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  1. Doctor rang me

  2. What happened to DLTBB?

    Mostly in your mind.
  3. Home gym pissing contest

    Can get the two female swivel ones So you can insert some pole and put into some 20kg plates for the floor end although think they’re 27 and 34mm around the 1” size. https://www.keyclampstore.com/single-swivel-173-b-34 The above image may help.
  4. Home gym pissing contest

    Kee-clamp. Many rails use them.
  5. Ronnie Coleman

    Dem slender lower legs be like....needing them!!!
  6. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    100? What you gonna curl??!!
  7. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    We want it so you can send us updates, not that you’ll do it.
  8. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    Typically the lad ain’t so game for it is he? Too much gibberish.
  9. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    Serious proposition, if you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, I’ll the pay the £2k for you to fly to Somalia or Sudan if someone else pays for a few Gig internet so you can post up on here til caught.
  10. Ronnie Coleman

    I did train calves the day I got my cast off. Wasn’t the best of ideas but my recovery was really good.
  11. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    It’s akin to wondering if cycling(pedalling not jabbing) is cardio. Both are using the legs. The rest between sets is no different to say Phartlek training where the HR lowers then you go again pushing to a high HR. One could say that 5 sets of high rep squats could be the same as 5 flat out running blasts? Another exercise that could be used is power cleans. They always got me breathing heavy.
  12. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    What’s wrong with high rep squats and deadlifts?
  13. Fight over game of pool

    Like a chameleon I am.
  14. I’ve learned this winter is gonna be a bit s**t with no winter holiday.
  15. Fight over game of pool

    We’d let you sit with or even ‘on’ us if you ask nicely.
  16. Cook Books

    But are you gaining?
  17. Cook Books

    Can try doing things like chicken skewers(onions, peppers too) and serve with rice. Sliced beef would work too.
  18. Cook Books

    Why not 50/50 ?
  19. Cook Books

    Almost bolognaise with soy? do you not like chicken?
  20. Cook Books

    Just mince?
  21. Lock down again

    Absolutely. I was saying to someone else on here that right now it doesn’t matter what you have to do to keep earning and be busy but keep in mind that it’s only until you find another permanent job. I’d imagine that the warehouses will be where the work will be until Xmas, whether they’ll all be in green tights and noddy hat is anyone’s guess. Haha.
  22. Lock down again

    It’s crap that folk have been losing their jobs. Hope you find something soon(unless you’re enjoying the break).
  23. Lock down again

    Bit crap losing the job. As a Christmas Elf, at least your cardio will be done unless in the sorting office?
  24. Ronnie Coleman

    I sometimes see really old folk out running, back in their day they probably ran marathons in fast times but now they’re barely faster than a brisk walk. some even looked fcuked when setting off let alone towards the end. Haha. Truth is, they’re enjoying it as I am sure Ronnie Coleman is. Haha you donut. In fairness you’re looking better than your previous attempt. Keep it up.