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  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to start deca and NPP at the same time and then drop the NPP after a couple of weeks so you get the impact of the NPP quickly and then the deca kicks in a couple of weeks later?
  2. Loose skin

    Was thinking of competing next year, hence the issue.
  3. Alternative to injecting

    I use Testogel and its fine for TRT but not so good for building muscle. My understanding that the effective dose is about 10% of the stated content on the sachet, so 50mg gives you the equivalent of about 5mg of injectable test. As I say, I like it for TRT but wouldn't use it for a proper cycle.
  4. Loose skin

    Thanks everyone, made me feel a little more confident it’ll come good in the end. I’ll keep rubbing the beef dripping into it and hope for the best. Lol ?
  5. Loose skin

    Not too bad, but the skin wrinkles below the belly button
  6. Loose skin

    Have lost about 30kg over the last couple of years and as a 57 year old the skin isn’t as elastic as it used to be. Any thoughts on loose skin and remedial action to be taken? i want to avoid surgery if possible.
  7. Yep, on and off.
  8. How horrific is the PCT period

    Never have a problem with PCT. Wait three weeks, HCG, Clomid and tamoxifen and I’m fine.
  9. Hitting a plateau

    Thanks very much. That’s helpful for me.
  10. Hitting a plateau

    Thanks, I’ll give that a go.
  11. Hitting a plateau

    Thanks for this. Very useful.
  12. Hitting a plateau

    Just here to learn like most people on this site.
  13. Hitting a plateau

    I thought the tamoxifen would block the effects of estrogen. Is that not the case?
  14. Hi guys, just wanted to get some thoughts from you on a plateau I’ve hit. I’m running test E/deca at 500mg each with 20mg tamoxifen thrown in as well. Am really pleased with progress, have put on some decent size and motivation has been through the roof. Diet has been on point too. I’m at week 10 of a 14 week cycle and I’ve just run out of steam. Motivation dropping, not getting the same weights and generally feeling a bit tired. Any thoughts? Grateful for any suggestions.