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  1. Not as often as expected considering how slack they are aha
  2. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    Yup, monero started trading on a Korean exchange.
  3. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    I've a well positioned cellar. Tbh if I get chance I'd buy a fleet for that income despite the sound.
  4. Arnold still the best

    Its not really a fair comparison considering the "style" today. Legend in his own right imo
  5. Arnold still the best

    Once upon a time the crew dem would of fuuked you up for that
  6. The guy was trying to hybrid a twin turbo off a tdi sprinter van for his frankenstein petrol fiesta ffs then got sheety when he was told this was a ludicrous idea. He still has sand in his vagina since his last ripping
  7. Moving to Japan

    Train with yakuza?
  8. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    So.... Since the difficulty increase the price has jumped up loads so I now make that income on one machine alone. Looking much more favourable now ay aha
  9. I pay €4 a month for the WRC app on my TV. That, netflix and YouTube
  10. Sounds like you need all the help you can get?
  11. Amazing thread yet again
  12. A reminisce of members gone by

    Aha I always give @Zorrina mention
  13. Coffee in the UK

    Google "bean brothers" banging independently sourced roast
  14. How would you invest £100k cash

    Give it 3 years and we'll review the bubble How do you define a bubble when the coin has had many dips and peaks growing yearly since launch? I'm not looking to get into a sheet slinging match over BTC, I'm genuinely interested to hear your reasoning