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    Looks like you’ve jabbing in the wrong place there aswell mate, I always go too right of the glute and top left on left side, looks like it’s bang in the centre of ya cheek! Would defo get that checked looks like infection... 
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    Drew1988 reacted to ShellyH in Advice on Abscess please   
    Can i just thank everyone on this forum for pushing me into the Hospital.  I have been told my a Doctor here that any more delay could have cost me my life, and im still not in the clear yet..
    I am going in for urgent surgery.  I am expecting to go in shortly.  I will have to be put under a general anesthetic, (this scares me...)  
    I have a badly infected Abscess that needs cutting open and draining.  I have always had a fear of going under anesthetic and have managed to avoid it for 3 decades, sadly avoid i can no longer do.
    Guys, i did everything that i normally do. I showered before the injection, i use alcohol swabs on the injection site, i use a brand new Green Needle to draw up the oil and i use a Blue needle to inject.  I have never had a problem before.  facebook really did fu** me up. 
    Thank you so much Guys, i am still unclear on what to expect after the operation, tbh i am just concentrating on one step at a time.  I guess i will not be competing this year either
    Shelly x