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  1. Swiss bars

    Funny you say this, this last weekend I have swapped from forcing my arms to keeping palms inwards and pressing this way. I haven’t pushed hard yet doing this but will push harder next week. DOMS feels good
  2. Have you looked into the Ossets? Zero noise and a lot of trials places have a class for them. Learn the skills before the speed IMO.
  3. Motorbike. It’s relatively cheap in terms of motorsport, gives great skills and it’s sociable. Rugby would another I’d hope a kid would want to do but must say I’d feel disappointed if they wanted to play football. I’d have to reluctantly go along with it dragging my feet. Haha. Although I’ve been lifting weights for 30yrs, Muay Thai on top of that for some years along with bits of BJJ/Judo I wouldn’t take a kid to do these unless they asked to do it, I guess I’d go along with whatever they asked.
  4. Did anyone put weight on over Christmas

    On my ‘chocolate bars’.
  5. Strongest man in history

    Did you watch ‘Lance’? It was on BBC last year but I missed it and watched part 1 last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08qzcqr
  6. Did anyone put weight on over Christmas

    I put weight on over Christmas.....on the bar!!
  7. Strongest man in history

    I used to do it but now use someone’s Netflix account so kinda makes it worthwhile having broadband. Living alone does make it hard to justify having broadband though.
  8. Strongest man in history

    Council telly.
  9. Any North East lads doing MMA?

    @Donny dog if interested in Muay Thai, you won’t go far wrong with Melton Assassins although this may be a bit further than you wish to travel.
  10. The gym build

    My garage is partly under my house and the exposed pitched roof is insulated. It doesn’t really make much difference since the door has plenty of gaps to let the cold wind through.
  11. The gym build

    Haha, I trained back this morning which isn’t fun gripping the bar but two sets in and I’m fine. Yesterday I trained chest and wore a fleece jacket to keep my arms warm. I stopped using a calor heater as they create moisture to rust the kit.
  12. Did anyone put weight on over Christmas

    Imagine being that donut that bought some overpriced gym kit at first lockdown 1, sold them 4 weeks before the end of lockdown 1 as prices were falling........
  13. Just found this of me in the 80's

    Young Kenneth line to the boys, “if you play your cards right.... You can bounce yer baws off my chin!!”
  14. Just found this of me in the 80's

    I’d say you’re by far more ‘andsome than @imtoosexy
  15. Just found this of me in the 80's

    Very ‘andsome.