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  1. What happened to DLTBB?

    Hey look, I don't come on here often, but I have had notifications to some of my responses so I will lay things out simply for the more intellectually challenged here..... If you're advertising drugs for sale (I couldn't give a s**t of the legality around it) but if it's on facebook, instgram or wherever it maybe - you are a prime Bomboclaat as far as I am concerned. When will you tools learn?
  2. Women are wired differently to men. It goes back to Neanderthal times - even to this day. Ask yourself, why are there so many young single mothers about rocking push chairs and no fella to be seen? It's because the fella did his beans up there, got the girl pregnant s**t himself then legged it. That's UK society for you, in certain areas that is.
  3. It was so good I even took the trouble to go back and give it a like. I don't do that often.
  4. This is probably the most mature and sensible response you will receive after asking a question like that on here. @ The OP by the way
  5. What happened to DLTBB?

    So, 2 years on I was correct then? Tekkers is inside as well. Foolishly boasting about sales on facebook and instagram. Oh deary me. Both are idiots but at least one of them sculpted an admirable physique. The other one looked like a potato.
  6. What happened to DLTBB?

    Davis would have been alright if he hadn't raised his hand to Eckersley's radio.
  7. I can’t inject myself

    Put simply. If you're not man enough to inject you're not man enough for steroids.
  8. Head aches m ( migraines)

    I have in the past. Check your blood pressure. It's normally the cause.
  9. Home Brew Filters

    He'd have to be a complete idiot to admit that. I care because 'brewing' steroids seems to be a trend these days much like how brewing beer was in the 1980s. The only difference is, manufacturing injectable steroids is very dangerous and should not be carried out by the average Joe, and shouldn't be advocated on here. For everyone's sake as well as his own. Anyway, as you were.... 'Brains'.
  10. Home Brew Filters

    Oh great. Another gammon intent on preparing injectables in his house..... What's this one going to be called? Covid-19 Ghost? I don't think anyone's claimed that trademark yet....
  11. Go and pay for it privately you ponce. The NHS are heavily under funded and currently under pressure as it is with people who are actually ill, some of which of no fault of their own. If you take UGL steroids which have been concocted in some Pakistani's basement, pay for your own extended treatment. Reading things like this seriously pisses me off. You are not entitled, bottom of the list when it comes to the NHS and their long list of patient waiting queues. Best regards
  12. Just a tit I think. This whole thread is bollocks. Misleading, misguiding and above all irresponsible. F*ck! I promised myself that I would never look in this daft section again, but there's always something tempting me towards it.... Enough now, got more important things to be concerned about other than daft, vanity driven tits worrying about blasting and cruising. Christ almighty. Bunch of tossers.
  13. Your thread title states that you can B&C and stay healthy when it couldn't be further from the truth for most. I can't speak for the man, he can do that himself but for the most part it isn't true what you say long term. There have been a lot of people on here with health issues due to this B&C lifestyle you talk about. Most of said men didn't start developing health issues until they were fully cemented into middle age. Around the 50 year old threshold. You're still in your 30s, a bit misguided and ultimately advocating that this approach is OK. It isn't and it encourages others to do the same, based on your simple one off bloodwork. Let's see what your bloodwork looks like in 20 years time my friend (if we're all still around to see it that is).
  14. Think carefully before having a go at me old chap. I know more than what you think. Let that notion simmer a bit P.S the UK is far from a free country. Excluding parasites, tax dodgers and benefit cheats of course.
  15. Perhaps have anti oestrogen and anti breast cancer drugs on hand if you need them, but you shouldn't take a whole bunch of prescription pills just because some bloke hiding behind a guise has told you to do so. Probaby most likely someone who isn't medically nor pharmaceutically qualified to make these recommendations. People who make these statements are either going by personal experience or marketing prescription drugs which you may or may not need. They aren't medical practitioners FFS. Also, a lot of people on here have no business going near 19-Nors. Some look like they have only just started out training and looking for a shortcut to 'superior gains'. It won't work, you'll just end up looking like an inflated water balloon. It pi;ses me off. Especially seeing the state of some of these UGL set ups manufacturing this crap. Most of the time by Herberts, with next to no medical experience. Check out the gammons behind Wildcat research labs. I remember one source claiming that they one of the best UGLS going. FFS. https://www.bognor.co.uk/news/crime/couple-who-set-secret-steroid-laboratory-bognor-ordered-pay-back-more-ps1million-110620 Then there was d-hacks, also offered by a couple of mancunian gammons. The c*nt behind it couldn't even keep his personal identify off the radar: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/inside-secret-illegal-wythenshawe-pill-15134148 Also, unless you're a professional body builder, you shouldn't have any need to go near Nandrolone or it's horrible androgenic derivative. **The End**