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  1. I'm based in a not so nice part of Dublin city centre and the place is crawling with tablet zombies, zanax, diazepam, zimo's, pregabalin etc They are worse than the heroin heads, never had a run in with a junkie but the last 6 months had 2 run ins and had to slap one of the fuks a couple of times. I'm assuming Scotland Wales England are having the same problem now
  2. Sleep

    Sleep apnea can be brought on by very high test levels in some folk.
  3. Sonik considering Tren ace but my biggest concern is the psychological effect I hear about. I'm a bit of a Cranky fuk at times. I had a legendary temper years ago which I seem to have grown out of. My main concern is I have a 7 month old baby at home. Have any of you really flipped out at home on Tren, I don't want to end up roaring daily at the wife and baby
  4. Dosing Caber.

    Anyone use sun pharmaceuticals caber? Mate got it in pharmacy whilst on hols and I've 16 of the 0.5mg pills
  5. This is great to hear, I have 7 vials of it sitting in the drawer for the January run, the caber and aromasin just arrived the other day via a pal who was in Turkey. Tick tock tick tock
  6. Sniffer dogs aren't trained to sniff our injectable steroids ffs
  7. First PH Cycle

    All those support supps for a frikin Epistane cycle
  8. Ive a mate who's brewed primo a few times and he also mentioned the problem being the compound weight or something along those lines. He did a 250mg per 1 ml, pined it once and his leg doubled in size overnight lol
  9. The split ain't the issue. U have asked many guys in the gym what split they train, the guys who are in good shape, most do a 4 or 5 day Bro split. The odd few do upper lower x 2, ppl repeat but they look more fitness oriented. Then there's the guys who come in and just bang out what ever they feel like on the day and look great. The thing you'll find with the guys looking great is that they EAT. They eat regularly and have at least a rough idea what they need to eat and how much. There's guys who train for years and don't change at all as they live on a banana for breakfast, a pie at 11am, a tuna roll at 1pm, sausages and mash at 5.30pm and then crisps and biscuits for the rest of the evening. They then jump on gear and get nowhere either because of the bad habits. I've made more gains off cycle the last 3 months as I've finally started to take my diet into consideration more.
  10. Aromasin vs Azole dosing

    Aromasin @ 6.25 mg a day worked well for me but aromasin in general gives me awful hot flushes
  11. Folks in case you are a bit confused, an osteopath is not a osteoporosis specialist ffs A rheumatologist looks after that. Jesuzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Osteopath? In Ireland we refer to them as witch doctors ffs I think you need to. Ask yourself why are you going to a Fukin fake wannabe doctor
  13. I've a friend using them 6 weeks now, sex drive is up, blood pressure is up, anxiety is up so I'd assume it's test enth alright.
  14. Taylormade, southern ghost, triumph, sis, Pharmacom, dimensions, sphinx to name but a few
  15. Moderator it's safe to say these 2 accounts are the same guy trying to pass off shite gear. Worst thing is there's guaranteed to be at least one knob end who'll fall for this