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  1. Your thread title states that you can B&C and stay healthy when it couldn't be further from the truth for most. I can't speak for the man, he can do that himself but for the most part it isn't true what you say long term. There have been a lot of people on here with health issues due to this B&C lifestyle you talk about. Most of said men didn't start developing health issues until they were fully cemented into middle age. Around the 50 year old threshold. You're still in your 30s, a bit misguided and ultimately advocating that this approach is OK. It isn't and it encourages others to do the same, based on your simple one off bloodwork. Let's see what your bloodwork looks like in 20 years time my friend (if we're all still around to see it that is).
  2. Think carefully before having a go at me old chap. I know more than what you think. Let that notion simmer a bit P.S the UK is far from a free country. Excluding parasites, tax dodgers and benefit cheats of course.
  3. Perhaps have anti oestrogen and anti breast cancer drugs on hand if you need them, but you shouldn't take a whole bunch of prescription pills just because some bloke hiding behind a guise has told you to do so. Probaby most likely someone who isn't medically nor pharmaceutically qualified to make these recommendations. People who make these statements are either going by personal experience or marketing prescription drugs which you may or may not need. They aren't medical practitioners FFS. Also, a lot of people on here have no business going near 19-Nors. Some look like they have only just started out training and looking for a shortcut to 'superior gains'. It won't work, you'll just end up looking like an inflated water balloon. It pi;ses me off. Especially seeing the state of some of these UGL set ups manufacturing this crap. Most of the time by Herberts, with next to no medical experience. Check out the gammons behind Wildcat research labs. I remember one source claiming that they one of the best UGLS going. FFS. https://www.bognor.co.uk/news/crime/couple-who-set-secret-steroid-laboratory-bognor-ordered-pay-back-more-ps1million-110620 Then there was d-hacks, also offered by a couple of mancunian gammons. The c*nt behind it couldn't even keep his personal identify off the radar: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/inside-secret-illegal-wythenshawe-pill-15134148 Also, unless you're a professional body builder, you shouldn't have any need to go near Nandrolone or it's horrible androgenic derivative. **The End**
  4. It's not beyond the realms of possibility. However, how many 14 year olds can you think of have an interest of injecting steroids? Smoking fags or some shitty home grown weed possibly at that age, but injecting juice? No. I don't think so. Also, I have been around here long enough (albeit under an alternate guise) to know that the bloke is full of sh;t.
  5. So funny.....the last thing you (or anyone else for that matter) should be worrying about is UGL testosterone and the esters which have been concocted in a sh;tty lab somewhere. Jesus.
  6. Don't be so naive, he's a lying b*stard.
  7. Neuro pharma

    Get in there quick before it all goes!
  8. Neuro pharma

    I love all these "Oh Rohm, Neuro Pharma and Wild Cat are all the the same people" conspiracy topics. It's funny. They know jack sh*t. It's a fallacy.
  9. Neuro pharma

    Almost certainly? How do you know this? p.s they aren't. It's just a coincidence that your source stocks both (and I know who that is).
  10. It's mostly due to insecurities in one way or another. Shorter guys tend to feel insignificant, taller guys want to appear to be more threatening/intimidating. You will grow out of these scenarios after 40 years old when you have more important things to worry about. It's actually quite childish past 30 years old in my opinion.
  11. You thought wrong - it isn’t. Don’t believe everything you read on this forum. It’s probably still cooked up in sh;tty conditions and with similar (if not the same) raw materials.
  12. CoronaVirus - predicted death toll on UK

    Just about as dull as Brexit this is.
  13. That's not a cruise

    I wasn't going to reply anymore in this thread, but, it's actually quite pleasant and interesting to discuss this with somebody who actually has some sense and isn't a total retard. For reference, I have used PEDs for a couple of decades. I don't use anything now, but years back things were closely knit and access to genuine pharmaceuticals were a priviledge. That seems to have dried up now and become obselete. I hate the fact than any fucker can manufacture this s**t in their kitchen or bathtub. In a way I am supportive of the ban of chinese raws. No doubt I will get flamed for this, but, years ago we didn't have the minefield which we are faced with nowadays. Of course things like Trenbolone have never been approved for human consumption (it's derived from cattle fina pellets after all) but you didn't have so many potato bodied tossers cooking it up in a caravan much like a breaking bad scenario.
  14. That's not a cruise

