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  1. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    Isn't that the whole point of a lock down?
  2. Beirut explosion

  3. "Just" There's a lot of work involved in an e-commerce site if you want it to look and work well.
  4. Retin A Tretinoin UK

    Express pct sell it
  5. Creating and owning a website

    If you want a website to sell something, pay someone who knows what they are doing to do it. more info on what you’re selling would help if you want to know a cost. And do you have the £££ to get people to your site to buy something
  6. Fsp????

    What I especially like about these two completely new, but totally independent people who are not the lab (honest), but definitely different people who both just signed up to share their 100% genuine views about this never heard of before lab is... But seriously, it made me chuckle that realise it looks pony but somehow manage to give it a little twist that stuff that looks legit can sometimes be bunk so maybe flipping it and going with something with that proper bathtub lab look might be better. bravo
  7. EPO & Test

    What does that even mean? EPO has a place if you're an endurance athlete maybe, but if you're at a level of competition that makes it worth using something that requires some effort to make sure you don't die from using it, then you're likely to be drug tested so it makes it not a good idea. There are other endurance boosting drugs, what exactly are your goals? If you want to go down the route of RBC boosting drugs, what are your current red blood cell numbers?
  8. EPO & Test

    Whats the actual goal of using EPO for you?
  9. ROHM new batch

    Rohm oils have always been spot on for me. Got mast and test hep with the new labels, no complaints
  10. Protein works, WTF?

    Was expensive May 2019 though
  11. Protein works, WTF?

    Using discount codes might be a loophole though
  12. Protein works, WTF?

    I'm pretty sure that's illegal https://www.asa.org.uk/advice-online/promotional-savings-claims.html
  13. Food info for dummies

    The same, but less of them.
  14. My macros confused!

    How have you decided you need 450g of carbs?
  15. I know that every time JP has run primo (I think he does it for most compounds) he has had it tested and it's come back as what it said on the label. I guess there's the argument that he's being paid to say that, but with the amount he's making elsewhere I don't see him losing integrity for some free primo/kickback (also he's used a few different labs)