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  1. Whats the best federation for a beginner BB

    Soundsgood to me mate I go to most shows even as a spectator after a while you get to know people and form a new friend circle that's family like also like you said you get to see the competition and one day you will become someone else'scompetition I used to look upto certain athletes in my class now I stand up there with them that in itself is a great victory to be up with the best and remember no matter how hard or s**t your feeling enjoy the process as it's your choice to spend time being a bodybuilder so love every second the bulk or cut
  2. Whats the best federation for a beginner BB

    I compete in nabba I find the hight classes ok but I'm a big lad so someone who is 6ft 15 stone would be class 1 same as me and I'm around 17 stone so there are disadvantages to nabba as ukbff and ifbb tend to be weight categorised so at least there's some comparison but this game is an illusion the scales mean nothing as u guys probably know but if your serious about a show why not try a local show to get your feet wet so to speak
  3. 3 weeks out of the uk show

    Nabba uk buddy
  4. 10 week difference

    Mate I wish I feel so ill shifting this lard
  5. 10 week difference

    These next four or so weeks will be the hardest the fat I have left is stubborn due to my extended heavy off season so it's zombie land for now but I love it
  6. 10 week difference

    Thanks mate really appreciate it
  7. This stuff is pukka guys I'm running it with shree venkatesh porab and othere compounds and bless you Im impressed with my results what is looking to be my best package yet looking forward to show day come see me at the uk
  8. 10 week difference

    Taken 6 weeks out
  9. 6 weeks out

    Otomix stingray high top red boot's Google them mate top banana
  10. 6 weeks out

    4th on 50g carbs flat as