    Fair points about a police raid and the media making it look even more shitty, but it was still a shitty set up. Far from men in white coats. They actually look like a couple of middle aged alcoholics. Perhaps I'm just getting old, but looking back I think I was off my head injecting myself with this s**t. Luckily I have come away fairly unscathed unlike some people. This is actually very horrible and the fact that so many shitheads can just set up these so called 'labs' in worse conditions is quite terrifying. There's a male or female in another thread on here who is in hospital (or been in hospital) due to the consequences of injecting a liquid which was clearly contaminated and manufactured in unscrupulous conditions. Anyway, I'll leave you to it and sorry to Swole Troll for any sort of derailment.
  15. That's not a cruise

    Got a question for you.....if you had known how it had been manufactured would you have used it still? p.s I have used it also in the past. I know UGLs are shady but that set up is pretty horrific and this as you say was within the top 10 of reputable UK UGLs.
  16. That's not a cruise

    I’ve mentioned the same thing many times before and got nothing but abuse for it. Slightly off topic but reality is that your steroids are manufactured in conditions like this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5678145/amp/Couple-lived-lavish-lifestyle-running-1m-steroids-lab-claiming-benefits-jailed.html
  17. Think I'm going vegan

    Judging by this response, you're either very young and naive or maybe just very thick. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know that leaving the EU without a deal is the worst decision. You're probably a builder or sparky by trade. In your own head, you think that all the foreigners will just disappear leaving you some leg-room when Brexit is in full effect.
  18. Think I'm going vegan

    Lewis Hamilton is not an athlete. He is a formula 1 racing driver. Are you excited about this fad, as much as you were about a no deal Brexit? You sound like a c**t if I'm honest.
  19. Human chorionic gonadotropin

    Says who mate? Any evidence to back this up? There are people (even on here) who have run HCG throughout cycle and even B&C for years and come off without using clomid and nolva and have been OK. 'Mars' for instance was one of those guys. Obivously recovery, and length-on and age might be a factor but I would say that PCT is a nonsense. Nobody used those meds back in the day, plus clomid and nolva can make some people very ill.
  20. Nexus Labs G2G?

    Yeah true fella, I can't disagree. You can get genuine Nebido without a script if you know where to look but it costs a fortune. Pharma Deca is certainly a distant memory however.
  21. Nexus Labs G2G?

    Perhaps I am getting old. When you get to a ripe old age like mine and you see how some of this crap is manufactured you ask yourself a lot of questions and get a moment of clarity. Years ago, there were no forums like these and very few UGLs. In those days, people used organon sustanon, deca durabolin, bayer primobolan and anapolon (all pharmacy). We need not worry about herberts manufacturing concoctions on a wide scale in sheds, shipping containers, old stables and using cement mixers. It's a different world now.
  22. Nexus Labs G2G?

    Yeah I know all about the d-hacks cement mixer (seen many instances of it in the press). I have also seen the 2 behind that lab who were no where near close to being men in white coats or bodybuilders. A cement mixer to mix pharmaceutical powders? Jesus Christ. Does this sort of s**t not worry any of you lot? "Oh but it was brand new bruv so it's bound to be sterile". S**t I forgot, of course it is. Silly me. I'm looking forward to finally stocking up on pharma testosterone, fcuk this UGL minefield. Jesus Christ.
  23. Nexus Labs G2G?

    Wildcat was manufactured in a squalid shed, fact. What is 'ass' and not factual are the claims some people on here make, it's speculation. So many people claiming to be 'in the know'. For example, posts like "The wildcat man is not producing anymore because he's ill in hospital, I can verify this because my mate is a personal friend of his". Blah blah blah. Nope, he was caught red handed doing things he shouldn't have been doing in a crappy shed and got closed down by the authorities which is why production ceased. Fact, I got sent inconsistent filled vials. The lad I quoted above has mentioned that it's been making him feel ill and given him bad PIP. I am not sure I want to use it because of this. It doesn't fill me with much confidence. I did not say that there's no active hormone in these substances, but, it's not a good look really is it? To me anyway. But crack on lad, these are literally just my thoughts and that's what these forums are about. A place to share knowledge and experiences. If the products are working for you then that's good for you lad. It's also laughable that you say Taylormade were the "UK's biggest UGL". No f*cker had ever heard of them outside of these closed-knit forums. ROHM (for instance) is a UGL which most bodybuilding people have heard of.
  24. Nexus Labs G2G?

    There are way too many amateur set ups these days. Every c**t is having a go at this. Even wildcat, a longstanding and respected UGL turned out to be manufactured in some squalid shed in a sordid yard. I didn’t spend much but I am thinking of throwing into the bin as all of this doesn’t feel me with much confidence.