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  1. 2 hours ago, Seppuku71 said:

    I was loving it back in June!!  I was off work, sat in the garden every day, taking afternoon naps in bed, giving myself friction burns on my knob from all the time i had to relax watching porn on my phone.  Now though - back at work, it's dark all the while, and cold... f**king sick of it.  

    I bet you were.  Another retard milking off the HMRC.  You were probably doing your house up as well.

    Covid will only go away once mongs like you comply!


  2. I haven't read through all of this garbage but I'm sure you all know that this is nonsense.  It's very clear that some knob has stolen some poor bloke's pictures, made an alias and then used it to bait you lot?

    That's right isn't it?  He looks like a normal bloke who goes to the gym and looks happy with what he's doing - good for him.

    Why has it taken 4 pages for me to come in and clarify for you?  Seriously?  :lol:

  3. 4 minutes ago, js77 said:

    Just interested to know how you have so much detailed info as to how these labs produce their gear.

    As if I am going to give that information away.

    Just to reiterate to the intellectually challenged bunch, nobody has ever heard of those labs outside of this forum.

    One of them ^^^up there couldn’t even be bothered to get the vials filled properly to start with.  One of them also came here just to let everyone know that their website has changed and order from the new one instead about a week ago.

    Talk about begging. LOL


  4. 8 minutes ago, js77 said:

    ‘Knocking out kids’?.....’you will know that this happened years ago’?......You’ve lost me..... sorry.. 

    Also, when did you last inspect the lab conditions  at ROHM, SG, DG, Advar, Nexus et al.... I’d honestly like to know what you found.

    There is one listed there which is far from a shed setup.

    No cnut (apart from blokes on this forum) have ever heard of the others.  I’m 44.  We didn’t have all these bathroom or shed setups back then.

    Dark or southern ghost?  FFS

    Even the names cringe me out.

  5. 31 minutes ago, js77 said:

    There’s no fooling you is there Detective no-one!!!!

    To be completely fair, honest (and) truthful I was knocking out kids like this since 1997.

    It just gets boring for me now - I get fed up hearing (or reading) about the shitty lab concoctions.  There are too many knobs into this business right now, just to make a few quid.

    It ain't right.  If you can be bothered to read my posts, you will know that this didn't happen years ago.

  6. 1 hour ago, Clubber Lang said:

    plus the fact they were claiming benefits yet living the high life, was obv they were into something dodgy and got investigated. Also it didnt help that they were getting raws delivered to their home address! lol. He got sent down for 7 years, probably out now, but i bet they took everything he/they owned off um, proceeds of crime.

    Yeah.  I can't be arsed to research the bust and the proceedings around it to post up for the mongs.  People can conduct their own research to find out.  But both of them were ordered (around this time last year) to pay back a couple of million pounds which will be going into the HMRC pocket.

    But I do get sick and tired of mongs going on about how much of a 'great lab' it was.  It clearly wasn't.

    It was a 'lab' put together by a couple of gammons with 'some' pharmaceutical know how.  It is what it is.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Clubber Lang said:

    WC was made in a blue shipping container lol. 

    was a picture of it on the local newspaper to where him and his missus was busted.

    Yeah - plus more than enough media evidence supporting that fact.

    But some mongs don't want to listen and no, not all UGLs operate like that.  But so it would seem a lot of them do.  They get busted because they become too greedy and arrogant.  Good!

  8. 44 minutes ago, CT2 said:

    don’t take too notice of him mate, unless the cook is wearing a white coat he thinks it’s crap! 

    He’s a bit odd in his approach on here, I’m fairly sure he’s bipolar at the very least 

    WC setup was actually very good, and most likely better than most in today’s market.  They made good gear and nobody ever reported infections from it as far as I’m aware 

    Just because it was a metal container on the outside doesn’t make it s**t, what does matey want? A big flash lab with a wildcat sign in neon letters on the front or what!!

    I’ll tell you what my approach is, back in the day you only had a couple of decent labs but nowadays every fcuker is manufacturing it in poor conditions and offering it up for sale.  It doesn’t sit right with me.

    Also, @js77 that is simply not true.  People have reported infections on here.  I haven’t noticed anything recently but they have.  Also on T-Muscle forum.  Just because you haven’t seen or experienced it, doesn’t mean that it does not happen.

    How do you know that I haven’t experienced moody gear before and it’s made me un well?



  9. 3 minutes ago, stuey99 said:

    It stunk because they used guiacol mate...was absolutely nothing to do with them not being "people in white coats"

    Most labs dont use guiacol because it's too expensive...it certainly isn't a sign of a lab being poor

    Hello mate,

    I take it that you didn’t see the state of the premises where it had been cooked up?  It was in a builder’s porta cabin.

    Pretty terrible but definitely not the worst I have seen.

  10. On 27/12/2020 at 6:42 PM, topdog said:

    WC problem it stunk your room, your draws and clothing,

    It’s no surprise really considering the pair who were behind it.  Far from people in white coats.

    and yes I took some of their ‘potions’ as well.  God knows what sort of oils they were using.  Very potent bacon smell which was odd.  And then I see the media coverage unmasking the pair years later.  

    I felt like an absolute mug for injecting it.

  11. 1 hour ago, monkeybiker said:

    This forum is weird. It's like a bunch of bitchy girls:huh:

    I was going to tell you that it’s due to the consequences of using steroids and creating a hormonal balance.

    But it would appear that the worst for bitchiness claim that they aren’t using anything at all.

  12. On 23/12/2020 at 10:22 PM, stuey99 said:

    For some yes

    But not for all

    But in all fairness, you don't use tren...but have still been posting on here calling people cu**s...so without being funny, I'm not surprised tren caused serious issues for you

    I have way more issues on deca than on.tren...way more

    But my personal experience wouldn't cause me to make a sweeping generalisation saying deca is for cu**s

    Look, you silly  Northerrn chump,  I used to manufacture the stuff from fina pelletts which were administerd into cows.  Too beef them up 6 weeks before slaughter.


    I worked at woodlands farm in South East London - shooters hill.


    Fina pellets was a fancy thing back then - administared into cattles.  To add more lean muscle tissue  before slaughter.