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  1. Have you ever thumped anyone

    Phone-front right pocket. Money(notes) -front left pocket. House key-back left pocket. Coins-back right pocket. Car key-front left pocket usually. I have no use for carrying ‘documents’ around, in fact I can’t even think why I’d need to. What I’ve never understood is folk who carry a wallet full of cards, why?! Or a bunch of keys, again why?! Since Corona, I haven’t used cash so instead of 2 pockets used up I just carry an empty wallet with my card in it. I could just take my card I guess.
  2. New gym setups

    Or scrap metal wagon.
  3. Gym Characters

    He’ll see this when he logs in.
  4. @imtoosexy dick has been dead far longer but he still talks of its majesty.
  5. The bloke is so sexy he’s totally immersed in the ladies, so much so that he hasn’t seen a man for over 30yrs.
  6. Have you ever thumped anyone

    I’m guessing it was the buckle that’s on your man bag/comfort blanket.
  7. Gym Characters

  8. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    Haha, I’d be the same. I’ve not got a clue what these mean.
  9. Gym Characters

    As a kid I had a mate who’s brother in law was a competitive BB from London. I believe he did quite well. This would have been 30yrs ago. Not @bigaldevlin is it? He has a log in the relevant section.
  10. Have you ever thumped anyone

    it’ll be s**t. Haha.
  11. Won’t 80% of those who did the same thing as you be wanting to do the same thing?
  12. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    YOU are a triple whopper.
  13. BAME and that racist coronavirus!

    Should probably wheel the oldies out into the garden.
  14. Gyms are open

    Mine ain’t.
  15. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    I’ve zero interest in McDonald’s stuff.
  16. June 13th

    That’s great. It’s going well, back to lifting slightly heavier stuff so I’m happy. That combined with walking the dog keeps me content.
  17. BAME and that racist coronavirus!

    Oops, did they gang up on you?
  18. BAME and that racist coronavirus!

    My job involves working on older and/or disabled folks houses to enable them to live safely in their own homes so I see some families who can’t do enough for their family members but then I also see the other end of the spectrum which obviously rubs me up the wrong way.
  19. June 13th

    How’s your training going anyway?
  20. BAME and that racist coronavirus!

    I can understand why they do it and I think it’s nice that they look after their elders but during these times, the younger family members should be much more careful.
  21. And the weight plates, the knurling on the bars, etc.
  22. BAME and that racist coronavirus!

    Something that doesn’t appear to be accounted for is that a lot of families from BAME groups live with a few generations of the family. So while the younger ones are going about like it’s not their problem, they’re passing it on the vulnerable members of the household. With more older members of that group getting Covid, more are going to die?
  23. Any boxers on here?

    How about the family do some stretching programme to get into the splits in X-amount weeks?