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  1. My favourite combo, deca @ 500mg, test @ 300mg and mast @ 200mg
  2. Bands

    Reverse band smith presses with a purple, reverse bank hack squat or leg press with a double green. Bands are awesome!
  3. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    Fine until they realise and lock your account and take your money.
  4. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    Unless you've changed your name and dob you can't do the same sign up offers again.
  5. GHB drug

    Drwae, you are a literal and actual car crash!
  6. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    7 pages and not one reference to noaudi?
  7. bulk powders fined

    Exactly that. I've asked essex trading standards for more information.
  8. bulk powders fined

    No where in any of the press releases does it say they lied about what was in any of the supplements.
  9. ROHM

    Rohm aren't closing down. Never had any issues with their products
  10. None needed, you can be a PT technically without one. You won't however be able to get insurance without some kind of formal qualification, which isn't an issue - unless something goes wrong and you get sued.
  11. My natural progress?

    Progress? You're literally only showing your arms. Based on that, incredibly average. Eat and train harder.
  12. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    Test, tren and primo after lifting for 8months? You’re trolling
  13. The biggest guy in the world

  14. The biggest guy in the world

    On what planet is the gravity so strong it makes him 20 stone?!!?!?