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  1. Made me lol

    Get a job you Northern knob head
  2. UK-M run for PM

    Get a job you Northern knob head
  3. Developed Coke habit, affecting nose size

    That doesn't mean s**t. Do you think only Pablo Escobar grade does the rounds in Miami? Don't be naive. There's plenty of gack out there too.
  4. Developed Coke habit, affecting nose size

    You have never had good coke. I can make a gramme of decent coke last 3 nights and I have been using it on and off for 20 years.
  5. Developed Coke habit, affecting nose size

    If you are really getting through 3.5 grammes of 'coke' in a weekend then I would question it's purity. It sounds like s**t to me and the nasal damage is probably due to the cuts. Send a sample into a lab for testing (wedinos). I reckon it's gack.
  6. Thank gawd everything's back to normal

    The fully qualified domain name for this site should be changed to uk-hamptons.co.uk I'll even check godaddy for you and see if it's available. If Hamptons could fly, this place would be a fu**ing airport. p.s Hampton means 'dick' basically (cockney rhyming slang i.e Hampton wick > Dick). I undertstand that you lot are a bit slow, so I thought I'd spell it out for you.
  7. Thank gawd everything's back to normal

    I don't care really. Tekker's writes nonsense like this all the time and I still cringe at him but he's still quite young.
  8. Thank gawd everything's back to normal

    You talk a lot of bollocks. I'm gonna be fair here, I did not say that you were past it but quite frankly what you had written in the post I quoted is extremely adolescent material. I cringe when I read Tekkers' posts, and he's about 30 years younger than you.
  9. Thank gawd everything's back to normal

    You are in your 60s most probably and carrying on like some pretend Pablo Escobar on a chat forum.
  10. Thank gawd everything's back to normal

    Grow up you old Knob lol
  11. Fractured Jaw

    Think twice before giving lip to people in the future then. Don’t fu**ing blame it on Xmas parties and drunk people. I have seen your posts on here in the past and you have come across as a cocky little s**t. You were probably asking for it.
  12. Anyone in touch with Dead Lee recently?

    No wonder so many people get nicked. This place is full dickheads.
  13. Who’s who on here these days?

    Mate most people use aliases on here even as a primary account, faces blurred out etc so that they can’t be identified for many reasons. Does it matter if they have one more? p.s I am bollocksed. It’s taken me an hour just to post this. Probably irrelevant but just saying
  14. LOL. Another crappy steroid shed gets busted. When will you silly boys learn? Keep a low profile and stay out of the spotlight.
  15. Ah, you're OK mate I don't actually mind you at all. In actual fact, I think the majority of the real fcuk wits have actually fcuked off!
  16. Nowhere near as much as you, old fat bloke. I mean, you needed to seek approval on whether you should go and have a pie and chips in a pub the other day from a bunch of strangers on here.
  17. No. I meant to say 'staggering' thanks. Why don't you go back to being a 'pimp' and leave my grammar alone? With a name like 'pimp' I doubt you showed your face in school anyway. You were probably too busy "runnin de blud clart ghetto" or some other silly council estate s**t.
  18. Technology coupled with working very long hours in a western capitalist world all plays a big part in this. You're never free from it. People who work in big capitalist organsations are encouraged to have company applications installed on their personal phones, such as intune so that they are able to access their work emails for instance and are contactable during their free time. With this sort of sh;t in place, people don't get to have a break from it in their free time and are unable to 'switch off'. The reason why 2nd or 3rd world people (as Ancient old fat bloke suggested) do not suffer from this is because they aren't exposed to it. They live very simple lives and work in menial jobs where they aren't contactable, or feel like they should be contactable outside of their working day. The people he's referring to probably do not know even know what television is. It's staggering how thick some people on here can be.
  19. Yummy. That's the boom right there.
  20. That's not quite right either. There's plenty of s**t for sale on there as well but as it's so competitive, the vendors selling swag generally don't last there long.
  21. Absolutely not true. Find some better contacts.
  22. What happened to DLTBB?

    I still can't believe a man in his 40s resorts to this. I don't whether to laugh or feel sorry for you.