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  1. Thanks for the understanding. Believe it or not I actually prefer to get along with people. but I can't stand stupid s**t either
  2. Besides, with Trenbolone you really aren't getting what it says on the label in terms of terms of dosage. That red bloke is not on 600mg of Trenbolone per week - definitely not. Get your liquids tested. You need to remember that most of this s**t is manufactured by some Knob in a shed somewhere with zero pharmaceutical expertise nor qualifications. Do I really need to post up D-Hacks and WildCat busts again? They were far from people in white coats. They looked like a bunch of alcoholics and you're pumping this in to your body...... And then you wonder why I have a go at you
  3. That's a shame - I thought we levelled here. I've used Tren - I just told you. I don't get on with Deca either. 19Nors. It's not supposed to be in the human body which is why people experience problems with it. You don't need either. Just use testosterone. If you are competing then yes I understand the use of 19Nors, of course. But the average gym or home trainer doesn't need it. Now that's going to piss off a lot of salesmen right now but f**k it. Some people need to have a duty of care.
  4. I'm replying to you because even though we haven't gotten on very well, it's clear to me that you are experienced in dabbling with these drugs. As stated, I have been into cast iron lifting for about 20 years. A lot of it natural, the rest injecting questionable things into my body. In my experience a lot of these things are bad for you. The worst being Trenbolone. I am going to tell you something very perosnal now (you don't know me so I can talk about it here) but I lost a job due to Trenbolone useage. It made me extremely aggressive and extremely alpha-male like. So aggressive that it caused me unemployment and a lot of legal issues which I won't expand on. In my experience, it's a terrible drug to use. You only have to look around on this forum to see that many other people suffer problems like this while using the s**t. Yes for a while you will look sick, jacked, invicible looking etc etc etc but when you have been sacked from your job because you have aggressively told your boss to 'f**k off' is it really worth all that vanity? I think not but maybe I'm just getting old and worry about paying the mortgage and bills. Especially during s**t times likes
  5. To build a solid keepable frame takes years of solid hard work. Diet, consistency in the gym and loads of hard work but it takes literally years. It took about 10 years for me. On and off steroids. Testosterone is king in my opinion. Tren is a nasty horrible drug. It causes a lot body trauma and personal life issues as well. It will make you angry, it could compromise your job, fall out with friends and family too. It really isn't worth the agg.
  6. I'll be honest, you don't look particularly fantastic factoring in the amount of liquid you are injecting into your body. You are carrying a lot of bloat and I can see that your haematocrit and haemogloblin is very high. The redness in your skin gives it away and you are very bloated with water and glycogen retention. You won't stay looking like that. When you come off it will be akin to someone sticking a pin into a water baloon. You will deflate I guarantee. I don't mean to be mean to you but it's on the cards. When I was talking about 19Nors being short lived, they are. You won't stay looking like that indefinitely.
  7. Nope. As I said before, I am no alias. I am bloke a who has been in the game for a long time. 20 years? I started lifting when I was 24 and I am now 44. I have used most steroids on and off and Human Growth hormone as well. I am giving away valuable life experience - for free! And you lot are insulting me for that wealth of experience? Bunch of twats.
  8. I certainly won't miss you and your zero input - that's for sure.
  9. Way too much gear. Look at the state of you. You are red raw. Take your blood pressure and give me the readings. I'm actually concerned about you - you're a stroke waiting to happen.
  10. This is clearly not the forum for me so I'm fu**ing off now. Enjoy a lot of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lower left ventricle problems, testicle hypertrophy, enlarged heart, blood clots etc etc etc. The way you lot are carrying on, it will happen. It's just a matter of time. Merry Xmas
  11. Errrrr......I didn't say any of that so don't go tripping yourself up now
  12. Oh pack it in will you, this is daft. Do you really want to sit up all night bickering about this? I'm more than happy to as I'm working nights, are you? Getting paid to argue with gearheads is no problem for me. It's Xmas and things are settling down.
  13. Again, I haven't insulted you once. Let's not bring my 'intelligence' into this as I find that frankly insulting to a certain degree.
  14. Impressive. Do you really need 600mg of tren though? It's a lot and you look red raw there. Carrying a lot of water as well.....what else are you on? I'm not taking the piss, funnily enough I am actually interested even if I do come across as being cantankerous.
  15. Don't be so senstive. Where have I insulted you? I said you keep coming back like a herpes sore.....it's just banter.
  16. Ah, you again. You keep coming back (much like a herpes sore) difficult to shake off. Point me in the direction of these pictures of a bloke bossin' 600mg of trenbolone per week for a number of weeks. I will be expecting to see an absolute beast of a male so don't go disappointing me lad
  17. Also @js77 I have clicked on your profile and seen your back physique. You definitely do not look like someone who uses 600mg of trenbolone a week Get a refund mate
  18. 600mg of properly dosed Trenbolone in your body per week is frankly insane. As far as I am concerned. This also doesn't deliver safe information to new guys looking at getting on the enhancement train when people like you post up s**t like this. It pisses me off reading it. Unless you are looking at getting on stage, you have no business going near something as powerful as trenbolone. Jesus.
  19. No - far from natty pal. You don't know me so quit casting those insinuations. You have been using 600mg of Trenbolone a week? With no side effects? Are you for real? Which 'lab'? I don't believe you. Either that or your gear is seriously underdosed. Ever had it checked?
  20. I’m not an advocate of blast and cruise. I said you might as well stay on. Like for 6 months or so and then come off naturally. 10-12 week cycles are pointless to me as well. It takes a long time to build muscle even with steroids. It’s a marathon not a sprint. So why constantly interfere with your hormones 12 weeks on and off on and off on off. It’s silly. To reiterate I have never ‘blasted’. When I see the quoted amounts of liquid and pills people put into their body and they don’t even look like they lift it baffles me.
  21. Also, there are very few competitive looking body builders on here. Most on here look like gym rats who have no business going near any of that s**t anyway.
  22. I’ve used everything and apart from Testosterone I don’t recommend anything else. All personal experience. I’m also not a steroid salesman unlike many people on here. I tell it how it is from real life experience. I’m in my 40s with a lot experience under my belt.
  23. Yes anti breast cancer drugs are bad for you. They cause a whole bunch of other unwanted side effects and don’t necessarily restart your HPTA. So you put your body through all that trauma for nothing essentially. HCG is more useful to run throughout your cycle than using tamoxifen and clomophene after. It doesn’t guarantee anything but it’s a better punt. 19 Nors are the most suppressive steroids. It’s not supposed to be in the human body, especially Tren. Why do you think people suffer so many bad side affects from Tren? It’s never been approved for human consumption. It’s a veterinary drug which has been re-engineered for meat heads to abuse. It’s actually counter productive and the so called effects are often short lived. You only have to look around on this poxy forum to understand. All of the kunts crying about the side effects. Erm, it’s not supposed to be in your body? That’s why you’re having problems? Thick kunts. Do you want more?
  24. Well you’ve got a lot to say haven’t you? Also in your own head, you’re always correct. lol