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  1. What happened to DLTBB?

    Just read this. Wild, was bound to happen though.
  2. What happened to DLTBB?

    I'm pretty good you know man. Got injured then Fat and lazy, but I think this year's been bad for us all really. Just trying get back on track really to where I was at - at home it's all good and still got a job so nothing to report otherwise ha. How have you been man?
  3. What happened to DLTBB?

    Sorry, how the f**k is this thread still alive?
  4. UKM Summer Shape Up 2020

    @Ares Just came back on after a while and noticed the mention. Yes, I'm fat and out of shape now - I got a bony compression in my C5 due to a bench press fuckup and couldn't lift for months, then COVID. Just getting back into the gym after a long while (1st month in), unlikely ill ever squat properly or OHP pain free unless this s**t calms itself down, on nortriptyline for the foreseeable to stop the nerve irritation. That wont stop me getting back to my former shape & size though. Did the "12 week shape up" go down?
  5. Isle of man accounts

    You need head office/residence in IoM. I live there and can tell you its not easy to set up. also have to complete a tax return for IoM every year
  6. Monopoly Board game

    you can game monopoly so you can always win. but everyone will hate you because it sucks the fun out of the game. if it was fun in the first place.
  7. Feeling trapped

    asking the real questions
  8. New Zealand shooting

    I mean there's far less incidents relative to population than places like the US.
  9. He is right. legally speaking the baby is British. you cant argue that. I feel bad that the child gets a shitty life because of his mother's shitty decisions. but then again many kids are born drug addicts and die young because of their mothers shitty decisions. we can't cherry pick cases because of media attention. she made her choice unfortunately for him.
  10. Fav Reccy's - 2

    How is it DEADLY?
  11. Fav Reccy's - 2

    getting high sometimes is nice. no more benders for me though. life's too short.
  12. Fav Reccy's - 2

    s**t on their own. nice with a drink and a smoke. not too much of all of then or you get dizzy but a real nice buzz and great sleep.