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  1. 2 Stroking 😶

    I'm starting to get the feeling this isn't as common as I first thought
  2. 2 Stroking 😶

    A serious question which is likely to lead to a huge amount of "serious" answers. .. Has anyone else finished a cycle and noticed they've started 2 Stroking during sex?
  3. Best pods casts to listen to and where

    Mafia podcast, short esisodes (45 mins) on real life gangster types...easy to listen to in the car instead of that shite on radio 1.
  4. Snapped my banjo years ago. How about you?

    Remember when it happened to me... By the time I knew what had happened there was enough blood on the bed Tagart would believed there'd been a murder! Looking at my wee grafter now, he has what looks like a turkey neck under his helmet.
  5. Mira Fit?

  6. Mira Fit?

    Anyone bought gym equipment from Mira Fit? If so is it any good? Cheers ??
  7. Home Gym

    I had a look for some sites, unless I'm looking at the wrong sites there isn't much of what I'm after going right now.
  8. Home Gym

    Thanks, I'll have a look over the weekend.
  9. Home Gym

    Looking to set up a home gym, I'm after a power rack, Olympic bar, plates, bench and some dumbells. Anyone recommend any good suppliers or know where I can get a half decent deal for buying the lot?
  10. Skipping ropes

    66fit Pro wire skipping rope, get them on Amazon ??