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  1. That's a tough one. I wonder if the anavar, as it's a DHT, is competing for receptors with estrogen and having an estrogen masking effect like masteron does? Psuedo low e2 = low sex drive
  2. John Meadows heart attack

    Oh f**k! Love John, such a legend.
  3. You might be genetically predisposed to getting gyno. Unfortunately if you are theres not much you can do apart from taking different or more drugs, which then becomes problematic in itself. Do you have all the symptoms of low testosterone?
  4. Well yeah, you've just added half a gram of test to the mix? So you reckon there's a vast difference between 500mg test week Vs 500/500 test/EQ? From user reports on here and Reddit I've never seen many people, if any, say it was a good mass builder.
  5. Primo - nice addition for zero sides gains. Mild but slow and steady. Running it now at 300mg/week alongside 150mg test. I don't believe the "there's no real primo" argument( unless we're talking pharma which is most likely faked). I can go order some raws from pharmaceutical company in China if I wanted. Theyre not that expensive and any lab could still make a modest mark up and it would still be affordable. Mast - noticeably less anabolic than Primo but has estrogen masking properties. Some people can get away without an AI with a good dose of Mast. EQ - Has to be run at really high doses, like 1g+ a week, to see any kind of gains from it, then still modest. It's metabolites ADD, 1-AD and ADT have strong AI properties which usually account for the reports of it causing anxiety, which is usually just crashed estrogen. Due to the long ester it takes and the AI properties coming off it is a balancing act for some. Can be run instead of your normal AI of choice for some. Note- depending on how the individual will metabolise the compound will dictate the amount and variance of AI metabolites. Personally I'm liking primo the best. Will continue to use it. Can't tell im on it but getting some modest strength gains and looks like I'm leaning out a bit too?
  6. What would you do

    Bum them
  7. I wouldn't flat out stop the adex as you could get a rebound estrogen spike. It's not a suicidal AI like Aromasin. I'd drop back to 0.5mg every 2 or 3 days and then asses how you feel after a week or so.
  8. Anyone seen these mylan raloxifene

    There's a big shortage of pharma ralox so don't count on it!
  9. I'd bet you estrogen is too low. Letro if potent stuff and then 0.5mg Adex is a fairly hefty dose too. Spots aren't always estrogens fault. You may be driving you estrogen into the gutter for no reason.
  10. I'm actually getting more from the Mrs! We're spending more quality time together which is resulting in more sexy time. The nice weather is helping too. And also her sex drive is up as she is running an Ostarine cycle at the moment. All good.
  11. I soak my oats before blending them. Only for an hour or so but I find it makes them easier to digest.
  12. I cant believe people are still making this comparison. Nearly the whole planet is on lockdown and it's still this bad. If we went about our daily business where do you think we'd be then? Why don't you go on YouTube and watch the videos posted of Drs and nurses breaking down in tears because they are having to let people die due to not having enough equipment to look after them.
  13. PED’s & immune system

    A moderate dose testosterone cycle I don't believe negatively affects your immune system, from the recent studies I've seen. You're talking about compounds that are not normally found in the human body and have little to no human research on them so you're guess is as good as anyones.
  14. It's funny how different people can look at different weights and why weight is a pointless proxy to go by. The look is most important, not weight. I always find it funny, as a lighter guy myself, when people are asking about first cycles and state their weight and immediately get shot down for not being "ready" yet. I've seen guys at 155lbs with more muscle and experience than guys at 200lbs. A good example of this is Terrence Ruffin when he won his first title at 154lbs.