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  1. Cutting after injury

    Hey guys, im a 22 years old boxer, i have been out of boxing for 2 years, because i was stabbed 2 years ago. I have recently started rehab and its going great, hoping im back in fully effect this september. Im 183 cm and 80 kg, and im now satisfied when i look in the mirror, the pics isnt showing the fat properly i think. I want to stand ripped in 3 months. I dont train for bodybuilding, but i would love to be alittle for wider and ripped. My Rehab Program, not in that order, and everything is low weight, and STRICT, feeling the muscle. What you guys think? Split squat Rows Pulldowns Rotator cuff Lower back Abs Cardio https://imgur.com/a/4vZOspQ
  2. Yes, been on test e, deca and clen before, for a year cruise and blast. Went off, and started boxing.
  3. Im 23 years old, and currently kickboxing, monday and Wednesday, and then 1-2 days a week i train weights, either only dumbells or machines, cardio is done on all workout days, mostly biking. Im 183 and 81 kg, right now im cutting, been out with an injury for 1 year, so have gained some fat i want to get rid off. I have been thinking about running 1 of The following: 250 mg test e ew with arimidex. Or HGH 2 ui 5 days a week Sarms ghrp and modgrf 3 times a Day 100 mcg. Im leaning mostly to Cruise on test e, its The cheapest, and most “ healthy “ only negative is that i just cant stop taking it, and Will need an pct if i want to stop. If i decide to run test, im gonna get an EKG and blood test once a year. What you guys think? ( my goal is to stay healthy, and be Athletic )
  4. Hypermobility elbows

    So 15 months ago ( june 2017 ) i bench pressed and felt a pain in my left elbow, 2 months forward i tried to train around it. Didnt help, took a break until april 2018, where i had a terapist help me, with some mobility work and resistance band training, for 2.5 month i was more or less pain free. Then it came back in july, and all the previously work didnt help anymore. I started to have Daily pain in my elbows again, so my therapist(new more educated and better reviews) which i started working with in mid august told me it was because of hypermobility. I have made 2 strength forearm exercises and 3 stretching exercises. It helped until 2 weeks ago, after an training it came back. And it has been Daily since. Else it has been gone for The whole september. Anyone that has tried this? Really starting to get crazy! My terapist says i should try to lower my weight back to 2 kg dumbell than 3 kg which I upped it to for a month ago. been away from most training since june 2017, starting to take change my mood sometimes, scared that it wont go away. But again, some people say that from mid august to now, isnt much time either.
  5. Swimming?

    Hey guys I have a tendency to get injuries in my knees and elbows, so i have decided, to start swimming 2-3 times a week, and then do 1 time a week do a circuit of 5 x 10, of a core-leg-back exercises and mobility. Is it true that swimming doesnt add stress on your body, and in this way you avoid injuries much more? and maybe any good routines ?
  6. Hey guys! I used to train alot, both weight and boxing. Last summer, i suffered an injury in my elbows, i thought, but due to help from a pro, it were something i was born with, and currently training to get it fixed, and its getting better. I havent trained since june last year, i suffered bad anxiety and depression, but im through it, and is talking with a therapist! My battle with the mental health is getting better and better each day, got a new girlfriend ( best friend the last 6 years ) and just got accepted to my dream education! so now its time to get my body in shape also, i dont want to train for fights or muscle, but for health and keep in shape. And i want you guys advice on the situation. My weight is 85 kg and 183 cm 22 years old, im not fat, but i want to get down in weight, and get more definition and lose the fat on the sides. 78-79 kg would be fine i think. Cleaned up my diet to some bread/yoghurt with fruit each morning, and for lunch a salat with some meat and carb source, or some sandwiches ( not white bread ) with meat and salad. Dinner is meat, rice/pasta/potatoes and veggies. Training 3 times a week, running each time, and finishing with a circuit of 3-5 sets 8-12 reps, Leg/Back/Core/Core/Shoulder 5 exercises. Not pressing because of rehab elbows. Have a nice day!
  7. Clen for boxing?

    Yes probably the best mate, even though its just not the same without the aas but my health is first!
  8. Clen for boxing?

    Thanks guys! What alternatives would be the best? have considered hgh but too expensive right now. Anything else?
  9. Clen for boxing?

    Hey Mate! Thanks for answer, i will take that to consideration, i dont want anything right now, that can make my anxiety worse.
  10. Clen for boxing?

    Hey guys! I have recently started working out again, been out since december because of some stupid anxiety and panic attacks, but i get professional help now, and its alot better. I have decided to take up boxing again, i have been living like s**t the last half year, sugar, junk,sugar,junk, and so one. I have cleaned up my diet, and started eating healthy, and dropped nearly all sugar. Im currently at 85 kg, and i want to get 6-7 kg down, standing ripped at 78-79 kg. Not hard i know, im working out 3 times a week, dealing with my elbow right now, which is getting fixed ( not a injury, something i were born with apparantly ) But im currently working like this: Day 1 Heavy bag 30 minutes and then bodyweight circuit day 2: sparring and then strength circuit day 3 heavy bag and mobility circuit. Been thinking about eating clen along with taurine, for maybe a month or so. Would you guys advice this, or anything else?
  11. Hey guys just turned 30 last Tuesday, i have a son which is 2 years old. And i dont want to get another one, and i have always said when i turned 30 i would start TRT and hgh, my training aint bodybuilding. I used to cycle when i was 20 years old 1 year blast, recovered good and my body was great when i were on. Contacted a clinic here in denmark, but im sceptic about they putting my on trt. So else im gonna cycle myself. But what doses would you suggest? both Test and HGH - both aging purposes. Training - im active in the national guard ( been deployed twice ) , so im mostly using pullups, core circuits, pushups, squats, lunges for my training, boxing and running. Diet is just what i want. But yesterday example : Morning 6 eggs and oatmeal - Lunch 2 Chicken Breasts 75-100 Grams Brown Rice or Pasta Green Vegetables Dinner Grilled Fish or Chicken Brown Rice or Pasta Salad what would you guys advice me to do?
  12. so my brother ( really NOT me guys ) did last june get some tendon injury in his elbows, while doing incline Bench Press. He then just stopped working out, when to theraphy WHO Said it was a mild injury, and told him to do wrist curls 3x10 a week. He then went travelling for 6 months, and did only notice pain using phone or pc. But now hes home, and wanna get back in shape, so he has been thinking of doing his wrist curls, and been doing that 1 week now, and it seems better he Said. Beside Them he Cant do any other exercises with much weight without pain The Day after. He is on trt so, he wants to do 250 mg test ew and 200 mg deca ew for helping The process. What you guys Think?
  13. My brother who has been running b&c the last 3-4 years, is training everyday. And eats 3-4 meals a day. Fruits and milk in the morning. Sandwiches at lunch vegetables, rice and chicken or something similar dinner and a snack and tea before bedtime. BUT he doesnt have an active everyday life like that, office job, and couch potato after the gym. So he doesnt use that many calories, beside working out? could that be an explaination to the research also?
  14. Hey guys I do know and im sure, that my anxiety doesnt have any connection to my past cycles. Im working on some issues with my psychologist. But the thing that im wondering is, if i starte on test e only, can that trigger or make my anxiety higher? My thought on B&C was to do 250 mg test e ew for 12 weeks, then do 125 test e for 8 weeks, and repeat, maybe, also run 500 mg test e from time to time, or with 100 mg deca. But no high doses, because im a boxer, and dont wanna be to big right now, and that im not that much into weights right now. I do get an EKG once a year and bloods.