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  1. Needles and Syringes

    If any of you that's ordered gets a request to write a review, would really appreciate you leaving one (with honest feedback). The last one on our company page said the Terumo needles they had were blunt (unlikely) and I'd like it to not be the first one people see
  2. Extended 24 hours Sale

    Like anything lockdown related the goalposts are liable to move at any time... So we’ve extended the sale by 24 hours Shop Medical Syringes Shop Medical Needles Shop Medical Supplies
  3. Best online butchers?

    I’ve been disappointed with every online butchers I’ve used at some point. Local butcher/Supermarket trip every few days for me
  4. Extended 24 hours Sale

    To celebrate (hopefully) the country reopening on the 12th April we have 12% off the whole store today. Discount is automatically added at checkout. It’s also my birthday. So celebrate it with medical disposables https://ukmedi.co.uk
  5. I'm now gold.

    It’s a club with only one member so I feel special and my mum says I am too
  6. I'm now gold.

    Its missing the real top tier, some of us pay a subscription fee
  7. These are like getting hens teeth at the moment with literally the whole world scrabbling around for something to give the vaccine with. But we have a limited amount back in stock 1ml Terumo Luer Slip Syringes We do always have the 1ml Reduced Dead Space Syringes in stock though (which I think are better!) We've also changed up our postage options, you can now choose a fully tracked (by Royal Mail) 24 or 48 service https://ukmedi.co.uk
  8. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    Ah awesome thanks for letting me know, when was that? We just have something simple on fb to show our ad to people who had previously visited, good to now it is working
  9. New Products at UKMEDI.CO.UK

    Just received a restock of 1ml low dead space syringes as well. We are struggling to get stock of the 1ml Terumo and these we think are better anyway
  10. New Products at UKMEDI.CO.UK

    10ml Bacteriostatic Water - back in stock!
  11. New Products at UKMEDI.CO.UK

    Acucan 1.5" 18g Blunt Fill Needles
  12. 2.5ml Reduced Dead Space Syringes
  13. Needles and Syringes

    That's great to hear thanks
  14. Needles and Syringes

    Yep normal needles is all you need, the 2.5ml syringes are not compatible with total dose needles but any needles we stock they are.
  15. Needles and Syringes

    Ah ok, be interesting if you find the same with accucan who are another brand that supply exchanges. If you make an order just drop me a message and I’ll put some in for some feedback if you can?