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  1. Feel cheated.....

    He’s about as big as Lou’s hand.
  2. Feel cheated.....

    I feel cheated when people post pics only to later find they’re sub 5’ 10.
  3. 20mins - 4 hours walking the dog. Sometimes jump on the exercise bike.
  4. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    Lol, nothing like only telling part of the story until prompted. Thankfully one less arsewipe on the road.
  5. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    What grips my s**t is that I doubt many regular folk will even use it due to the cost of tickets being so high yet taxpayers money is to fund it? Sounds about right. Next issue is that the design is now becoming old and by the time it’s completed it’ll be old and the competitors will be moved forwards with better tech. Jobs? Most jobs will be outsourced bringing in foreign workers. The contracts will be issued to large companies based abroad so a lot of the money will leave the country and likely not even get any tax back on it.
  6. bulk powders fined

    Not IF, they were warned otherwise the courts would unlikely have fined them so much.
  7. My legs are in bits!!

    Squat monster checkin’ in.
  8. Coronavirus conspiracies

    No, my password eventually worked, then next day I’d forgotten it. ?
  9. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    I ride like a tit too.
  10. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    Worth a few quid these days aren’t they? My mate had one.
  11. bulk powders fined

    Perhaps they should have acted on the previous advice and guidance when given? That’s kind how it reads.
  12. Thyroid problem

    Possibly. There ain’t really any tips/tricks except abusing the drugs if that’s your thing. Personally I just train hard and eat clean ish. Cutting is s**t as I feel beyond s**t hence I don’t cut much.
  13. Thyroid problem

    Been on 100+ since my early teens, now 43yrs old and on 125 although doc would rather I was on 150. Yes, it’s harder but doable.