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  1. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    Awesome thanks it’s on the list of things to add, can you dm me with where you’d get them at the moment?
  2. It’s official, we now have a monthly direct debit made out to uk-muscle.co.uk! If you want to help us pay it off then you’re more than welcome to come spend all your hard earned furlough cash at https://ukmedi.co.uk where you will be welcomed with a UKM10 10% discount code We’ve got a few existing customers in here so if you want to leave a review about us that would be great thanks!
  3. We have a handy peptide calculator on our website if you need to work measurements or check you’ve got it right https://ukmedi.co.uk/peptide-dilution-calculator/
  4. Bigger the number, smaller the diameter of the needle. Colours SHOULD always be the same number, but there are quite a few occasions where there are multiple sizes with the same colour. Confusing eh.
  5. Orange is 25g Brown is 26g Grey 27g You’ve got yellow 30g we sell 32g needles that are specific to facial injections as well
  6. We have a 27g,29g and 30g insulin syringe if you want something a bit bigger so the oil flows faster. Always found back filling a PITA and insulin syringes aren’t the cheapest. https://ukmedi.co.uk/1ml-0-5-27g-unisharp-syringe-needle/ if it’s scar tissue you’re worried about there are options for disposable needles that are 25/27 gauge.
  7. They will have an expiry date on them, the stock we have now usually has an expiry date of around 2025 at the moment so it’s all likely what you have is still in date. that being said I’d very much doubt it wouldn’t be sterile even after the expiry date
  8. Oh hey! Obviously Im biased but... https://ukmedi.co.uk and use UKM10 for 10% off too
  9. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    That's great to here thanks for the support
  10. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    I'll stick this in here in case anyone doesn't see it elsewhere, we now have a peptide dilution calculator on the site https://ukmedi.co.uk/peptide-dilution-calculator/
  11. Hey I’ve struggled to find online peptide calculators in the past (and when I’ve found one it’s disappeared or the sites stopped working) so we have now added a Peptide Calculator to our site https://ukmedi.co.uk/peptide-dilution-calculator/ any problems with it please let me know
  12. Morning We've just added a couple of new products to the site 1.5" Orange Unisharp Needles 2" Green Terumo Needles Also we have the 0.3ml 0.5ml and 1ml BD Insulin Syringes now Also got some 50ml luer lock syringes going live this weekend if you want to try a SHIC cycle. (joking - obvs!)
  13. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    We send in as small a box or jiffy as possible, some boxes of needles are a PITA because they are long boxes but they are always still the smallest we can send and always plain brown. Returns address doesn’t have the website on either https://ukmedi.co.uk/shipping-returns/
  14. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    Hello mate, all needles we sell have a luer connector so they fit on either slip or lock syringes
  15. Youd have to twist pretty hard to put your hand at that angle though!
  16. I don’t think you’d get a 29g in a disposable needle 27 (grey) or 30 (yellow) are the common ones. we do have some 29g coming but they are specifically for injection in the face and will be about £30 a box if you look on our site under needles by colour it will give you all the colours and gauge sizes together https://ukmedi.co.uk/by-colour/
  17. I don't like the idea of doing glutes! Not flexible enough, don't like delts either. (and I'm sure @stargazer once said that (no science) nearly all of the infections he knows of are delt injections) Ventro is pretty easy to find, Im sure i used the spot injection guide. Its on my todo list to do a nice up to date set of instructions and guide to needle lengths for our site. If you want the easiest spot though (IMO) go for lats
  18. Unless you're stage lean I'd doubt you'd get any in a muscle! 1" in ventroglute is easy, if you really want to use a half inch then maybe chest if you're lean
  19. Just messaged you
  20. There’s probably someone out there using a pink, that would be like shoving a scaffold pole into the muscle
  21. I bet you’d be surprised how many people harpoon themselves with a green every week!
  22. Awesome, if you have any issues just drop me a message
  23. Curfew of 6pm for men.

    It wasn't a serious suggestion, they said it to show how everyone gets angry at suggesting men should be curfewed but nothing is said when it's suggested women don't go out alone at night.
  24. 3” needle? You using cattle grade equipment?! Colour references the gauge not the length (although the thinner the needle the shorter they get for max length) We do have a 1.5” Grey Needle that’s about as long and thin as it gets
  25. What do you think about trainedbyjp?

    There’s still a monthly option on there?