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  1. Agreed and ignore the BS of people saying you are eating too little or need to be eating a certain amount of food, if you are not gaining or losing then you are not in a surplus or deficit, it is that simple
  2. Sage advise Gyms close again

    No it's a joke they have no safety measures or checks in place. 70% of people who get this s**t are asymptomatic, to not have any staff on the door with at least a thermometer to check or restrict members in confined spaces is irresponsible
  3. @wylde99 is that you? Utter shite
  4. They will shut too
  5. Sage advise Gyms close again

    Don't blame them really, I have been (member of a chain gym) no temperature check on the doors, no cleaning teams, clean equipment yourself, no restrictions of members entering so people in confined spaces, no one really distancing and no added ventilation, absolute joke tbh
  6. It’s gym eve today

    Pair of melts https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-self-isolation-period-for-those-with-covid-19-symptoms-to-be-extended-to-10-days-12038836
  7. Who the fvck walks around with flexed arms?!! Think 15" looks big to the public which is probably 13 inch unflexed.
  8. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    If he was 166lbs at 5'11" and has a 38" waist would you tell him the same? Curious as it seems you're not very knowledgeable on any subject
  9. It’s gym eve today

    All nonsense talk again until you have facts on why, I am assuming you are under 20
  10. It’s gym eve today

    I have better grammar than you mate, just crack on talking nonsense you clown! Things won't happen because you say so.
  11. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    talking rubbish mate unless he puts a picture up
  12. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    body weight is irrelevant composition matters
  13. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    I'd cut if your body fat is too much this enables you to lean bulk better and longer. read this
  14. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    what does your body fat look like?
  15. It’s gym eve today

    Oh right, so you make a statement without an facts and expect it to be true? Bit stupid you mate arent you