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  1. Day 7

    It’s not essential unfortunately. Should’ve bought it and stored it. Haha.
  2. No more equipment trainers

    People need to open their eyes.
  3. What’s everyone training today?

    There’s no stopping winners.
  4. @Flubs the wait and suspense is killing me.
  5. Boris has Corona

    IMO, it shows that anyone can catch it so stay the fcuk within your home boundaries unless really required to go out.
  6. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    Depends if he’s got a fridge.
  7. Day 6

    Hendas gym ain’t closed.
  8. Day 6

    Got plenty if you live locally.
  9. The two pics were from when I rode through France. My current favourite bread is chilli and cheddar bread from Co-Op. if still warm it’s lovely on its own or rip it open and put a pack of bacon in it.
  10. Too many factors to decide. Cold weather - in a soup. Warm bread - on its own. On the continent - with whatever.
  11. Day 5

    As you say, there’s always someone else worse off. With your equipment you should be fine, extra reps if not enough weight.
  12. Day 5

    This is torture!!!
  13. Corona and kids visiting with grandparents

    ‘Elderly’puts them at huge risk.