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  1. Vitamin b12 injections

    My understanding is that there is no real evidence that is more effective (in terms of absorption rates) than oral administration of B12
  2. Cheers @ElChapo How frequently do you recommend using it? And should you leave it in your hair for a period of time before rinsing it off?
  3. Hi @ElChapo is this the Nizoral you recommend for hair loss prevention? is doesn't mention a percentage... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nizoral-Dandruff-Shampoo-Perfect-Flaky/dp/B001ETUD5I/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2O5L8G1W9A03S&dchild=1&keywords=nizoral+shampoo+ketoconazole&qid=1593523987&sprefix=nizoral%2Caps%2C161&sr=8-1
  4. Galenika test e

    Lol I'll leave you to it pal, ignorance is bless eh Bloods don't prove the legitimacy of a product, only the dose and the active compound. Fake gear can still have, and often does have test in . Quite frankly I couldn’t care less what you choose to jab yourself with.. you crack on darling. Just merely stating a popular opinion on this particular product. As I have already said, these are highly faked, as many others in this thread have also echoed. Peace ✌️
  5. Galenika test e

    Plenty of threads on various boards including this one stating how europe is flooded with galenika fakes. @Clubber Lang can vouch. I wouldn't touch any pharma test these days, only ancillaries. Maybe try doing your research before making uneducated comments
  6. Galenika test e

    Crack on and bury your head in the sand then mate Just saying how it is
  7. Galenika test e

    Extremely good fakes around now. Personally I wouldn't touch them anymore
  8. What do people use GH for?

    Interesting thread. Definitely curious to hear more replies on this. There is a lot of GH bashing on here, especially by the GH ‘gurus’ who rarely discuss any of the positives, generally play it down, and only ever refer to it as “the icing on the cake” Be good to hear results and positives from other users. n.b. I have experience using GH myself.
  9. Best Brand for accutane?

    Never used sphinx or dimensions Accutane however personally I would go with Knoll as they are indian pharma so likely to be more accurately dosed then any underground accutane
  10. Brown tops legit

    @PscarbYou’ve always recommended Ansomone as the next best thing after legit western Pharma when people have asked you about trusted brands. Particularly the 40iu kits. You had mentioned previously about avoiding the 100iu kits as they are produced for the bodybuilding market, but you’d said previously that the 40iu kits were used in hospitals. Hence I was surprised to read this post. Does this mean you no longer rate them!?
  11. Ok so really it’s still just an opinion I would be interested to hear @ElChapo take on this...... He often recommends Jarrow products
  12. Why you assume Jarrow are low grade? What are you basing this opinion on?