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  1. Hi, i got a new powerlifting belt yesterday. Is there a technique to breaking them in? I know it needs to be quite stiff, but it is like having a piece of board sticking in my side atm. cheers Rich
  2. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    +1 for facepulls, have a look at athleanx on the tube for some insight into these.
  3. Meal planning

    cool, thanks. don't seem to be getting notifications from the site atm. will keep popping back though. much appreciated
  4. Meal planning

    I spend all of my day at a desk. Resistance twice a week and conditioning once a week. I have a analytical mind and think I've stumbled into doing too much analysis of what to eat too quickly. A mixture of what both say above - aim for 2700 cals, prioritise protein and then see what is left to make up from carbs & fats. It sounds easy but there are no apps that help with my weekly menu/meal planning and this is what i think is doing my head in.
  5. Meal planning

    where do you guys go for meal prep ideas? I know here is quieter than it used to be..
  6. Meal planning

    I was up to about 130kg and have decided to do something about it. Just trying to get my head around the meal planning / prep atm.
  7. Meal planning

    i was working with a PT a while back and their app gave me these figures. Just started to try to get my head round the macros and actual foods..
  8. Meal planning

    I'm coming from eating next to nothing....
  9. Meal planning

    so what sort of foods are you eating on a training day?
  10. Meal planning

    I generally train around 18:30 in the evening. Just struggling to fit everything in, i seem to be eating all the while.
  11. Hi, I have a rough set of macros to hit.. Protein 203gs Carbs 203g Fats 120g which roughly equates to 2700 calories. How would you go about planning meals? I have tried but am struggling to find a resource I can plug into and figure out how to split out my meals. Does anyone have any insight into how to do this please? Cheers Rich
  12. Recommended wrist wraps

    cheers, ordered let's see how i go.
  13. Recommended wrist wraps

    what should you be looking for when buying? I need them to support my wrists, but am not powerlifting. 16" long and 2-3 inches wide?
  14. Happy 2019!

    happy new year
  15. ProBiotics

    i have used acidophilus before so these may work ...