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  1. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    Yeah I became a pressup merchant Of course let it all go as well.
  2. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    Ya I think this particular illness has been sensationalized quite a bit. But you know people are willing to give up freedom in exchange for protection from an invisible enemy. And governments to like a good war, regardless of who or what the war is against. I think common sense prevails here. Lockdown for high risk individuals would have made sense while the healthy or low risk portion of the population let themselves basically carry on as normal and catch it/get over it and build immunity to the strain. The. Release the oldies and the sick people. The actual plan put in place by the uk govt was pretty retarded imo.
  3. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    Oh hey dude thanks. How you been doing?
  4. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    I'm alright, lockdown ended for us in April. No social distancing since May. Just thought I'd let you guys know, in case you were worried or whatever
  5. BTC 19000 usd

    You actually went Brazil? Congrats man! Gotta be better than London yeah? Ass, and Ice cream I bet.
  6. BTC 19000 usd

    It's only on uniswap and hotbit right now. I think it's worth a buy though, when it goes mainnet in 2021 it'll be big imo. Yeah man all's good. Got a bad injury last December, still recovering now but can lift again. Kind of just locked myself away and got fat dude! How's things going your side man?
  7. You are disappointed in a bunch of guys who inject drugs, like taking drugs? That's not how most "hard" drugs work, usually people who are chasing high or get addicted badly tend to have other problem in their life (mental, emotional, physical) which are the actual problem. doing a bunch of drugs helps numb that pain, cause it makes you feel good when you otherwise cant. Although, longer term, yeah hard drugs lose their appeal, I used to enjoy doing coke, pills, ket, acid, the lot 2-3 times a week when I was in my early 20s, now its like once every 6 months or something, at some point feeling hungover loses its appeal and the high is not as good as the negative sides the next day. but I still enjoy a small amount of coke occasionally, because it feels good on a special occasion, like a cigar. Cocaine isn't the demon that you think it is. I mean sure its moreish, and can be habit forming if you aren't careful, but in my opinion no more than alcohol. Most people get up on their high horse about alcohol, but 90% of people who drink if told to never have another drink again would say they could, but actually cant.
  8. BTC 19000 usd

    https://www.radixdlt.com/ Mainnet isnt for a few months, so its currently an eth token. But they tested their Mainnet scaling capacity and got a higher TPS than mastercard. @Frandeman worth holding a bit for the next year or so.
  9. What happened to DLTBB?

    Ah s**t man, that must have been hard, good to hear she got over it. Corona is miniscule in comparison I'm sure. but at least you get to spend more time together whilst furloughed - do you still get paid while you are furloughed? Yeah the lad is turning 6 and the girl is 3 now. I've managed to get back into the swing of lifting properly again but the diet is pretty much a joke. just work on the strength getting back to where it was - then the back fat can come off later, probably The culture in my new job is pressure then everyone drinks after so its been weird to adjust and get back onto a healthy eating schedule. lots of beer and scratchings, maybe after xmas eh Yeah, all the time in the world man, sad but the whole situation was crazy at the time.
  10. What happened to DLTBB?

    Just read this. Wild, was bound to happen though.
  11. What happened to DLTBB?

    I'm pretty good you know man. Got injured then Fat and lazy, but I think this year's been bad for us all really. Just trying get back on track really to where I was at - at home it's all good and still got a job so nothing to report otherwise ha. How have you been man?
  12. What happened to DLTBB?

    Sorry, how the f**k is this thread still alive?
  13. UKM Summer Shape Up 2020

    @Ares Just came back on after a while and noticed the mention. Yes, I'm fat and out of shape now - I got a bony compression in my C5 due to a bench press fuckup and couldn't lift for months, then COVID. Just getting back into the gym after a long while (1st month in), unlikely ill ever squat properly or OHP pain free unless this s**t calms itself down, on nortriptyline for the foreseeable to stop the nerve irritation. That wont stop me getting back to my former shape & size though. Did the "12 week shape up" go down?
  14. Isle of man accounts

    You need head office/residence in IoM. I live there and can tell you its not easy to set up. also have to complete a tax return for IoM every year
  15. Monopoly Board game

    you can game monopoly so you can always win. but everyone will hate you because it sucks the fun out of the game. if it was fun in the first place.