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  1. Bullion Pharma

    Call it 15p cheaper and you burn the box.
  2. Bullion Pharma

    Packaging instantly put me off lol. Might be decent but does look ‘cheap’.
  3. Best supplements to maximise the pump

    Citruline Malate and sodium (salt) will pretty much do all you need. I tend to have a gogh sodoim meal or snack a while before the gym and the difference if I don’t is night and day regardless or a supplement.
  4. Loss of power/strength..normal?

    Wasn’t even aware I was stressed or anything. There was obviously something going on as that’s not happened to me in all the years I’ve been training. Obviously I’ve had days where things felt heavier etc but never to the point of the last workout I had done where I had literally next to zero drive or ‘umph’. I shall be trying again tomorrow.
  5. Magnus and Swiss remedies

    I was wondering similar tbh. But just ended up getting some rohm instead to give a go. Probably just go back to nexus unless rohm feels the same. Only got the rohm as it was cheaper when I ordered.
  6. Loss of power/strength..normal?

    Cheers boys. Glad I’m not the only one. Just really put me off. Super disheartening.
  7. Loss of power/strength..normal?

    1. Gained 4kg since October 1st. (In a surplus) 2. Nothing overly stressful at work although my Nan’s funeral tomorrow. 3. Had around 7 hours. 4. Quite possibly.
  8. Loss of power/strength..normal?

    Never had it before in the 8 years of lifting. Probably right but I’ve only got a rack and a barbell at home, didn’t want to do any barbell movements afterwards lol. Really took it out of me. Just super demotivated from that point onwards.
  9. Weirdest thing this evening. Never happened before. Push day, warming up on the bench. Going through the warmups. Last warm up set before working set (only 100kg) unracked it and literally dropped straight to my chest. I had absolutely zero power. Managed to get 6 out after wondering what the fvck just happened. Then just thought nah f**k this and re-racked and called it a day. Proper demotivating. Anyone else ever had this? Absolute mind fvck for me. Usually work with around 130kg atm for bench FYI.
  10. Gyms opening!!!

    Gotta get on with your life and do you. Even if it’s for a short period. Otherwise your mental health will suffer even more. The pros outweigh the cons imo.
  11. Gyms opening!!!

    I’ve been on for the last 8 weeks lol. Closures happened just when my test would be in full swing. Never the less I’ve done a few workouts from home with my rack and some weights and a barbell to at least maintain. Into the last 4-6 weeks when gyms open back up. Will be running anadrol for the last 4 weeks the same as the first 4 weeks. Its looked like this so far: 1-4 800mg test/week 50mg anadrol/day 4-8 1g test/week 8-12 1.2g test/week 50mg anadrol/day
  12. Anadrol

    I mean I think drol etc are good bulked for the water gain as well. Help with leverages, less injury prone, etc. It has its benefits.
  13. There’s also studies that show bob down the road in a dick but his family still love him. Pretty sure the study you're referring to is in regards to a low carb high protein diet. Showing that high protein and high carbs doesn’t effect it at all so one would figure it’s the lowering of carbs rather than the high protein involved.
  14. There is some studies based on this intake. It shows around 0.82g/lb is ‘sufficient’. So I would rather just round it to make it easier in the grand scheme of things. I mean it isn’t hard to hit. Most of mine gets hit in 3 well balanced meals. Chuck on a milkshake and I’m over that. So it really isn’t hard.
  15. I mean why would you want to ‘probably’ get away with it when it’s easy enough to hit 1g per lb of body weight quite easily.