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  1. £509 per minute of the day she earns, £5,000,000 per week. Absolutely boggles my mind.
  2. Living a Woman / c**t

    No elaboration yet?
  3. Masterchef the professionals

    I shower in San pellegrino
  4. They keep serving the critics from the wrong side, driving me nuts. First world problems.
  5. Budapest stag

    First Google
  6. 4 weeks to go from 15% to 10%

    Took long enough for anyone to mention calories ffs.
  7. Grip thickness

    Love my 28mm bar
  8. I vial of test is similar to a medium chocolate bar cost wise
  9. Golfers Elbow

    Nor I ha
  10. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    It's a majestic tallywacker let me tell you.
  11. The only difference protein powder being legal and non anabolic :/
  12. Golfers Elbow

    It started in my elbow 4/5 months ago, elbow isn't bad now but shoulder can't press to save my life. Did a rep with bar only, thought that fuukin hurts, tried a second and only did the negative before leaving straight to a physio.
  13. Golfers Elbow

    Currently having treatment for the same. Tried training legs and push only, found that agrevated it further up. @swole trollhas some useful info I belive, swoll can you link that thread please? I'm now even driving fully left handed only to further rest it.
  14. Foam roller

    Ye actually I also only use mine on my back
  15. Foam roller

    I feel like a foam roller salesmen I recommend them so often. Awesome tool.