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  1. Left side gone weak

    I work on a 10 week training cycle then having one week off to recover and leave off the creatine and bcaa. (Cos I’m an old git and need to look after myself). Got back to it last week and found on bench pressing dumbells, I couldn’t get past 36kg because my left arm was failing me. I could normally press 44kg. Tried an arm workout next day, same thing. Toward the end of my set, the left arm struggled on the 6th/7th rep on curls and similar. Shoulders day after, really struggling to get past 6/7 reps on almost all exercises on the left. I’m really concerned. Got no pain, just not as strong on my left side. Weird! Any ideas? Same experience? Hoping it will normalise after a few weeks.... Shoulder really aching today cos I tried to power through it last night and paying for it today. It s the good type of ache though.
  2. Tendonitis PEASE HELP

    I’ve personally suffered with both conditions and feel your pain. I stopped doing flyes as that seemed to aggravate it, after some weeks I recovered and never do that exercise anymore..