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  1. Rohm again

    Hi Guys I know Rohm have a new label coming soon and was hoping this batch of 2TTM would be with new labels but with the talk of so many fakes around im not sure, what do you think Fake or legit , a few things stack up but the Intermuscular is missing not noticed that before (even though misspelled) and expiry looks faint compared to the last lot i got ... other than that not 100% sure
  2. Rohm again

    To Be fair, used ROHM ages ago and had no issues and great gains, switched to another brand and pip was unbearable ... my source is spot on so did not think they would be fake but they are different vials to the ones i had previously Think now Rohm have the new labelling it should be better for them as they are a decent lab
  3. Rohm again

    Thanks mate appreciate the feedback , put 2 ml in Friday no pip smooth like it should be , compare that to the Sphinx i was using which was crippling
  4. Rohm again

    Glad you said that as it’s a mate that’s always been spot on in the past just bits were missing so was not 100%
  5. Hi taking a little cruise dose ATM so got myself some Sphinx Pharma Test E 300 only running a cruise dose of 200mg and get severe pip, I have had the odd pip from other labs but this is so bad im going to have to stop and swap labs we are only talking less than 3/4 Ml into the thigh (where i have always pinned) Has anyone else suffered from Sphinx the is legit as bloods show so but i maybe troubled by the carrier oil .... im trying a glut shot this week and see if that makes a difference if not im changing back to Rohm
  6. Sides from test?

    You got noticeable sides , start taking your AI ... always have it on standby before your start your course
  7. Sphinx pharma pip

    Done a glut shot yesterday, crippled again ..its gone in the bin now
  8. Sphinx pharma pip

    Always pinned there and only the odd issue prior, but since switching to Sphinx every one has really inflamed .. Ill switch to gluts and see if that resolves or just go back to Rohm
  9. Sphinx pharma pip

    Asking the question if others get PIP from this oil simple as that , not sure what your not understanding Never questioned the gear, its probably just my body reacting with the oil if only me affected .... but to get Pip from a small amount in comparison to what im used to
  10. Don't be 'that guy'

    Great posts and i think we have all been that guy until something don't feel right, I only posted a few days back about my blood results and i only did the bloods as i was feeling s**t, bloods proved i was not doing and taking all precautions however i did take the enhanced test that showed RBC and without that i would have still been in the dark Take the full blood test as steroids just dont affect hormones it has other bigger implications
  11. Lethargic on cycle

    Needs bloods done as anything else is going to be a guess was on a cruise dose for 12 months and my bloods came back that bad I have had to come off as haemoglobin sky high, felt s**t get bloods done and don’t guess with your Heath and post results
  12. Hi Guys, After a year of cruising on 200mg test e per week i have embarked on a new course currently on 2.5 ml of Pharmacom mix 6 TRENBOLONE ENANTHATE 100 mg/mlTESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 200 mg/mlMASTERONE ENANTHATE 200 mg/ml 6 weeks in i decided to gets some bloods done just to see where i am at as libido although not dead was not as i was used to, i took the ultimate test that tests pretty much everything, anyhow yesterday Medichecks actually called me with concerns about my hi red blood cells (which i thought would be elevated due to the steroids) but also cholesterol is out of range Prolactin is high so ill try and source some caber from experience should i be worried in regard to red blood cells and cholesterol I have attached the report so if any can shed some light that would be great Ultimate Performance Blood Test 30 Oct 2019.pdf
  13. Cheers Yes dont mind traveling that said anywhere within a 20 mile radius is booked for the next few weeks, ... ill check again later as earlier Monday dates dropped in but went once i went to book them Thanks gain for the link notice though you use the grapeseed not grapefruit as i have read... possibly the same if so have a look at these 360 tabs and 2000mg https://www.simplysupplements.co.uk/grapeseed-extract-2000mg?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping&sku=e371&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjOrtBRCcARIsAEq4rW4FyMHdFpmf-7shpgf3NDV3rv8OGxDuhfMpD2sr43YH22eVwC1jlKsaAtWhEALw_wcB
  14. Hi Mate sorry to be a pain Can you link the suppliments as i cannot find them in the doses you state.. i can find Grape seed Extract but not grapefruit they may well be the same but i want to get this right registered for donation for blood cannot get in for a few weeks anywhere around my area ... Thanks again
  15. Cheers .. just read that too, good advice thanks again for the feedback
  16. Thanks Make sense and thanks I think i pretty much underestimated the cruising aspect , ill just see what others have to say but health does come first, maybe 2.5ml was too much for me as im not a hard core steroid user and i suppose more is not always better and with the AI should have started from the first injection as i remember reading swole trolls advise ages ago on this but i have always listened to my body so taking ai once the gear kicks in was maybe not the brightest thing to do Thanks all for the Input ill just have a little think and probably start a pct and start afresh in a few months once got the bloods right
  17. so from the above it seems i should stop or have better control of the symptoms like i said i have cruised for the last year and to be honest maybe i should have just come off as now im worried also during my Cruise period i did not use any AI (maybe thats wrong but i was reading conflicting things where some did some did not) also I have been taking 0.5 mg of Anastrozole every 3 days but only started this 2.5 weeks ago which was only a few days before the blood test so id imagine that level has dropped
  18. shoulder tendonitis

