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  1. Any ex muscletalk guys here?

    There was a trainee doctor (or actual doctor?), “the doc” or “medic” from memory? This was about 15-20 years ago He was always quite helpful.
  2. Any ex muscletalk guys here?

    Wrongun and Bbigman (and think that’s what his name was?!?) were mods on there when I used to go on there. I think that was late 90’s, early 00’s. Wongun was always helpful.
  3. Genxtropin

    Does look identical, but 2 different brands. No doubt exactly the same manufacturer though.
  4. I’m gonna give them a try too, good to hear that they’ve been spot on.
  5. Genxtropin

    Used it and will use it again.....very decent brand.
  6. fake pregnyl

    Used Puretrig loads of times and tested it as well and always been spot on. The Puretrig packaging on the box is like a 70’s wallpaper hessian card texture......those are the ones I used and never an issue.
  7. fake pregnyl

    That looks EXACTLY like the fakes I had early last year. I used a pregnancy test kit and confirmed it wasn’t hcg. Looked very, very convincing. I just use Puretrig these days as others suggest.
  8. Organon Sustanon The old orange and white box of pharma Naposim And some generic deca that came in a long blue box of 10 x 2ml amps Back in the days when you phoned for an order and it took at least 2 weeks minimum to arrive. First few cycles of that were the biggest gains of all, all off of 6 week, low dose once a week jabs.
  9. Thanks Mingster. Hopefully all under control now for you on TRT?
  10. Did you go back on again @Mingster or have you stayed off since recovering?
  11. Dimensions

    Their Yohimbine was spot on from my own personal experience used a few tubs of it too......maybe a couple of duff batches out there then as the ones I’ve used were good to go.
  12. Bullion Pharma

    The Nandro Shred and Mega Mass 500 look like nice blends to run to be fair, always like a decent test/Deca blend.
  13. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    I’ve used the black tops for years and always been good for me mate. I know a few rate them as hit and miss, but I’ve always been happy with them.
  14. Dunnings Anadrol is bang on the money, as is all of their range tbh. As good as the Turkish Pharma I’ve used in the past.
  15. I’ll delete my thread if that helps