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  1. Advice for wife

    You’re gonna need to keep dem der balls empty coz he’s gonna be off climbing everything that moves now
  2. Warning

    They strike again.
  3. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    The pinnacle of basic bitches. 2 old thrushes next door smashing a spoon around a pan when I’m trying to nurse the mother of all hangovers. The local hospital is a mile away, their clanging falls on deaf ears. If you clang and clap but voted Tory, go back inside.
  4. Pure-One UGL

    It’s been sold localy to me for about a year or so now by a guy that was pumping out Cambridge pharma and from what I’m aware he only has 1 connection to a lab and so for that reason, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.
  5. New Triumph Range...

    I got my testers, didn’t you? Tren is so good I got night sweats just knowing it was coming in the post. Iv been told a week or 2 wait still.
  6. Same, 1st jab of a cycle with sust I know Iv jabbed test 2 days later. Raging hardons and sex drive
  7. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Iv got 2 American bully’s. ones about 18 months and that fu**ing little blonde slag bitch is 16 weeks. home wrecking whore
  8. Best labs currently

    X dose of testosterone from ugl A will give the exact same result as x dose of testosterone from pharma company B. If the tested mg is the same. The result is the same. You must agree on that surely?
  9. Tren a sleepers

    Na mate strong thc, the good goods!
  10. Tren a sleepers

    Edibles, my source does candy floss, terrys chocolate orange, mints, sugar, sherbert, mongy ranchers, lollipops, lemon herberts... and s**t tons more. I’m slowly working my way through the range. A third of a packet absolutely f**ks me up, sleep for 10 hours instead of 3-4. Nothing like smoking it either, pisses all over it, no head f**k either.
  11. PIP factors

    All sorts. Solvent ratio, mg per ml, the steroid, the ester, the carrier, technique, so many factors.
  12. Best labs currently

    All of the above plus triumph now they’re back. Iv used nexus recently and really liked it.
  13. Kraken from the sea?
  14. Vegan scum log - The Gainz Brigade

    He got another ban for life ?
  15. As most know real clen is very hard to source these days. China don’t openly supply the raw anymore, sopharma is faked to f**k. Malay tiger can’t dose a tablet if your heart attack depended on it, literally. Id never heard much about Albuterol before I saw it in triumphs new fat burners, Upon reading up I don’t understand why clen was ever the go to over albuterol? Alb has a much shorter half life meaning you can keep a decent dose going for longer in the day, can take a tab at 6pm and still be able to sleep at 10. On clen you wouldn’t be able to do that. Atleast most couldn’t. Also much less room for error on the ugl as Alb is dosed 8mg instead of mcg. yet to read any actual user comparisons.. so who has used both and can give a fair comparison to the effects?