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  1. Clenbuterol & T3 maybe?

    Cant find this thread you was talking about bud?
  2. Whats peoples thoughts on the best way to take clen? Or stack it with T3's dosages and running cycles?
  3. Supplements

    Thanks for the info bud appreciate it
  4. Supplements

    Yea mate exactly what i was asking
  5. Fat burners

    Hi lads whats the best fat burner out there to assist with getting my BF down along with hard training and cardio. Done ECA stacks before but last time started getting dark moods and feeling a bit sick,think thats the caffeine tbf,as energy drinks give me headaches and feel sick off them.
  6. Nutri blender type thing

    I was gonna jump on the brand wagon ie nutri bullet or ninja, but then come across nutri pro from robert dyers 1000watts for £40-£50 if i remember. had mine a year now and smashes everything i throw in it with a smooth consitency.
  7. Thanks for the info mate, is caber worth getting then if i decide to do both? It seems that test is what causes the bacne due to most people doing test and decca first cycle. Or could that be the decca too i suppose. People i know say its always acne and very oily skin when on test and decca
  8. isis pharm

    What would you suggest then?
  9. isis pharm

    Yes mate everyone has got me paranoid now that my gear is bunk,but my mate got it for me and his being doing gear for years! So fingers crossed its cushty
  10. isis pharm

    Mate im no rep by any meaning of the word,i was purely stating once ive bought a test kit and tested to see if my gear is bunk, i would let people know as they would be interested.
  11. isis pharm

    What because ive bought my first bit of gear through a mate and so happens it was from isis pharma, and was trying to shed some light for a bloke asking if they were still around? Baggy mouth
  12. Cheers bud appreciate your time of day, gonna think about it but its gonna happen my first cycle
  13. isis pharm

    Well we will see once i get it tested, watch this space mate
  14. Interesting that,just goes to show not one size fits all,i might just take the leap then lol. Cheers dude