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  1. Bullion Pharma

    Christ. Couldn’t be anymore blatant about it even if he wanted to. I won’t be buying it. Stinks of tekkers.
  2. I bet you were. Another retard milking off the HMRC. You were probably doing your house up as well. Covid will only go away once mongs like you comply!
  3. I haven't read through all of this garbage but I'm sure you all know that this is nonsense. It's very clear that some knob has stolen some poor bloke's pictures, made an alias and then used it to bait you lot? That's right isn't it? He looks like a normal bloke who goes to the gym and looks happy with what he's doing - good for him. Why has it taken 4 pages for me to come in and clarify for you? Seriously?
  4. I reckon js77 is probably better suited being a bathtub supporting bastard.
  5. It’s all about Dark Phantom in my opinion. Fantastic lab - superior gains - a stone of skeletal muscle in a fortnight etc etc etc. just say the word
  6. As if I am going to give that information away. Just to reiterate to the intellectually challenged bunch, nobody has ever heard of those labs outside of this forum. One of them ^^^up there couldn’t even be bothered to get the vials filled properly to start with. One of them also came here just to let everyone know that their website has changed and order from the new one instead about a week ago. Talk about begging. LOL
  7. There is one listed there which is far from a shed setup. No cnut (apart from blokes on this forum) have ever heard of the others. I’m 44. We didn’t have all these bathroom or shed setups back then. Dark or southern ghost? FFS Even the names cringe me out.
  8. Just one other notion to add, why is it that there are so many gear heads on here who don't look particularly fantastic? "Oh, I'm on 600mg testosterone, 300mg trenbolone and 300mg masterone per week. I've been on this for 6 weeks now and no side effects?" For fcuk sake.
  9. To be completely fair, honest (and) truthful I was knocking out kids like this since 1997. It just gets boring for me now - I get fed up hearing (or reading) about the shitty lab concoctions. There are too many knobs into this business right now, just to make a few quid. It ain't right. If you can be bothered to read my posts, you will know that this didn't happen years ago.
  10. That's not a great thing to boast about really.
  11. Xmas was great thanks. How about you?
  12. Yeah. I can't be arsed to research the bust and the proceedings around it to post up for the mongs. People can conduct their own research to find out. But both of them were ordered (around this time last year) to pay back a couple of million pounds which will be going into the HMRC pocket. But I do get sick and tired of mongs going on about how much of a 'great lab' it was. It clearly wasn't. It was a 'lab' put together by a couple of gammons with 'some' pharmaceutical know how. It is what it is.
  13. Some people don't like having steroid usage on their NHS medical record. But, echoing what the experienced guys have said, if it's that bad you need to go and see a medical practioner.