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  1. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Don’t want no trouble.
  2. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Read it again now it’s edited.
  3. Any cyclists?

    I’m not big into cycling so not really the right person to ask. I just have a Boardman Team Hybrid and an old Marin MTB. I’ve done up to 75mile road rides which at 112kg(at the time) isn’t bad going.
  4. Any cyclists?

    I wear Lycra when cycling.
  5. Any cyclists?

    Strangely I find covering distance and changes of scenery more motivating hence I’d go road bike. I have a Hybrid and a mountain bike, I only used the mountain bike to take the dog out when I was feeling lazy but she’s older now so doesn’t need to go so far.
  6. Any cyclists?

    Now I’m back home from walking...... Maybe like at the Triban (I think it was the 3) from Decathlon, that used to get great reviews and compared with bikes in the £1,000 range. Buying second hand is awkward cos for all you know the components could be half bolloxed despite still riding ok. Pedals, maybe get these(obviously shop around). Can use cleats or flats. https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/shimano-spd-m324-pedals
  7. Any cyclists?

    Very few cycle, most stay on but say they’re off or on low doses.
  8. My calves growth experiment

    The thing that got my slender calves firing a bit more was regular cycling In the hills focusing on using calves especially after a good Leg hammering. That and using the seated calf raise machine.
  9. Garage Gym Power Building

    Why don’t you put wooden blocks under your rack feet to raise it to the right height? Could use pieces of inch ply. Also, when you squat, why not put the pins lower so when you re-rack you can just ‘fall’ into it and drop down? I find that far easier than trying to get higher to rack. Cheers for sharing.
  10. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    I doubt he’s trying to impress teenagers.
  11. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Who’s to say he doesn’t already struggle getting up the stairs? I’m gonna call him Stan, short for Stannah.
  12. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    Sure. Can’t catch Aids twice apparently.
  13. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    s**t, thought I’d hidden it.
  14. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    Off my tree.