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  1. Completely out of luck with this one!
  2. Is there some kind of shortage? I can't find it anywhere which is really frustrating at the moment.. If anyone knows anything, would appreeciate a pm
  3. I'm not sure what a lot of people buying is even var..
  4. subsitute? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Profusion-Organic-Protein-Bread-250/dp/B01DDEGRLU/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&fpw=fresh&keywords=protein+bread&qid=1584949467&sr=8-6
  5. Nice cycle. I like stable levels so I'd replace sus for something like enanthate. Aromasin over adex in my book. 10 weeks is a bit short. Maybe try a lower dose of test and go for 12. It's best to be lower bodyfat so help with aromatization. Have letro on hand if you need it and don't overdo it if you have to take it. Do you plan to start your HCG on week 1 or wait for a few shots of test ?
  6. I'm trying to find the latest scientific research on PCT and I found a very interesting guide. Where are the science buffs like Ausbuilt on these boards? I wanted to get some coaching off him @Russian_88 have you had any luck? I found some links that advocate one SERM  only and instead of the double dose for the first two weeks going to a week PCT. it's saying a 6-8 week PCT of a constant dosage is better for sides. According to this which contains lots of research, the old Nolva & Clomid combo looks outdated and it's better to do one. Especially Michael Scally's Power PCT. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks all. Anyone have any number for what dose they ran Ralox on cycle? both in how many days a week and how many mg?
  8. Ralox has fewer sides than Nolva and it doesn't reduce IGF1 as Nolva does. If you are running a SERM throughout the cycle ed then I think that can make a big difference.
  9. @wilko1985 so you have used Ralox on a cycle? For how long? @boutye911 Studies have shown Ralox is much better than nolva if you're gyno prone.
  10. I aromatise if i look at a dumbell and my nips start to puff. Has anyone used Ralox on cycle? Apart from the expense, how did it go? I'm going into my Test E 400 and Tren E 200 per week cycle. Will run Aromasin but i'm thinking running a SERM and AI covers both bases..
  11. Which DNP

    It's good to read reports on new brands to see how they fair. It's sensible not to overdo it as it's not only new brands but it's the dosing for more established brands that can never be exact.. Just to chime in with some safety tips for the winter DNP users - it's a good time of year as you don't feel the heat sides as much due to the temperature but with a warning - do not think you can take it and up the dose. Slow and steady wins the race. Just because you may not be 'sweating buckets' doesn't mean it's not working. Oh, great for the heating bill too
  12. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30659499 http://www.nutritiontactics.com/how-much-protein-per-shake/
  13. Buying online

    I don't think everyone knows how to use bitcoin. There's practically only me and you talking about it on the whole of UKM! Most tech people I know are still very new using apps that take mammoth fees or don't ever buy anything with bitcoin. I can't think of any mainstream shops even use bitcoin which is a sign of how widespread it is. There are ways to buy sell without ID if you look hard enough but I agree, it's not a sustainable way to run a business due to mishaps that sellers can run into. I don't have a clue about this. I do know it's the way it's going. I remember being here people talking about the madness of buying online and nobody having the technical skills to buy online and here we are in the future where it's commonplace. Give cryptocurrency a bit more time and we'll all be using it and they'll dig up this thread and put it in a museum
  14. Buying online

    Bitcoin is a new form of currency to be mainstream. If the average customer isn't savvy in tech they can't buy, which means no sales. This isn't carphone warehouse ; ) This is a niche market of products so it will take time for the average joe to get acquainted with bitcoin. It does give another layer of protection for sales and withdrawals but it's more of a headache to manage, fluctuating market, etc.
  15. Buying online

    Bitcoin has helped a lot to provide security with anonymity.