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  1. Anyone used max pro before? Some has just starting floating round my area, could do with any reviews if any of you lads have any for me cheers
  2. Has anyone ever ordered directly from primus ray labs? Thinking of doing an order as I know there stuff is proper decent cheers
  3. Advice on Abscess please

    Looks like you’ve jabbing in the wrong place there aswell mate, I always go too right of the glute and top left on left side, looks like it’s bang in the centre of ya cheek! Would defo get that checked looks like infection...
  4. Sis labs test and decca help

    Am sure the sis labs is called pharmaqo now of what I’ve been told apparently the lab names been changed to this
  5. Jab in glute

    I pin my glutes have done for last 10 weeks every 4 days mine always have a little blood after it just catching vessels, normal to bleed a little for me! After my jab a get the bird to slowly massage the area to dispurse the gear so no lumps and till this day haven’t had a lump!
  6. Sis labs test and decca help

    I’ve just ran there boldenone 300 got some good strength off it mate, a mate of mine is also running there test prop 100 and boldenone 300 and his looking swollen off it! Do recommend them gtg for me
  7. Expired gear

    Cheers monkey biker ?
  8. Expired gear

    Cheers mate.... I will do ?
  9. How long after expiry date would you be able to use the oil? Got some stuff that’s out of date by 18 months... cheers
  10. Has anyone ran any of this labs range, got some test e 250 last week and not sure to try?
  11. anyone know about nextgen ?

    I’ve just got some nex gen 1ml amps in test e 250 anyone ran that?