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  1. Home Gym Buildout Recommendations

    My garage gym, like Stephens, is mostly mirafit. Lat pulldown, mid and low pulley cable machine is good for the price https://www.mirafit.co.uk/mirafit-lat-pulldown-home-multi-gym.html These folding wall mounted dip bars are great and save space too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Senshi-Japan-Foldable-Mounted-Station/dp/B07N56PTPQ
  2. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    NAC 100g for a tenner https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/n-acetyl-l-cysteine-nac.html
  3. Because to get 500mg of testosterone per ml of oil to dissolve and stay in the oil requires a lot more solvents. Typically high concentration oils give pretty bad pip.
  4. Use this to find out when peak levels are reached and test away. https://www.steroidplotter.com/
  5. To a certain extent yes, everybody metabolises drugs at different rates but it will give you a good indication if the gear is dosed somewhat correctly.
  6. That's still horrible mate. Maybe hold off deadlifts until you get the eyes of a PT to help.
  7. Coronavirus conspiracies

    f**k getting Kung-flu, I'm going down Screwfix to get me some dust masks.
  8. IPAMORELIN understanding check

    I use ipamorelin. Great for sleep and I'm sure my skin looks better now. My Mrs loves it too. It's helped her lean out nicely. I've never seen the source but it often gets noted on Reddit that the saturation dose is around 100mcg. Me and the Mrs have been both taking 100mcg before bed. Sometimes the Mrs will pin another 100mcg in the morning if she is suffering with constipation as it helps with getting things going again.
  9. You're a bit soft are you? I buy the bulk uncapped NAC and just chugg it back with a swig of water or put it in a smoothie. Got a bit of a tangy taste but isnt that bad.
  10. I use 29g 1/2 inch slin pins for quads no issues mate. Got about 3 or 4mm of skin and fat to get through so then the needle is about 8mm into the muscle. All good
  11. Yes my bad, got it the wrong way around. 1ml of olive oil is around 0.9 g
  12. Measuring ml on a kitchen scale only works for water. This is because 1ml of water is 1g. Oil is denser than water so this will through the measurement off. Also, who knows if your tablespoon is a legit EU approved tablespoon. It might be a black market spoon and not be accurate. In all honesty it doesn't really matter if you are being consistent, just pick a method and stick with it
  13. Ever wonders into a gaybar

    Awwww, sweet
  14. How to invest 20k for most return

    The supplement industry is the most over saturated, competitive industry out there, don't do this!
  15. Ever wonders into a gaybar

    I think he wants someone to hold his hand.......