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  1. I’ll get around to you when I have a spare few.
  2. Yes it is. It causes insomnia, it’s bad for your digestive system, turns you into a red sweaty mess sends your blood pressure through the roof and turns you into a bell-end too. It’s a kunts drug indeed, but you know crack on :o) This forum is full of Hamptons anyway.
  3. Taking steroids is bad for you regardless of the silly approaches people suggest on here. Come on. If you’re in it for the long haul you might as well just stay on. PCT is a load of bollocks. Messing around with anti-cancer treatment with no real reason to won’t help your sanity. PCT is a relatively new approach. No fucker used it years ago and people got on fine. Whether you recover or not is dependent on many many factors. Personally though I would just use testosterone. Stay the f**k away from 19 nors if you’re really that worried about recovering. Also, use 1000iu of HCG once a week. That will definitely help.
  4. But if you use Tren, you are asking for trouble. It’s a cu**s steroid. Simple as that.
  5. No it’s not that bad at all. Stop scaremongering. Also, I’m not an advocate for so called PCT meds. They cause the mental trauma. You will feel s**t for a bit, give it a while and your body will sort itself out. It can take a while though. It really isn’t that bad.
  6. Will this mess be over now?

    Likely but he's confusing technology. One is an operating system, the other is an application. It doesn't fill me with much confidence that he is technology minded factoring in these posts of his.
  7. Will this mess be over now?

    I would leave out the technical stuff when it comes to computing as you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. There is no 'windows 2007'. If you're talking desktop computers, it was likely to be Windows XP. Likely connected to Windows Server 2003 stacks. **Disclaimer. I have worked in IT for more than 15 years. I know all about it very well.
  8. Test heptylate

    Towel is getting all salty because he's having trouble shifting his Nexus stock.... It's Shite! They couldn't even fill the vials correctly. So what else do they not care about? It's a pony lab. Probably knocked up in his Mums's bathtub. Most people outside of these forums have never heard of these 'labs'. Do and inject what you want though.
  9. Training partner becoming a wuss

    Corr - spoken like a true unit. Haha. Joking aside, the real lifters do not have time to bitch and moan about what others are doing in the gym. Real lifters have a solid routine in place when it comes to diet and a training plan. They are focused. Those people spend so much time preping meals in the kitchen and working their arses off in the gym to look like units. The melted, candle looking physique people are the ones who complain a lot about what others are doing in the gym. Just get on with it and f**k off what others are doing. It's a marathon anyway not a sprint. It takes years of a lot hard work and dediction to get looking good. I've been there.
  10. When will we recover?

    When all the mongs stay inside and abide by the goverment rules. That's when. Gym mongs are not exempt. Like it or lump it.
  11. Gym owners please refuse to close!

    If you use Tren, but never bothered training legs you are a prime bombaclaat. Tren is for advanced trainers. Someone not training legs is far from advanced. Gyms will shut for a bit. Get used to it.
  12. What happened to DLTBB?

    Hey look, I don't come on here often, but I have had notifications to some of my responses so I will lay things out simply for the more intellectually challenged here..... If you're advertising drugs for sale (I couldn't give a s**t of the legality around it) but if it's on facebook, instgram or wherever it maybe - you are a prime Bomboclaat as far as I am concerned. When will you tools learn?
  13. Women are wired differently to men. It goes back to Neanderthal times - even to this day. Ask yourself, why are there so many young single mothers about rocking push chairs and no fella to be seen? It's because the fella did his beans up there, got the girl pregnant s**t himself then legged it. That's UK society for you, in certain areas that is.
  14. It was so good I even took the trouble to go back and give it a like. I don't do that often.
  15. This is probably the most mature and sensible response you will receive after asking a question like that on here. @ The OP by the way
  16. What happened to DLTBB?

    So, 2 years on I was correct then? Tekkers is inside as well. Foolishly boasting about sales on facebook and instagram. Oh deary me. Both are idiots but at least one of them sculpted an admirable physique. The other one looked like a potato.
  17. What happened to DLTBB?

    Davis would have been alright if he hadn't raised his hand to Eckersley's radio.
  18. I can’t inject myself

    Put simply. If you're not man enough to inject you're not man enough for steroids.
  19. Head aches m ( migraines)

    I have in the past. Check your blood pressure. It's normally the cause.
  20. Home Brew Filters

    He'd have to be a complete idiot to admit that. I care because 'brewing' steroids seems to be a trend these days much like how brewing beer was in the 1980s. The only difference is, manufacturing injectable steroids is very dangerous and should not be carried out by the average Joe, and shouldn't be advocated on here. For everyone's sake as well as his own. Anyway, as you were.... 'Brains'.
  21. Home Brew Filters

    Oh great. Another gammon intent on preparing injectables in his house..... What's this one going to be called? Covid-19 Ghost? I don't think anyone's claimed that trademark yet....
  22. Go and pay for it privately you ponce. The NHS are heavily under funded and currently under pressure as it is with people who are actually ill, some of which of no fault of their own. If you take UGL steroids which have been concocted in some Pakistani's basement, pay for your own extended treatment. Reading things like this seriously pisses me off. You are not entitled, bottom of the list when it comes to the NHS and their long list of patient waiting queues. Best regards
  23. Just a tit I think. This whole thread is bollocks. Misleading, misguiding and above all irresponsible. F*ck! I promised myself that I would never look in this daft section again, but there's always something tempting me towards it.... Enough now, got more important things to be concerned about other than daft, vanity driven tits worrying about blasting and cruising. Christ almighty. Bunch of tossers.
  24. Your thread title states that you can B&C and stay healthy when it couldn't be further from the truth for most. I can't speak for the man, he can do that himself but for the most part it isn't true what you say long term. There have been a lot of people on here with health issues due to this B&C lifestyle you talk about. Most of said men didn't start developing health issues until they were fully cemented into middle age. Around the 50 year old threshold. You're still in your 30s, a bit misguided and ultimately advocating that this approach is OK. It isn't and it encourages others to do the same, based on your simple one off bloodwork. Let's see what your bloodwork looks like in 20 years time my friend (if we're all still around to see it that is).