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    You have felt like a Greek god for a year so going back to a mortal will now make you feel like something is wrong but your just on the lower end of test levels as a part of recovering. Took me around 2-3 months to feel like I was my normal self after a 6 months of binging with roids. As long as your sex life is normal that is all that matters in my opinion. Clomid and a bought a test booster product called reversotrol v2. Not 100% on the name but it works for me, zinc at a high dose, vitamin b complex and i wouldn't say proviron as it's a steroid how ever I ignored this info and used it to make me feel normal but it just lengthens your recovery.
  2. Mood

    I feel it was the tren mate. Around a week after the last tren Jab my libido went. (It was mentally high on tren) like someone mentioned it might just be a normal libido now compared to before. In regards to the AI I'm not taking as much. I don't like to take too much arimidex as I like the good feeling of the higher end of estrogen. I also am not prone to gyno. The Main issues I get with estrogen in balance is erection issues. So I'm only taking .5mg of adex every 4 days. Or if I feel it's getting high (heart burn is a good tell for me) I take it a day before. Before people think I'm an idiot saying I tell my estrogen by heartburn. If you look it up it's linked. It's like when women are pregnant they get heartburn. It's just like us men. I'm not convinced it's prolactin as I kept estrogen controlled (hopefully) i also struggle to get caber. And I ain't going to lie. I've never used it before because can't get hold of it.
  3. Mood

    The strangest thing is all the way through my 10 weeks on tren A I was fine. I didn't get any bad sides from tren. Strange I know I bet people will say it might be bunk but I know it's real because since dropping it I'm not like a 15 year old boy any more. (My Mrs actually said that to me once because I just wanted it 247 haha) it's after the tren this is happening. Strange I know
  4. I'm on week 12 of my course. I was on tren A and sus 2ml of each a week. At week 10 I stopped the tren and instead of pinning eod I started pinning sus once a week 1ml. Since then my libido has gone completely (gives the Mrs a rest at least) that's dropping the tren I'd say. I've noticed this week my mood is horrible. I'm snappy and things annoy me more. My Mrs said why am I acting so different. The thing is I don't know why. Estrogen has been controlled. I have taken half a tab of adex last night still moods bad. Another thing I have noticed is im extremely tierd earlier than usual. During the day I'm ok it's just by 8-9 I'm nearly falling asleep. If this post is irrelevant I will take it down but thought I'd see if someone knew if it was obvious. Thanks
  5. Haha I feel like a crack head going in one hateeee it. But there's a choice ... have needles or don't ... so I choose roids
  6. I'm in week 11 of tren a and sus250 cycle. I did my last tren Jab at week ten as it was tren A. And I wanted to have less sides as possible with easy recovery with no sex issues. After dropping the tren my libido as gone. Surprisingly tren is so good for libido you just want to bang every day every second. Love that effect of it. Anyway I was wondering how many weeks I can continue test 250 until it's too much or will make my recovery worse. I've taken 1ml on Monday and my libido is still zero. How ever I ain't going to lie.... I missed all jabs for 7 days so maybe this has messed with my levels. Im sure I controlled estrogen with this cycle... reason... I did low dosages eod so kept levels steady. Used adex at low doses. Also my back acne as gone better whilst on cycle .... strange ???
  7. Cialis

    Yea it's cialis. I thinks it's pharma ? Well I'm basically ready to go when I take the stuff. Ive always been like that. Once I cum that's it game over. That's just how iam. Cialis doesn't keep me hard. But if I was to wait for a bit then I could go again. But I can't stay hard it's somthing I've never been able to do.
  8. Cialis

    Vidalista is the best stuff ever. My goods hang massive all day. Like a permanent semi haha. If my peg looks at me I'm solid. It doesn't do for me though that you can cum then go again straight away. Once I cum that's it game over. For at least an hour. I mean I can try but at a struggle lol
  9. I'm I the same boat mate. My Mrs goes through stages.... in a month around 2-3 days she will be wanting it during the day (at night it's just luck of the draw) then for the rest of the month she never asks or wants it. Libido shot completely. She's two kids. Not mine. Basically after kids a women's libido is fked. Unless anyone can say different to this ? Oh and another thing to the OP it happened to me last year. Horny as fk and just one day I tried to have sex (one night stand) and it didnt work. It was down to high estrogen. So if I was you I'd get that sorted asap
  10. Can't really find a way around this issue if you ask me lol. She's a stunner tho which is good but also bad why Isit bad? Because every time I see her I want to fk her but then it jut annoys her that I want to touch n shag all the time haha
  11. Which bit there's three pages lol? How is this not just a normal thing to talk about? I banged last night anyway and sorted her out so it's all good. Problem on tren tho is I'm ganging for it again the day after.
  12. I'm not ending it with my girl mate lol. Money isn't the problem I got a bit lost with that paragraph. Its just now I've come to the conclusion to wank two times a day and just not expect it. I usually get it like once every 6 weeks. I've talked to her by the way I'm not a closed book. She wanted make up sex Friday night because we had a chat about the situation and the next day sat night I wanted to try again but she said no bluntly. Jesus I hope this site can't be read by her. I'd be fked. Thanks for the comments lads anyway.
  13. The post isn't that I can't make her cum mate. The post is it's happening now and want to sort it until cycle is over. And obviously in pct I wont be wanting it so tryna get best out of it. I can use my tounge yeah she loves it but she likes my weapon inside her. Why you sticking up for her lol. It turns her off when I cum so I don't use the dilly. Mad in it
  14. Well I didn't make her orgasm so she went mad. I don't get it often then when I do I expect to last ages. How can I win in this relationship
  15. Sorry I didn't explain fully. I meant the only dht steroid that makes me cum quick is provion. Never noticed it with anything else.