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  1. For an infection he would get fever like symptons by the 3rd day. He doesnt seem to have fever - so I would also assume bad reaction. Nevertheless - see a GP to be sure. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Did you ever introduce yourself....? That would have been a good start. Now you guys got off on the wrong foot. As it has been said - take a few deep breaths and go talk to him. If you feel like you are losing control - end the conversation politely and either take it up again or you write to the estate agency. Ultimately - you need to "live" there, without constraints that are ridiculous. He chose the bottom apartment and if he did so knowing that he can hear you above, that is his problem, not yours. If this gets out of hand - you can always get a solicitor to send him a polite letter claiming harassment .
  3. fill and freeze immediately... defrost* only what I need for use
  4. Keep to one "freeze - thaw cycle" anyway. But the solution I use has no impact or is it irrelevant if I freeze it?
  5. @ElChapo For HCG - does it make a difference whether you use bac water or NaCl, when you want to store it? I tend to freeze the syringes. Do I need to be afraid of the hcg being "destroyed" or unusable if I use NaCl?
  6. They were fine then - now they are smaller just came off running pct. I did run HCG during cycle so they havnt lost too much in size. Running Clomid & Nolva for pct. Should I throw a chunk of HCG in or just wait it out?
  7. I honestly do not remember, he said LH is lower but still in norm range and FSH was also a lower number. (within normal range) He said if FSH spikes then its time to worry. I will get re-tested on a few weeks (running pct atm) - but if I am shutdown I screwed no? If suppressed then I can bounce back? Or am I missing a part here?
  8. Question in regards to fertility... We all know there is a risk - what indicators can you check for? I went to an urologist and he looked at FSH levels and said, nothing to be worried about... Can you give me some info on this...?
  9. Had a reaction few weeks back.. started new vial, shot in delt... then my arm and delt went red, hot, swelling. No fever. went to doc to be sure- he said allergic reaction - dispose of vial, stop injections until its gone. There is a risk of anaphylactic shock - worst case. Depends on body - you can wait it out as some have done here or you go to GP. They should give you anti histamines and in my case prednisone. Problem solved.
  10. could be allergic reaction - if there is no fever, no immediate pain or a lump. Then its probably just an allergic reaction. If you want to double check go to GP.
  11. Your problem is you waking up in the night with muscle ache? (Magnesium and better recovery) Sleeping aid may help (not advisable long term). Additional to that - check your stimulants. You wont be able to sleep the night through if your body is high on stimulants like beta-alanine. Do you understand the concept? Ideally you want your brain and body to work in sync - and not in the opposite way. i.e brain - stimulant body- trying to rest. take @Natty Steve'o as an example - he mentioned that he takes a nap in the afternoon without any issues. This works why? His body and brain are in sync - they both want the same thing. as others have stated - re-think diet.
  12. imo - there is your problem - Beta-Alanine, is a stimulant and depending on how much you take this can keep you awake. I used to have same problem and only a combo of Gaba and Melatonin could help me get the sleep I needed. BA I would take earlier if you need it - trial and error until you manage to sleep better. If you have soreness through in some extra magnesium. Helps a ton, especially after legdays.
  13. Phone Upgrade Recommendations!

    I started with an Iphone way back in the day, upgraded to Samsung went through s6 and 2x s7edge (break too easily). Then bought a Huawei P9 lite as a spare. With my new contract got a Huawei p10 Plus. couldnt be happier.
  14. HCG Brands?

    I preload the slin pins and freeze them. This might be useful https://researchpeptides.com/5098-basics-hcg.html