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  1. I got an environmentally friendly car

    Midlife crisis ? Anyway looking solid, really like the look of the new mustangs,
  2. Getting back into PC gaming

    Honestly with a 960 you will do fine, As long as you are not one of those people that need to run EVERY game on ultra and expect it to hit a minimum of 60 fps, you will be just fine, I am running a 1060, and I can play the games I play on ultra, but I still drop it down to medium, the difference between Medium and ultra is barely noticeable, at least in my eyes,
  3. HERA London - Clothes

    I'd fck you, no homo
  4. looking for new driving sunglasses

    To be honest, those are really nice looking glasses, I would buy em if they were a bit cheaper But I have zero idea about glasses, never had a pair
  5. Diet for bulk?

    whats the weight gain in that week ?
  6. Swimming to get a toned body?

    Sure, I have heard swimming is a great way to lose weight, But what is a toned body ? if you want abs, that would probably start showing when you lose enough body weight,
  7. Diet for bulk?

    I still would suggest being careful about putting on so much kcal in one go, try 2,000 instead, and keep that for at least a week, if you still are not moving, add 200 more kcals as Ultrasonic mentioned, And also, eat what you like eating, don't just eat something because you have to, I eat the exactly same thing every day, not because I have to, but because I enjoy it, its easy to cook so why not, it most certainly isn't anything fancy, but I like it, and that is all that matters, and it will also make me want to stick to my diet, But yeah 180-190g of protein should be good for your weight,
  8. Diet for bulk?

    Don't worry about what other people eat, everyone is not exactly the same, you said you are on a 1500 kcal at the moment, by increasing it to 2700 that drastically you will put on fat, Start by adding 200 kcal instead and adjust as needed, I weight myself every morning after taking a piss, and write it down, at the end d of the week just take the average, and hopefully I have gained 0.5 kg, it varies though, sometimes it's 0.4-0.7 but that's much better than gaining 2kg a week, I eat the same thing every day, even on non gymming days, make sure my body gets the appropriate protein and s**t to recover
  9. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    Burger king whenever I'm bored, Also, if no one here knows, there is a burger king app and they usually pretty good offers on, like 2 meals for 7,99
  10. Diet for bulk?

  11. Girlfriend getting groped

    I will be the judge of that little boi, Pic of tits
  12. Good film on showbox - list em and Al watch em

    Not sure what showbox is but a few good ones I can think of, Inception, The prestige, Snowpiercer, Poker night, Predestination
  13. How do you get in your food at work

    Software engineer here, so a desk job, The only rule here is, as long as your food does not smell you can eat it in front of your desk, so I usually have wraps that I prepared and just eat them, or a few sandwiches, at my desk
  14. HERA London - Clothes

    Mate... Do you shave your vagina as well ?
  15. girlfriend advice - I think she's a size queen

    What in God's name is size queen, And this story was way to indept lol,