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  1. Failed 2nd Driving Test.

    I failed 4 times, one of my mates failed 5 times and another mate took NINE goes to pass! You always need a bit of luck but nerves will play a massive part. I had a good instructor and was ready for my test after about 15 x 1 hour lessons, but just made stupid mistakes on the test itself because I was bricking it. Tbf I still think the 2nd and 4th failures were just down to the examiner being a complete cnut (not that I'm still bitter about it or anything!) but the 1st and 3rd ones were all my fault. Maybe have a few pints before the next one to steady your nerves?
  2. Girlfriend getting groped

    Pretty sad that we've come to this where you run a big risk stepping in to help someone. Instead ring the police and wait 20 minutes for two fat coppers to turn up and ask which direction the assailant disappeared in while the bloke who you stood watching his head get stamped on slips into a coma. Luckily that didn't stop the lad who saved my sister and her mate from a bloke who got very nasty after they told him to please leave them alone. He watched the trouble brewing from across the street and ended up giving him a slap when the guy went to throw his bottle at them.
  3. Girlfriend getting groped

    So if you think a girl is dressed like a slut it's ok to do what you want with her?! Bit rapey mate!
  4. Girlfriend getting groped

    No mate she's a really sound girl and hates any trouble. She does dress sexy but I see plenty of other girls out in much worse. She's not dressing like Jodie Marsh or anything. Tbf even if she was, it's no excuse. She definitely takes it as a compliment if it's just flirting/getting chatted up, and so do I as long as they don't do it right in front of me, which so far has never happened. Most blokes are sound and as soon she says she's got a bf they either leave her be or just have a friendly chat instead. But grabbing her/following her around the club/getting aggressive isn't on.
  5. Girlfriend getting groped

    Pmsl at this
  6. Girlfriend getting groped

    Because it's obvious it could happen again. And how am I supposed to find some random lad through Facebook?! Even if I did, if I then go and hunt him down that's even worse than just going for him in the club like I did last time.
  7. My gf has always got a lot of male attention when she goes out and it doesn't help with some of the stuff she wears, which isn't slutty but is sexy and likely to draw attention. About 18 months ago, I was out with her one Saturday night, had a few drinks, in a club, I go off to the toilet while she's at the bar with a few of her mates and a couple of my mates. As I'm walking back to the bar I can see that there's trouble as they're all shouting and pointing at this group of lads nearby. It turns out that one of them had come up behind her at the bar and grabbed her arse. One of my mates sees me coming and tells me what's happened, pointing out who did it. Without really thinking it through I just went over and hit him. He's got a bloody nose and a cut on his head where he fell down but nothing worse than that, however long story short he milks it, I get arrested, it gets as far as court and although I'm acquitted in the end, my employer made it clear that if I'm found guilty then I lose my job so it's a lot of hassle and stress. Last weekend we're out again and her and her mates go off for a dance while me and a few of my mates are talking at the bar. About 10 minutes later I can see her and her mates coming back off the dancefloor looking pissed off, and I can see some lad following behind them saying something to them, but he turns around and disappears back into the crowd. She says he was hassling her and wouldn't take no for an answer but he didn't actually put his hands on her. She wants me to leave it at that so I do, as I don't want to ruin the night. It gets me thinking though, what if he had groped her? What do I do bearing in mind what happened before? So if you're out with your gf/wife/whatever and she gets groped, what do you do? If you're self employed or your employer isn't fussed about court cases or convictions then it doesn't matter if you get into trouble, but for me it'd mean binning a good career, possibly losing my house. Would you try to goad them into throwing the first punch so you can argue self defence? Or just report it to staff? The first one is risky and the last one seems like a cop out. Dunno what to do though.
  8. Pain in my knees after a leg day

    I would be, given that it's a single, simple isolation movement restricted by the design of the machine. Seems pretty foolproof, although maybe if you've got it set up improperly, i.e. the padded crosspiece is sat too far up your shins...
  9. Why I use IF

    I like IF because it means I only go for one massive s**t once per day, rather than 6 smaller shits throughout the day.
  10. Pain in my knees after a leg day

    I started training a long time ago, but I do remember having quite a lot of joint pain around the 6-9 month mark (mine was mainly wrists, elbows and shoulders) and a few of the older, more experienced guys at the gym said it was basically because my muscles were getting stronger faster than my joints could adapt. In your case if you consider that you've almost tripled the load on your legs within 6 months, it could just be that. However it's not even like you can really get your form screwed up on leg extensions or curls and accidentally put loads of strain on your knees (although I've always avoided completely locking my knees on extensions) so another possibility could be tightening of the muscles as they grow stronger is pulling your knees slightly out of alignment. When my glutes get stronger they get tight and twist my hips slightly and I start getting lower back pain. That's easily sorted with occasional stretching though (don't stretch before training but you can do it afterwards if you want). I'd try doing some quad, hamstring and glute stretches to see if that helps.
  11. Intermittent Fasting, Bulking?

    Preparing and eating 3 meals/day is way easier than preparing and eating 6 meals/day.
  12. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    Sounds like just normal betting rather than matched betting. With matched betting you cannot lose as long as you work out your back and lay odds properly.
  13. T-levels and gaining

    From what I've read this weekend I have to agree now. Maybe guys with higher natural test levels may look more muscular and/or that they're gaining quicker but that's probably just because they're naturally leaner, as per this: https://www.muscleforlife.com/how-to-increase-testosterone-naturally/ Cliff notes: elevating test levels within normal range doesn't improve your ability to gain muscle (although it will help you to get lean). It's only when you artificially elevate test way above the max normal that you see the muscle gaining benefits.
  14. Muscular guys needed for promo in London £20ph

    I look like a sack of porridge but I can talk a mean squat. Any good?
  15. Which exercises for fighting?

    I think a lot of this will depend on the individual. For most styles of 'sport' fighting, you need more stamina than brute strength. Some people can develop both at the same time but many can't. I box and have yet to find any weight training that's hugely beneficial, other than weighted ab work. It's definitely helped me having stronger shoulders, biceps, legs and lats but any strength gains I make are always offset to some degree by a loss in stamina so I have to be careful, as more often than not stamina is make or break even for short amateur bouts. So if you're expecting your fights to be short and explosive then I'd say focus on shoulders, core, legs and lats, otherwise be mindful of losing stamina. Of course if you're lucky (like the pro boxer at my gym and a couple of the very good amateurs) you'll be able to get pretty big and strong yet still have tons of muscular endurance.