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  1. Triumph cialis

    Yeah I've been using it for a while. Not bad stuff.
  2. Considering Deca

    As long as e2 and prolactin are kept in check and you are running it along side test you should have any issues with 'deca dick'. If it's deca you're running you'll need to run it a while, it takes 5-6 weeks to peak. I got fed up waiting in the end, with I got NPP instead.
  3. First cycle advice.

    I grow more hair on cycle, it's a pain in the ass. Body hair and the hair on my head or face. Grows a lot faster. Pisses me off
  4. 4th cycle. 1st - test e 2nd - test e & dbol 3rd - test e & deca & anadrol currently on 4th - test e & tren e
  5. Triumph currently, D4net and sis before that, I'll give SG a run after I've used up my triumph bits. i like to switch and try new ones, triumph seem spot on currently though, although I'll be having blood work done next week or the week after, so time shall tell!!
  6. Mental sides from tren

    So news update, last night I was a blabbering mess for no real reason, just crying like a little b*tch, but today I feel pretty sweet. I did pin 400mg of tren yesterday though and 600mg test, maybe that caused a hormonal imbalance? Also took caber and aromasin yesterday. Never had had this before in any previous cycles, I've ran 4.
  7. Mental sides from tren

    Just jabbed 400mg of tren. Glad I'm not the only one. I actually feel good today but we all know that could change in a heartbeat. Probably just because it's been 7 days since my last pin Still yet to experience any crazy libido. No night sweats, I am a little less hungry though. Its mostly just mood related stuff.
  8. Anyone suffer with these? Recently switched from from deca to tren after around 5 weeks. Since then my moods been pretty whack. My first tren run. Feel so over emotional about everything, my girl doesn't message me back in the hour and I'm going nuts literally staring at my phone. Any other time up until this blast I would only talk to her once or twice a day until I see her during the week anyway. So what the f*ck. The when I do see her in the week I can't wait to leave. This is just one example haha. also so notice I'm just a bit more 'flat mooded' and not so upbeat. Estrogen is fine as is prolactin. just wondering who else turns into a bouldering mess on tren as well?? I'm only in week 3
  9. Latest Triumph meds clean?

    My libido isn't quite what it was when I was on sis mate at the same dose. But it I am running 19nors this time around along with my test, this may be effecting it.
  10. SIS Labs Test E

    That sucks man, I got one of the first batches to be fair, they're usually the best.
  11. Latest Triumph meds clean?

    Been on there test e for 6 weeks with no real issue.
  12. SIS Labs Test E

    My bloods came back at around 192nmol when I was on sis @ 600mg a week. So was pretty decent. Never ran sphinx though.
  13. Switching labs few options

    I've used pharmacom and SG from that list. Both were schweeet. I'd go SG because they're cheaper and did the same job.
  14. Tren e shallow breathing help.

    I'd say it's the chest infection bro, no need to be so paranoid. My last chest infection left me with a wheezy cough for months afterwards. It went away over time.
  15. As your injection technique improves, as will the less swelling. Your PIP will normally decrease over time to as your muscle gets use to regular injections.