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  1. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    I’ve used the black tops for years and always been good for me mate. I know a few rate them as hit and miss, but I’ve always been happy with them.
  2. Dunnings Anadrol is bang on the money, as is all of their range tbh. As good as the Turkish Pharma I’ve used in the past.
  3. I’ll delete my thread if that helps
  4. Not running both at the same time, they were separate blasts, but thinking about it, I think my first Nexus run was 1ml (80mg) at a time as it goes @stuey99, but I think that was only once or twice a week pre heavy weights, so sides never caught up with me. Pre workout, it’s cracking stuff. Summer is the best time to take it tbh, it’s so much less likely to crash (although at 80mg it will regardless) in the summer. I stocked up on DG injectable orals, they are all spot on, the Superdrol, Anadrol and Dbol all spot on. I’ve got some nice injectable winstrol as well, much more common than the other injectables....it’s an amazing cutter.
  5. Only Monday to Friday, had weekends off. 1ml per day of DG =!50ml and 0.5ml per day of Nexus = 40mg 1hr before gym.. Made sure I took 500mg TUDCA per day, ran for 6 weeks and it’s such a difference compared to oral. The sides felt far less severe than the oral version. I’d rather run injectable oral than take tablet form of the equivalent drug these days....just feels so much healthier.
  6. I’ve ran Nexus Injectable Dbol a couple of times @stuey99 before and was a really nice injectable to run. It crashes every time, but from memory, it’s 80mg/ml so not very stable. Nothing a minute or two in the microwave and a shake won’t resolve though. Dark Ghost injectable dbol was rather nice too, didn’t crash and very smooth too, that was 50mg/ml.
  7. Home Brew Filters

    PVDF is ok too from what I understand?
  8. ROHM Onnadec is a great blend and spot on. Used within the last six months, whether that’s recent enough for you? Probably my favourite blend/ratio.
  9. They’re are a piece of cake mate....I always just put my hand on the top of my head, tense the hand and forearm, which allows the lats to relax, then just reach around with the slin and pop it straight in. I normally go about mid line between the pit and the bottom of the lat. I”m OCD about making sure the area is clean and free of contamination, hence straight after shower, but before deodorant goes on.. Just swap sides everyday. The lat is a big muscle, plenty of areas to pin. Only thing is you need to get the right angle, otherwise it can sit sub-q for a few days, but it dispersed pretty quick. Another good are for skin injections of Winnie is the front lat. I stick nearly all of my injectable orals gear either in the lats or front delts. That leaves the other areas, delts, VG, glutes and quads for the 2ml bi-weekly course jabs. If I had to pin everyday IM with an orange pin, then yes mate, I’d be passing on that as the novelty would pass quickly! My Mrs says I’m a pin cushion....on a decent cycle I’ll have separate GH, injectable oral and L-Carnatine injections Monday to Friday as well as the bi-weekly blast. I just prepare on a Sunday, ready for the week. No denying, prepping can be tedious!!
  10. I would definitely give the injectable a go mate, it really does make a difference in my experience as none gets lost in the stomach pass through. Pinning really isn’t an issue either, I just used to make up 5 slins on a Sunday and pin one of them into either If the lats after a shower in the morning. You wouldn’t believe how easy it goes in and what an easy place to pin the lats are, unless you already pin them?
  11. I always took it 5 days a week, Monday to Friday for best results. Depot half life is 24hrs and tablet is 9hrs of Winstrol, so the oral’s half life is just over a third of that of injectable and the fact that they are almost identical in form, I would say that if you take 50mg per day in oral form, you would probably be ok to take 100mg of depot every two days. The mg intake will be the same. However, one thing which I definitely believe is that the injectable is far more potent as less is destroyed in the stomach. I believe both oral and injectable are 17aa steroids, so it’s still liver hepatotoxic. I had great results with injectable winstrol at 50mg per day/5 days a week. But to answer your question, no, not tried twice a week, personally, I think it’s effects would peak and trough too much at that type of frequency.
  12. Cardarine

    Can’t say there are no side effects....it has massive concerns regarding its potential carcinogenic properties. This is why trials stopped at rats as they all got cancer. Personally, I would make sure you read up on it first before taking so you are fully aware of risks .
  13. Cardarine

    Receptorchem is probably the best I’ve personally used.
  14. When people come along without any contribution to the forum, don’t add anything to the value of the place and just come here for one thing, I think your approach and response is pretty justified tbh.
  15. Honestly don’t know about it being an “alternative” to exogenous HGH, I’m sure there will be some additional release of GH, but it really does increase your appetite to unreal proportions. If you’re training hard and burning silly calories, which is was when I’ve ran it, it really helps to add size due to the amount you eat. I’ve ran Superdrol before, which does kill my appetite somewhat, but with MK in the mix, appetite is full on. In fact, in my experience, it’s great to run along side Sdrol. Last time I ran MK, I went from 105kg to 110kg within a few weeks and it wasn’t water as I’m still at 105kg and I’ve been on TRT dose since lockdown and done bugger all training to speak of and still holding the weight (although I’m losing my shape week by week ffs!).