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  1. C4nsy fat to skinny

    Is your calories the same at the weekend or do you not track this?
  2. C4nsy fat to skinny

    How many times a week do you work out?
  3. Losing weight when not training

    I'm not sure but those people on weight watchers don't exercise and lose weight so I'm pretty sure it can be done
  4. Rear delts, what do you d

    How do you do both at the same time?
  5. Bulk or cat

    See guy is getting told two different things, to cut and bulk
  6. Bulk or cat

    So what did you decide to do?
  7. Not really I'm just stating the obvious that it's not a piece of piss as you say. I've been to 9% so keep assuming
  8. If getting to 10% bf then this site wouldn't have 90% people without abs. It's not a piece of piss at all
  9. CG88's First Ever Journal

    So shitty fashion tattoos it is? Nice art work though
  10. Not getting anywhere

    3k calories you're just going to get fat
  11. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    Did you do any cardio on your cut, currently stalling around 160lbs, what was your calories like?
  12. C4nsy fat to skinny

    Are you doing any direct ab work or cardio?
  13. Skinny fat? I need to gain muscle

    How long did it take you gain that weight? Good advice, don't know about 5x5 though, I'd go with a more Hypertrophy based routine