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  1. Crashed triumph NPP

    f**k that, I blast it on 250c for 5 minutes. Aint got time to be waiting for my gear to slow roast
  2. Taylormade Pharma Hyge / Lilly experience

    Yes however there are many countries where HGH is not illegal and these people are already buying it for the blackmarket so market predictions will already be taking into account a large proportion of the black market even if they aren't fully aware of it.
  3. Bulk..dnp...honeymoon

    Winny will only dry you out and make you hard. SD will just make you hard and full but won't dry you out or make you watery. Anadrol will make you full and watery. None of these help with fat loss and all of them require you to be using them every single day to keep getting the desired cosmetic effects. Personally, I would run t3 and clen with enough test to keep you feeling good and keep muscle on. DNP is alright to use but you'll feel like s**t and in a lot of people it makes cravings awfully hard to resist. DNP is the quickest way to fat loss. I would add in 25-50mcg t3 if you want to run DNP because it does have an effect on your thyroid after 7 days I believe.
  4. Estrogen?

    It does indeed but one thing crashed estrogen does not have in common with high estrogen is gyno.
  5. Estrogen?

    If you read everything you would see that I am getting bloods done asap, just waiting for medichecks to ship. I am using EXACTLY the same brand of pharma aromasin from the same source. I also tried arimidex before the aromasin and I was going through at least 4 pills a day. I am now using letrozole, took 2 today with 2 raloxifene tabs and it seems to be OK but not a massive improvement considering last night I probably took enough AI to cure breast cancer in women IN ONE NIGHT.
  6. Estrogen?

    DHB doesn't aromatize at all and I'm 99% sure it is DHB because it crashes literally every other day. I added the mast and dhb at the same time. I'm just going to have to drop them both and add one back in and see what happens after a month and then the other.
  7. thoughts on pure-bred dogs

    Pure breeds not only tend to have many health problems, mostly due to inbreeding, but they are also mainly sold for profit by people who breed dogs. Go to places where you can adopt dogs and find one that you feel a connection to. Millions of dogs need homes.
  8. Estrogen?

    I think I'm going to drop the test down to 125mg a week, drop the mast and dhb completely and then add the mast in at 600mg a week with the same 125mg test dosage and no dhb and see what happens.
  9. Estrogen?

    I've thought of this but I switched over from pharma adex because I was going through a whole box of it almost every week... I highly doubt the aromasin is fake. I honestly think it's more likely that the test is ridiculously overdosed (dobut it), the mast is not mast and it's actually test (looking more likely as the days go by) or the dhb is not dhb and it's actually test (unlikely as it fu**ing crashes every other day).
  10. Estrogen?

    So I've been running 400mg test e, 600mg mast e, 600mg dhb for a good few weeks now so everything should definitely be at peak levels. I've ran this exact cycle about 4 months or so ago and not had the issue I'm having now. The first time I ran it, I was using 25mg pharma aromasin ED and that seemed to work alright but this time with exactly the same lab (SG) for oils and exactly the same pharma aromasin + source I got it from, I am having to run 100mg of aromasin ED WITH 60mg raloxifene and still getting high estrogen sides like water retention, gyno (lumps under my nipples - one in particular is very sore to touch). So what the f**k is going on here? I'm about to get labs done, the most expensive full male panel that medichecks offers but I would like some input from you guys. EDIT: Also forgot to add that I am using 40mcg clen ED and worked my way up to 75mcg t3 ED which I will not raise. This is the ONLY thing that is different. I am thinking of running some letro I got so I can find a spot where that works better for me because 4 pills a day of pharma aromasin is just stupid and the expense makes me wanna cry.
  11. DHB?

    I use E, makes it easier to time with dhb pins.
  12. Depends how much muscle mass you started off with and it could also be glycogen in the muscles. Nothing to worry about. Up cardio or drop cals by 200 and you should see more results.
  13. DHB?

    So it would be 125mg/ml dhb? The pip would be decent to handle and thst much dhb pw should definitely give you nice gains if everything else is in place. If money isn't an issue and you wanna look and feel better, throw in some mast at around the same dosage as dhb.
  14. DHB?

    tbh the SG stuff doesn't give bad pip if you mix it with other stuff. 2:1 other stuff:sg dhb works very well for no pip at all. The main issue is the stuff crashing constantly and having to stick it in the oven every fu**ing time you want to pin
  15. You are wrong. It is clearly 10 days, hence why most people pin enanthate twice a week, more pins = more fun