in the dead space of the needle. If taken intramuscular then the MT-2 peptide will be absorbed slowly allowing that small trickle for a much longer period of time as oppose to subcutaneous where the peptide will be broken down by 50% every 75 minutes, you WILL get a small constant steady dose but bigger enough to tan for approx.8 hours. Thats an educated guess of course. This is Wikipedia's article on Melanotan, where it states clearly the half life is 48 - 102 minutes, the only place you will read 33 hours is on a from where someone guessed. And before you say thats MT-1 not MT-2, the only difference between the 2 is that MT-2 is more basic in structure which makes it more resilient, some modifications were made so that it acts different but a lot less is needed compared to MT-1 and there fore cheaper to use. I have never read anywhere the the half life was extended on MT-2 and would like to see where on pub.med you read that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afamelanotide I also had a quick look over the articles on pub.med, its a good source for information. They also stated that a slow controlled release is better but they used an implant subcutaneous " It is administered subcutaneously as a biodegradable, controlled-release implant containing 16 mg of afamelanotide" but please send me the link for pub.med where they say MT-2 has a 30 hour half life, i genuinely want to see that. When did i say bacteria is killed by the cold? I said it becomes dormant, it cannot cultivate, you basically agreed with me when you said" A refrigerators sole design is to retard the growth of bacteria thus staving off the degradation of our food." Benzyl Alcohol as a preservative, you are misunderstanding what you have read, yes if you place an apple in vinegar, cordial or alcohol, I am pretty sure it will preserve the object, it does this by killing bacteria which is responsible for degradation of cells, but, it will also kill every living cell in the object. So whilst being a preservative in 1 way, its a poison in another. Alcohol kills peptides, the only place you here that bacterio static water is better is on forums and peptide sites. Why isn't it used in the health care industry then? Its not licensed anywhere in the world as a medicine. Your not even allowed to buy over 2ml of sterile water without a prescription so it wont be long before you can't get the stuff anyway. Please post the link for pub.med i would like to read it.
  7. melanotan with sterile water?

    This is a discussion not an argument guys ok, I will delete anything I write that might cause an argument, love a healthy debate, not here to argue my friends. I would love to see the data that points towards to bacterio static being better than sterile water for storage, not joking i would like to know why everyone thinks this is true ? And for the topic relevance, MT-2 very resilient peptide, basic in structure so hard to kill, tap water would be fine refrigerated for the peptide, but for you, you need to sterilise or you could bet sores and possibly an abscess from the impurities in water. The MT-2 will be fine refrigerated in tap water for probably the best part of a year. Did you know MT-2 is best taken intra muscular? It takes a very small amount of the peptide to cause the body to produce melanin, and your body can only make so much per minute, hence we burn in the sun right, SC injections allow a fairly fast uptake of MT-2 and it is neutralised quite quickly by the liver, so it only works for x amount of course depending on the dose you used because of the half life. So, if you inject before bed intra muscular the uptake of the peptide will be a lot slower and the amount being lifted from the muscle is enough to work, so instead of maybe 3 hours of tanning, you can get possibly 12 hours and less side affects. Not much less though lol The catch? It hurts like hell, you will wake up in the morning with a tint and no sun beds will be needed to activate the release of melanin, but it hurts! You need to inject very very slowly or it will feel like someone is pulling hair out of you very slowly.
  8. melanotan with sterile water?

    This is a quote from the page drugs.com where it states any solutions need to be mixed promptly when the water solution contains benzyl alcohol: Drug Interactions Some drugs for injection may be incompatible in a given vehicle, or when combined in the same vehicle or in a vehicle containing benzyl alcohol. Consult with pharmacist, if available. Use aseptic technique for single or multiple entry and withdrawal from all containers. When diluting or dissolving drugs, mix thoroughly and use promptly. https://www.drugs.com/pro/bacteriostatic-water-for-injection.html
  9. melanotan with sterile water?

    The makers of Bacteria Static water do not know what the water will be used for, they add alcohol to keep the water sterile not the substance it is being mixed with alive. Bacteria is far more resilient than a protein and can multiply, if alcohol can kill a bacteria cell it will kill a protein cell. Bacteria Static water is not licensed anywhere in the world, Sterile water is licensed as a ,medicine in a lot of countries around the world. Bacteria Static stare is a cheap way of buying water for injection. Why wouldn't it kill a protein cell? Its far more delicate than a bacteria cell. Not sure macrobiology is common sense lol You use have gone to a good school! Whilst low levels of alcohol dissolve bacteria cells it WILL also dissolve protein cells my friends, think about it.
  10. melanotan with sterile water?

    Removing this as i can see its going to cause an argument.
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