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  1. Optimal levels of release

    Can you elaborate?
  2. Optimal levels of release

    The difference is a non issue when you are synthetically enhaced
  3. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    We actually have no constitutional protection over free speech in the UK. We have limited free speech in fact. Its only enforceable by parliament and they can withdraw this at any time.
  4. I'm back, I also had a relapse

    @DLTBB the problem with those like ourselves. you have to 110% everything, regardless. No fu**ing about. Good luck getting back on the wagon again
  5. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Oh i'm in.
  6. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    Yes, Islam has the most UK terrorists currently. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/many-people-killed-terrorist-attacks-uk/ ever thought it might not be quite as bad as most think? Gangs are a bigger threat in terms of human cost in the UK than islamic terrorists, the media just like to create an easily identifiable enemy. Im aware the irony that i used a telegraph article to make my point, but the source of the stats (global terrorism database) doesnt lay it out as nicely, however it can certainly be cross referenced with a search on: https://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/
  7. Yeah man, I do get that, just in my opinion time off eveything sometimes rebalances, just takes a while sometimes. I know what bad anxiety is like and it can be tough and feel like it lasts forever.
  8. to be fair, it sounds like he should come off all drugs and let his body put itself right. No point in looking boss if you slit your fu**ing wrists
  9. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    Not true thats just what you are told... there are plenty of non muslim terrorist attacks/organisations active around the world now. The past is absolutely relevant, if we forget the past we repeat the mistakes of our parents. In all seriousness, were talking 60-80 years ago.
  10. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    Tommy robinson's a c**t if im honest, i wouldnt be his mate. 5% of every group of every type of person is dangerous/extreme. Islam is not so much a different story as the same old story. You should note that the only reason we highlight muslims as opposed to blacks/gays/goths/scallies/women/bodybuilders/drivers/mothers/asians/christians/students/drug users/irish (the list is fuckin endless) is because the media sensationalises it. Just look at history, a different group every few years over the past x amount of centuries has been branded as "dangerous"/"scary"/"extreme" and people are genuinely scared and aggressive towards it. everyone thinks they are "different". its basically just a rehash of the same old s**t, distractions from the elite who have a handle on the media. and yes this includes social media. in the end of the day theres always been "too many dangrous (insert group here) out there".
  11. Cycle dosing using ester weight ?

    Numbers are just numbers, not realy relevant. Just find a suitable dose and run it.
  12. child flasher gets comeuppance

    not enough dick shots IMHO
  13. I was under the impression that if used daily it would probably f**k you up big time within about 3-4 weeks.
  14. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    Nazism isn't a religion, its a political ideology. Actually in reality its a pretty far removed from our current neo-nazis who seem predominantly to just be angry, misinformed racists who have been conditioned to see this way. Punching someone for wearing a religious garb is not the same as punching someone for having an outwardly aggressive statement on their body. Although I really don't think anyone should be punching anyone.
  15. Ive never had a "buzz" off xanax, better off with diazepam. But this sounds classic; like you had 1-2mg of xanax then half a beer, just end up going weird then passsing out and sleeping forever. IMO xanax is only good for knocking you the f**k out.