    100% agree with this , had an op on left shoulder in November, shoulder impingement moved to right shoulder , this told me this was not rotator cuff as every physio would have you believe, I have just found a physio that knows his stuff and basically i overworked my chest compared to back and its inpinging on my shoulder, stopped benching and concentrated mainly on back, 3 weeks in (and as long as i start on my back first to warm it up ) i can now shoulder press and start curling again with very little pain, Hope this helps https://www.mobilitywod.com/propreview/shoulder-impingement-3-exercises/
  19. Rotar cuff injury

    After 2 years of pain and diagnosed with rototor Cuff injury I had my operation in November 2018 , after surgery (Arthroscopic subacromial decompression) the doc told me that the cuff was not actually damaged and it was scarring from a broken collar bone that happened around 30 years ago, however whilst he was in there he cleaned up the scarring and shaved the bone to allow more room for the ligaments to move, I was out until February 2019 and went back to the gym, the surgery worked and was pushing around 60%-80% of my pre operation weight so was benching around 55kg to 60kg per side but never went over 40's kg after the operation withing 6 weeks my right shoulder is exactly the same as the left and i honestly do not think it was rotator cuff initially as i have worked on posture for the last 2 years and have done every excersise the hospital and all the other physios have given me so someone suggested i go and see a acupuncturist to which i was really skeptical as he diagnosed me instantly with Frozen shoulder and explained why and hit every nerve in my body where the pain was, I have had 2 sessions so far and the results have been good with today no pain but i can feel its not healed, i dont get the achy feeling in bed now, I know it sounds a bit unconventional but like many i was desperate so will try anything, I personally think i need the bone shaved again to make room for the tendons to move freely but just cannot work out why the pain has shifted to the other shoulder .... there are so many conflicting fixes and causes you just will be left wondering what to do if this accupuncture does not work i will try and get another operation One thing if frozen shoulder you must exercise as leaving it will make it worse try hanging with the damaged arm only trying to strech the tendons
  20. SIS

    Listen, your never going to get a decent answer on this site, SIS have for whatever reason been tarnished here, maybe rightly so maybe not my experience is the oils are ok, but that's my review, not tried their orals but oils are good Test and superbol 400 worked well for me the day i get bunk gear is the last day ill use them but until then i have no complaints
  21. I started at 46 and my motivation was watching 2 family members die just after retirement, they had no exercise regime pilled on the pounds struggled to get and and i thought that aint going to be me Started at 94kg, 5ft 10 and a 36 inch waist after about a year i got myself fairly fit and in shape and then took my first course, people started to comment on how well i looked for my age, that was my motivation, I got myself down to a 31 inch waste and was weighing around 80kg , id say i was never a serious body builder but in good shape i was around 14% BF could have been better but like i said for me it was supposed to be fun not serious I think those who commit to the regime have to be very dedicated but i have hit the middle balance and enjoy the gym for that reason, if you asked me to get down to 10% BF id hate it and see it as a chore
  22. Id say you picked up a injury and your getting a lot of referred pain from the shoulder into the arms, I had an op in November for a diagnosed torn supraspinatus tendon, infact was not torn , once the surgeon got inside but a highly inflamed bursitis which he did a decompression ( ASAD ) my point being you need to stop guessing what the problem is and get a scan doctors cannot guess what your issue is without a scan, and doctors are so reluctant to give a scan (it took me 2 years to get my operation , but the symptoms you describe are what i and many have had, you need to rest for a good 6-8 weeks, take some anti inflammatory as advised and rest, if the symptoms keep coming back insist on a scan otherwise its all guesswork for the record the doctor was treating me for tennis elbow when infact it was an inflamed shoulder bursitis ...